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I have tried finding info on these...but no luck. I saw a 24 trk 2" machine on a classifieds for an affordable price. I am...

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Nod 27th March 2020
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Hi, I am in need of some help. So I have a pair of Mackie HR 824's and the amplifier on one of the speakers gets really...

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cwbill 27th March 2020
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Hello All, I have been mixing with a pair of Tannoy system 600a monitors for some time. I am not sure if they are GREAT...

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bassment 27th March 2020
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Hi everyone, My API A2d is making some strange noises lately, sometimes from channel A and sometimes from channel B. It...

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flober1970 27th March 2020
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Hi Lads, As the title suggests ill have $5000 to spend on studio gear, have a studio up in a log cabin out the back of my...

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TheKingslayer 27th March 2020
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Hi people. This is not another "can I monitor with Bluetooth headphones" thread, despite the fact that if now in 2020...

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KleinAberFein 27th March 2020
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Hi Everyone, i need 6 x 2 channel amplifiers for my home studio mixing. Is the behringer a800 amps is a good choice ?

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lgabor 27th March 2020
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I'm sure a thread like this exists out there somewhere, but I wasn't available to find it quickly, so... here goes! I'm very...

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Dr. Jule 27th March 2020
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Hi Everyone, Not much info out there about this kit. Been wanting to build something and now with Coronavirus this seems to be...

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KabbySoundStudio 27th March 2020
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I dug out my AM52 the other night to see how it compared to some of my other current mics. I bought it new back in 2002 for $199...

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eldoke 27th March 2020
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Hope everyone’s keeping safe and well. As we’ve all got a bit more time on our hands these days, if there isn’t a dedicated...

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TapeDub 27th March 2020
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I feel bad about constantly shooing her off, but....

Jeff Hayat
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chessparov2.0 27th March 2020
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So I have a Fender Bassbreaker 15 that died after starting up. It looks like the fuse is blown. I know it’s an F2AL250V fuse...

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dajoha 27th March 2020
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I have been here many years although I do not post a lot, but I love music and gear of course. To make a very long story...

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Cpl. Punishment 27th March 2020
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I have an old Carver PM 1.5 and was wondering if anyone had thoughts about its suitability as a studio monitor amp to power some...

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Wayne 27th March 2020
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Hey guys, I'd like to change my piano and I tried upright Yamaha a while ago that sounded quite good. But can't remember model...

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SoundGuyLance 27th March 2020
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When trying to create realistic sounding recordings without the obvious use of fx does mic placement replace using reverb? Or...

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joeq 26th March 2020
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Tracking in dual mono (L/R electrical guitars) gives advantages such as signal processing each side differently, different...

Unknown soldier
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Blaine Misner 26th March 2020
Avatar for ob1

Hello, I’ve decided I’m going to start from scratch in learning audio. If you had to do it over where would you begin? Any...

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vernier 26th March 2020
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Hello to everyone, I'm planning to cover some stuff with my gear (vocals and guitar recording) - Focusrite 2i2 3rd gen...

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MarkF48 26th March 2020
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Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well in the midst of all this chaos. I will be upgrading mics soon and need an opinion on which...

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Maraan 26th March 2020
Avatar for AnalogBrain

Hey guys, I've calibrated dozens of machines over the years, mostly Studers and Otaris. While I have calibrated a few MCI...

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analogtodd 26th March 2020
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Hi! I've found that for a while with many different speakers, amplifiers, and especially cables and inputs I've always kind...

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JLast 26th March 2020
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Guys I'm really upset! :( I plugged in a 12v ac cord (my external HDD cord) into my Forte (5v) and the thing instantly turned...

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bab414 26th March 2020
Avatar for anth

Hey all, I am looking to get advice on vocal melodies/harmonies and lyrics for 2 songs. I want to get some guidance (through...

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RKeefe1032 26th March 2020
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One of my old Sennheiser 441's came out of its clip and did a nose dive onto the floor. Now something inside is moving. Does...

