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Hey, This is my first post, I apologise if it's in the wrong place... There are a load of CADAC channels, tested and ready to...

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bartrum666 23rd May 2011
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Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone knew of any projects Nigel Green has been busy with as of late, as he seems to have disappeared...

Deleted User
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marcus 23rd May 2011
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Recommendations for a "good" medium priced live mixing desk? I will be running a max of 16 i/o from HD 24 and 5 live...

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tsvisser 23rd May 2011
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Hi, I'm considering to buy tc electronics G-system. I would like to know some experiences with it. Any comments on live use /...

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twotonbrick 23rd May 2011
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there is that question. and then there is my situation which is to either install maschine and reaper on the internal drive of a...

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Brent Hahn 23rd May 2011
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I have read so many threads on the subject of speakers/monitors here at GS. I constantly see people saying that they decided on...

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van Overhalen 23rd May 2011
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Guys - I have an MXP-61 and an MXP21 mixer; I know you can "tally" or add to the 61, but not sure how to do it or if...

Claude G.
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Claude G. 23rd May 2011
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Hello all, currently, I use a pair of Quested 2108 Monitors and am thinking about adding a pair of less "colouring"...

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john caldwell 23rd May 2011
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I am considering something like a TC 3000 hardware reverb. I've read it is better to run it in AES mode to avoid using its...

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Sha-Zam 23rd May 2011
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If there's one thing I can't stand it's my synths/keyboards & othr equipment being covered in dust! But dusting these things...

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Spiritworks 23rd May 2011
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Hello, maybe someone does have the "go away" track from Röyksopp. What do you mean how they processed their drums...

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Kiwi 23rd May 2011
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Hey Everyone i am now getting my frist drum kit set up , and i have £150 to spend on microphone which will be conntect into a M...

UG Studio
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Steb 23rd May 2011
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Hello, My post is about creating a setup for live performances. The setup is for two vocalists, a keyboard player and an...

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cheu78 23rd May 2011
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I think I have a bad case of the slutz ,,,,, every job I do , I see in terms of potential gear ,,,, like if I do this job I...

Brett 123
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unit7 23rd May 2011
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I've been slowly realizing over the last 6 months that there is a large correlation between the amount of high frequency roll...

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tha]-[acksaw 23rd May 2011
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I see all kinds of bands these days with epic sounding intros before they come out and rock. With sounds that get the pa speakers...

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byerssound 23rd May 2011
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Not to mentioned a house raided and a theif arrested! I wanted to start a "stolen gear" thread with a happy ending,...

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NorseHorse 23rd May 2011
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When I listen to my mixes they sound good then I put them against modern mixes and mine almost sound dull does anyone else find...

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glenn Taylor 23rd May 2011
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I'm a semi professional musician. I've got tracks in lots of libraries that end up in shows like Miami Ink, Weeds, Family...

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hupcapstudios 23rd May 2011
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My brother and I just picked up a Yamaha MC3204ii in Anvil road case for $250. No issues. Well the case needs new foam, but...

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jmbstudios 23rd May 2011
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Hey gents I bought a 2" 16 track analog machine a few weeks ago. The seller showed me how they bypassed the transformers. I...

glenn Taylor
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glenn Taylor 23rd May 2011
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I currently have a policy with Clarion to cover my (fairly modest) recording gear. However, I'm in the process of acquiring...

Jackie Treehorn
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4 the Max 23rd May 2011
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I have played live 2 times in the last year which is awful for someone who wants to succeed and have an album coming out and god...

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Eganmedia 23rd May 2011
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Does anyone have a snare sample that they would be willing to post that is a darker, lower-tuned, type of snare, similar to that...

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Klauth 23rd May 2011
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You'd think that would be an easy VST to build because (in my math-addled theory) one part of the plugin would compare audio...

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JoeyM 23rd May 2011
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Hello all, I have what I hope is a simple (if stupid) question: To use a SINGLE 500-series compressor (a la the 527), does one...

