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Please give a listen to this vocal track... Does anyone have any info on what reverb may have been used on the vocal track? ...

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Dædalus 6th May 2011
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So,,,, I want to add outboard summing.... I have a lynx aurora 8, a stock digi002, and a Pacifica pre amp, I want to take 8...

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tommygunn 6th May 2011
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It's weird: I've heard this problem before in a studio, but can't remember the solution...hidz I'm working on a new location...

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digiframe 6th May 2011
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Hello I wanted to ask if there are some sources which you can order wooden side panels and colored fader caps for studer 269...

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onrozr 6th May 2011
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Hi there, Ive just noticed im getting a significantly lower signal level on one of teh two mic channels on my Saffire...

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aaronsmith 6th May 2011
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I'm looking for a patch for Edgar Winter's Frankenstein on a Korg DW8000. I've never done sysex so I prefer a printed one. Thanks.

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Tarkus 6th May 2011
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Last monday I received this stunning step sequencer. What Can I say? It's really fun to work with! Anyway, I'm having a little...

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fattyparts 6th May 2011
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Trying to find an accurate guide price for: Tannoy System 15 (Pair) Tannoy AMS 8 (Pair) (Immaculate) Found one or two things...

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Ali.harman 6th May 2011
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This is a question based on great curiousity. I'm wondering whether when an audio file is changed from any lossless format into...

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T_R_S 6th May 2011
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Thought I'd try to work through the full manual on this thing over the course of the next few months. But...with all the various...

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T_R_S 6th May 2011
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For dangling a mic from a live room ceiling as a listen mic, I guess an omni dynamic is the best simplest thing to use. No...

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joeq 6th May 2011
Avatar for Mardi Gras

Ok so the focusrite pro 40 claims to have 20 INS and 20 outs but on the front I only see 8 inputs same deal with the outputs....

Mardi Gras
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Torea 6th May 2011
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I'm working on mixing some songs. I have been learning how to mix for a few years and am still on the long journey. I'm well...

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KRStudio 6th May 2011
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My band is falling apart so I'm thinking about going solo just writing instrumentals and have people singing on them. I would...

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ronslaton 6th May 2011
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I've bought a STC-1 from the lovely world of eBay. First eBay mic purchase and the thing is working as I know it does and it...

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api2500 6th May 2011
Avatar for Edward Shnapper

About to start a new mix. Just got a query thats been bothering me for a while. I'm mixing all itb. The last mix i did was...

Edward Shnapper
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Edward Shnapper 6th May 2011
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Hey, so how do you make a song an exact time you specify, for example: 2:30 (2mins 30secs) or 4:20, etc... I can set the pre...

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asdfdsa 6th May 2011
Avatar for StarfishMusic

It was in my list of definite buys, and then I saw it... 20ms is the fastest the attack time knob reads! Surely it's a misprint...

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MattiaS 6th May 2011
Avatar for L. Cortes

Hey! I just unearthed my old Sequential Circuits Six Trak synth (1984-ish), and the presets are wacky. Does anyone know if I can...

L. Cortes
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mjrippe 6th May 2011
Avatar for scro_tum

This is a clip of a Roland Vg 99 and a Mesa Boogie Lonestar. I always felt that were the Roland failed was in the early to mid...

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Purple 6th May 2011
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Hey everyone, This is probably my first post on GS, but have been browsing around quite a bit for a while. I am currently...

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jumbo 6th May 2011
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Advice no longer needed.

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BFrederick 6th May 2011

Rents not paid Taxman is after me checks are bouncing. But I just spent 6,000 on gear bumpkin HELPbumpkinbumpkinbumpkin

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musikmaschine 6th May 2011
Avatar for fingerz

Hi, I'm trying to get my head around two mic'g situations, and which would be better. The setup: Three hand percussionists...

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audiothing 6th May 2011
Avatar for Lee Cardan

Hi everyone, My name is Lee and I took over Eastern Bloc Studios in Hawthorn, Vic about a year and a half ago. It's been a...

Lee Cardan
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mrtuesday 6th May 2011
Avatar for Nina

I Was wondering if there is a RTAS Plug-in that takes Polyphonic (so i can use chords) audio and convert's it to midi without...