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chris661 26th March 2020
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I would like to know your opinions on these new monitors. If you heard/own them please leave your feedback :)

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markvdh 26th March 2020
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I can't find this sound I hear it commercials in songs but I can't find it. I know its a vocal but from a vocal pack, synth or...

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raggedman 26th March 2020
Avatar for slutbox

So far at Thomann it's $253, but I'm in the U.S. so I'm not sure how much more it would go up? Fredenstein V.A.S. Comp –...

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zohomoho 26th March 2020
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I have a Yamaha DTX kit and Im trying to route each drum to the pads I want and I can't figure this out. Im going into the Map...

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gravyface 26th March 2020
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Just trying to find out more about SPL's Gold Mike MK2 Mic Pre - if you own one I would like to hear your thoughts on the...

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makasi 26th March 2020
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Hi Slutz, Does anyone know where I can find replacement 360 pots for the Alesis Ion - the official part number is 0-09-0036...

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MaximKorobov 26th March 2020
Avatar for ob1

Hi all, I record acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time. I’m interested in the primacoustic flexibooth Recording...

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johannburkard 26th March 2020
Avatar for Castlelock

Salut! I own a lovely vintage C12A which is my go to mic, I use it almost on everything. I am the third owner. I bought it 2...

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chessparov2.0 26th March 2020
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Forgive me if this is the wrong forum and Mods please move if need be I have a Capi v26 kit coming. I ordered it with the Gar...

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Captngeetch 26th March 2020
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I'm just curious: When I first started messing with audio (when I was 6 years old), I did not know anybody who had been doing it...

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Captngeetch 26th March 2020
Avatar for makasi

Hello Slutz, I am thinking of starting to investing in outboard for the first time.. In dark times hit by the corona virus...

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psycho_monkey 26th March 2020
Avatar for nonsuchpro

Hey all. I bought a Rode NT2 10 years ago when they first came out. I went to use it the other day and I couldn't get any sound...

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xiri 26th March 2020
Avatar for jasonnevis

Hi all, Will the chandler limited PSU-2 power supply power a mini mixer and a TG2 pre-amp? Or do I need a seperate PSU-1...

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jasonnevis 26th March 2020
Avatar for uncle muscles

Anyone got the skinny of what particular songs it was used on by whom, and for what? Just snagged one on here from a good dude in...

uncle muscles
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guitar1phantom 25th March 2020
Avatar for JoRillo

Ok, I purchased a Ranhe HC6 headphone amp, and lucky me it came with no power supply, and the thing has a connection I haven't...

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macmikey 25th March 2020
Avatar for erike123

I've been looking for an analog bus compressor to run my mixes through, and almost went for the SSL bus comp, but I think the...

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David W. Jones 25th March 2020
Avatar for QueenSisi

this one is out of business, no intrest maybe too much cloon power..

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Deleted 230b1c7 25th March 2020
Avatar for agaland

Hi everyone! I'm currently struggling with which gear would be best for my use. My workflow has always been working with a...

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Avatar for JED HRMC
JED HRMC 25th March 2020
Avatar for Quetz

Hi, I just picked up a pair of AKG LSM 50 ref speakers, which have a male XLR as the connection. The seller doesn't have any...

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Avatar for mutetourettes
mutetourettes 25th March 2020
Avatar for musicguitar

Hey, Check out the new euphonix desk I built. Let me know your thoughts. EDIT: Took about 4 - 5 days of labor. I used...

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freddert 25th March 2020
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Hey. I have a problem with this 2 and i can't hear any sound from my headphones(HD650). As you can see in the video all the...

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shay2089 25th March 2020
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I was watching Starship Enterprise the other day (Archer series) and noticed something on the bridge of the ship. It was in the...

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biksonije 25th March 2020
Avatar for bluesuedeshoes

Hi, I want to buy a vintage Siemens transistor preamp, but I don't know how much gain(db) I need. How do I figure it...

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bluesuedeshoes 25th March 2020
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I'm a little bit of a noob and definitely not a Guitarist. But I do like Native Instruments Guitar rig. I especially like the...

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Boogle 25th March 2020