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Does anyone know of a good place to order microphone parts? Also, perhaps a reference to some schematics and basic construction/...

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CodyMFDubb 25th May 2011
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So i have been doing more and more work from home lately.... i need to improve my monitoring from my 002 D/A, and krk rockit5's...

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Brenton 25th May 2011
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Does anyone here have a Lavry AD11 are you connecting it to your pc via usb? Is the quality improved over the AD10? I was...

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audiokid 25th May 2011
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hello everybody, this is my first post here but i have been poking around for a while and have learned a lot. these forums are a...

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CaptainBass 25th May 2011
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So I am getting into recording my bands and some others bothe cover band demo,s and original stuff. I already have my pa...

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Snoggin 25th May 2011
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Hey all - so I normally use an analog mixer on the front end of my recording rig. Lately though I've been getting more and more...

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rcb4t2 24th May 2011
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Hi All, I've been thinking of joining AES for quiet awhile some time now, I'm currently a college student so I would get...

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-tc- 24th May 2011
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Right now, I`m looking at the Fearn LP-1 or the A Designs Atty for this task. Is anyone of these better suited for turning line...

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maraisdecygnes 24th May 2011
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Was quite surprised when I used an old Sony MXP mixer as a mic pre for a Neuman TLM 102 mic.....frankly, it sounded better (more...

Claude G.
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beingmf 24th May 2011
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I did a live CD session for my honky tonk trio recently. it's always a trip for me to play and engineer at the same time, and...

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climber 24th May 2011
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Hey guys, I am looking for a new vocal mic for my humble little studio. I don't have a lot of experience with different mics so...

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hossman777 24th May 2011
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What type of vocal chain do you need to have to make a recording that sounds exactly like the source? Is it possible? Is THAT...

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jupiter8 24th May 2011
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What do you think about the ATM450's for overheads? Front end audio is selling them right now for 299 a pair with 2 blue 25 foot...

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tl32 24th May 2011
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Im looking to use one of these for my studio. The Presonus pros: familiar with pres and love them, compression and eq on each...

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Retrofreak 24th May 2011
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Hi I want to know if the groups channels can be used as tape returns. Because I want to buyine but if it's is possible will be...

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adam_f 24th May 2011
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I was thinking about getting a Ghost 32 channel mixer to start getting into analogue mixing but I can't seem to figure out the...

m. chan
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fosterhome 24th May 2011
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I have a couple of old Tascam 234s. These are kind of like the Porta-studios, but they are just the cassette decks. No built in...

Cap'n Spanky
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Cap'n Spanky 24th May 2011
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hey guys, i need to use one of these for a couple of hours. will happily pay you for your time. you can email me or PM...

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jeremyglover 24th May 2011
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ok, so I got my Apogee Rosetta 800 in the mail yesterday and I am having a few minor issues getting it up and running properly...

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Push_MY_Faders 24th May 2011
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Hi, I'm looking for some general advice and pointers on how to approach a new project studio. I've already spent an inordinate...

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waterox 24th May 2011
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I use 220 volts while in my country Now living in NY Will shipped the genelecs Can I just plug it in here? Or I have to have...

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Ilkka 24th May 2011
Avatar for Incremental

howdy ya'll. i was hoping someone here might be able to give some opinions on whether 'upgrading' from a toft atb16 to a...

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psycho_monkey 24th May 2011
Avatar for manthe

Anyone else a little less than impressed with UA's new EQ plug? I A/B/C/D/E/F'd it with a bunch of other 'high-end' plug-in EQs...

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mustream 24th May 2011
Avatar for booyeah

Hey guys, So I'm in the market place for Focal Solo6 Be studio monitors and it seems the only place that sells it in Australia is...

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Awavian 24th May 2011
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Hey all, new to the site and just registered so this being my first post here, I apologize if its in the wrong category....

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FreshSkweez 24th May 2011
Avatar for Joe Porto

I just received an R-88 MKII. I didn't realize when ordering it, they changed the mount from the original R-88, which mounted...

Joe Porto
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julian.david 24th May 2011
Avatar for andonwego

Are making it hard for little old me to get iso'd mic sources

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Igotsoul4u 24th May 2011
Avatar for delittle3

anyone use or heard Blues new enCORE series mics? curious to what they are like

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Barish 24th May 2011
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Just a plain cool video of the spy plane and a interesting audio test for your monitors at the same time. Top end is hot...