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Nina 6th May 2011
Avatar for Magnum29465

Anyone use axetrak at all? How are the cabs and the mics? I only have experience with combo amps so Im not really sure how much...

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voidar 6th May 2011
Avatar for Providence

Ok so I see all these pictures that people have of racked up "stuff" (preamps). But, the boxes I see are not 19"...

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Providence 6th May 2011
Avatar for TommyGunz

(Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place btw) I have been using a pair of M-Audio BX8a monitors for roughly 3 years now...

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bpm333s 5th May 2011
Avatar for recycle

Hey! So what is your most lo-fi/necro/unusual/old-school/obscure recording technique when it comes to mic`ing guitar cabs? You...

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Oli_W 5th May 2011
Avatar for digidandy

How large of a room can the Focal CMS 50s handle? I will be using them in a room of about 30 square meters, and not sure they can...

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FocalPro 5th May 2011
Avatar for Amber

YouTube - Natalia Kills - Mirrors (Live At The Cherrytree House) I think she's amazing. I've heard snippets of her new album...

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Amber 5th May 2011
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Another silly thread ;) ... but I'm looking forward to the answers.

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pan60 5th May 2011
Avatar for Sigma

the Texas Instruments 709 op ampjkthtyrt

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Sigma 5th May 2011
Avatar for Michael Khan

What's better? The newer Project Studio Reflexion Filter or the "big-brother" Reflexion Filter by SE Electronics. Of...

Michael Khan
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dhiltonlittle 5th May 2011
Avatar for Amber

YouTube - Natalia Kills - Love is a Suicide (FULL SONG) About 2.33. Sounds almost like a real bass processed to hell and...

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Amber 5th May 2011
Avatar for Stephen B.

Have a session coming up where we'll track piano, bass, and drums live. I only have a few channels of sweet pres, so I have to...

Stephen B.
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Stephen B. 5th May 2011
Avatar for LincolnCTE

just ordered mine, am excited to get it in as it will be the beginning of my venture into high end mic pre's.. I've used one of...

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Avatar for S. Melmoth
S. Melmoth 5th May 2011
Avatar for 77766613

i am getting a new mic the mxl v69m tube condenser mic it comes with its own power supply, which i am pretty sure is a phantom...

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Avatar for Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish 5th May 2011
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

Sorry to duplicate thread, but title on other one was wrong, and I can't seem to get it to switch titles. I've asked all this...

Ain't Nobody
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Avatar for Apollo Soul
Apollo Soul 5th May 2011
Avatar for andonwego

If I take a quarter inch line from my DI to my bass amp while ALSO running from the XLR out to a preamplifier-->DAW, am I...

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andonwego 5th May 2011
Avatar for DCMIX

This may sound like a total Noob question, but i honestly don't know. I have sold Lucas limiters, Manley Mu's, Wunder Mics and...

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psycho_monkey 5th May 2011
Avatar for DCW

Hi Does anyone know if there's any difference in the sound between the Genz Benz Shenandoah Pro and the lighter-weight Pro LT?

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DCW 5th May 2011
Avatar for prophet

I currently use an ART MPA II Digital into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. I mainly record guitars, vocals, percussions. I'm thinking...

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prophet 5th May 2011
Avatar for starklove

does anyone know of any scientific studies done on the effects of over-compression on a listener? wondering if there's been...

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Avatar for matskull
matskull 5th May 2011
Avatar for pw2005

I may buy a used Apogee mini me which would be used for drum overheads. Would this sound any better than the presonus digimax D8...

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pw2005 5th May 2011
Avatar for Amber

So trying to work on something with an 'urban rock' sound and have been listening tot he guitars in this track. YouTube -...

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Avatar for Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording
Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 5th May 2011
Avatar for samwell7

I'd used a Native Instruments audio 2 dj as my usb audio interface and had been for a while with my old computer (vista, 32 bit)...

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Avatar for samwell7
samwell7 5th May 2011
Avatar for Watersound

When I use the pre-amps on the 002, even if they are turned all the way down I'm still getting a blazing signal... Maybe I just...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 5th May 2011
Avatar for MikeTSH

I need this fade to "feel" right - any tips? I hate that I can't be more specific but you'll get the jist. -Mike

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MikeTSH 5th May 2011