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czarthp 23rd May 2011
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Is this a cable problem? Mic? mic pre? Lools like only one side of the waveform is coming through...WTH? I intentionally turned...

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Johnkenn 23rd May 2011
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Hello everyone, ive been reading some posts about the 003+ and I would like to know if the preamps are decent enough to use an...

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ScumBum 23rd May 2011
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I have a quick question about the orientation of the pinout diagrams I've come across for Elco's. When looking at the pinout...

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Quint 23rd May 2011
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dbx 160sl ? api 2500 ? any ideas? cooge

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tonevision 22nd May 2011
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so if I'm running through a song audiosuite'ing gain (+/-) on a vocal track to level it out, is there any way to leave the region...

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otobianki74 22nd May 2011
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So I got this project from a band, already edited in protools 9. After opening the project it contains all lot of slices...

George Necola
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Bender412 22nd May 2011
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If anyone is interested, I was able able to run the tests and determine the round trip latency of Pro Tools 9 with the AES16e...

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DavidJ 22nd May 2011
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Our live sound company is looking for a new 24 pre/channel board for bar gigs and smaller events. What are your recommendations...

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113568 22nd May 2011
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Guys I have recently bought a Simmons SDS-800 and a already own a TR-707 Basically I want to muck about with the sounds on...

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kevin nowhow 22nd May 2011
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i know many have pondered this before. ideally and practically shouldnt there be 1) a dynamic version (with peaks between ranging...

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zapsmith9 22nd May 2011
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Does anyone know how to change the mix to mono in Cubase 5? I just want to check for phasing issues.

Shannon Adkins
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doug hazelrigg 22nd May 2011
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Hi, i'm looking for space to rent that will allow me to build a studio, as close to Hollywood as possible. Would like to find...

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YOUTHJAMS 22nd May 2011
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I had two mike-e's at one point (had to send one back ) and I loved it on mix buss. Last night I tried to used my one mike-e on...

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czarthp 22nd May 2011
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I always felt like there are 3 perfect albums in the world: The wall Nevermind Ok computer Lately i wanna add bionic jive's...

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meymia 22nd May 2011
Avatar for analogboy

I'm finishing up my bands album and am really happy with everything except our guitar tone. Not bad, just want it to sound...

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dkelley 22nd May 2011
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Over the summer I'm going to be doing some home drum recordings using up to 8 mics going into an m audio 2626 then into logic on...

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ears2thesky 22nd May 2011
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I'm a live sound engineer and I wanna do high quality live recordings I work in a club so pa is provided. But one day I will...

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chiefnobum 22nd May 2011
Avatar for Bassman720

As the tittle suggests, i just had the stupid idea of hooking a transducer mic up to a strobe light. I would have the transducer...

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Bassman720 22nd May 2011
Avatar for Rick Shepherd

I have a Hafler P3000 that is in need of repair. I am getting a humm out of one of the channels. Anyone know of a good...

Rick Shepherd
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Rick Shepherd 22nd May 2011
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I mixed and mastered a track of mine ready for iTunes. It all sounded good... However, the artist's management have now...

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sscannon 22nd May 2011
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Hi Guys, I'm trying to plot the next move for my little studio, and am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options and choices out...

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Doc Mixwell 22nd May 2011
Avatar for kdgh

Hi GS, First of all, excuse me if this topic is in the wrong section. Second! I bought a pair of Jamo 150 power this morning...

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Ken Walker 22nd May 2011
Avatar for Audio Child

Anyone using there twin on the 2buss for added weight/tone ? Got a me1nv that im thinking of selling off and grabbing one of...

Audio Child
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Audio Child 22nd May 2011
Avatar for audiophilehh

I know the difference between tube, fet, opto and vca compressors. But what exactly is meant by "Solid State"? And how...

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living sounds 22nd May 2011