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FFTT 24th May 2011
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I just ordered a battery power supply for my Apogee Mini DAC. I read that it sounds a lot better on battery power. Anyone here...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 24th May 2011
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Recently, the pre amp valve/tube of the distortion channel blew in my Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100w head. This is the first time...

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DangerKart 24th May 2011
Avatar for changeng

Getting close to de-walletizing myself and pick up an Overstayer Channel Amp. I love the comp! And Jeff is great to buy from...

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Deleted f25ebd2 24th May 2011
Avatar for asdfdsa

Are you, or someone you know, growing, or downsizing - due to economy? Any insight about the way things are now or going to be?...

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asdfdsa 24th May 2011
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Have you all heard of this company? MCE OptiBay Hard Drive for MacBook Pro, MacBook, PowerBook G4, and Mac mini I just upgraded...

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M.S.P. 24th May 2011
Avatar for Mardi Gras

Been looking at the saffire pro 40 for my setup. After searching it seems everyone is convinced firewire is on its way out. I...

Mardi Gras
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vierge99 24th May 2011
Avatar for Buss-me

So, can anyone give me any info on this speaker?. I've had it for years and never tried to fire it up. Guessing it's a powered...

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Buss-me 24th May 2011
Avatar for nativestate

Hey Everyone, I've been doing quite a bit of research through the internet/forums regarding a sizable interface. I have access...

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tvsky 24th May 2011
Avatar for digiframe

hmm... can't really decide to pull the trigger on a RCA 44-BX vintage ribbon or save some cash and wait to buy a new AEA A440...

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bdenton 24th May 2011
Avatar for Rick Shepherd

Can I operate the Profire 610 without the DSP software mixer on my MacBook Pro?

Rick Shepherd
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Avatar for ObiK
ObiK 23rd May 2011
Avatar for Doctor Rockter

Hey fellow sluts, if you had the opportunity to get your hands on either a D&R series 4000 or Tascam M-600 (both in top...

Doctor Rockter
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Avatar for digitalmenace
digitalmenace 23rd May 2011
Avatar for mahler007

Hi Gang, I'm about to perform a pretty significant upgrade, and go from a 10 channel i/o setup to an 18 i/o. Consequently, I'm...

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RKrizman 23rd May 2011
Avatar for Gamelan

I'm recording some very delicate high frequency bronze bells and triangles. As the sound decays there is a grainy noise which...

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Gamelan 23rd May 2011
Avatar for MikeTSH

Hi there - anyone able to explain how to do this equation? I've got my exam on Thursday and these two equations are the only two...

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Avatar for r4uz
r4uz 23rd May 2011
Avatar for chilli

My best so far is analog moog. Cannot get nice definition ITB. I have massey td5, echofarm, moogerfooger and the standard digi...

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Avatar for chilli
chilli 23rd May 2011
Avatar for complex

I have noticed that when i have a midi channel open only certain plugins show up on its output list. Isit possible to connect my...

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complex 23rd May 2011
Avatar for PapaSon

I have Space Designer and a few decent IR packs. Am I looking at a huge difference in sound by getting dedicated reverb plugs...

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Avatar for Deleted 99dc753
Deleted 99dc753 23rd May 2011
Avatar for Quint

I recently ordered all the parts from Redco to wire up some 90 pin Elco snakes. I also got a used Elco brand crimper (part #...

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Avatar for Rick Sutton
Rick Sutton 23rd May 2011
Avatar for Mikeeyb

Whatsup guys. I am having trouble for some reason getting my Rosetta 800 and Great River to work with the profire I just picked...

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Avatar for Mikeeyb
Mikeeyb 23rd May 2011
Avatar for Wilk

Which are better?? KRK VXT's (6") or Yams HS80m?? I'm kind of sold on the 8" yams becuase of their all around...

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Avatar for Netigy
Netigy 23rd May 2011
Avatar for RedSox

I also checked logic 7 express to no avail - I thought it got a lot of good reviews. Any ideas? I'm thinking its a folder...

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Avatar for MrProducer
MrProducer 23rd May 2011