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I'm going to get a Nt1A and probably add a SM57 just for general use, but what mic would best make up for the things the rode...

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awolf97 26th May 2011
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Avid | HEAT Listening Challenge seems interesting enough heh

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r4uz 26th May 2011
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Anyone have one of the versions of this pre? What are its strengths? Where do you like it best? How does it compare to other...

John N
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Scott LaChapell 26th May 2011
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I used to own Vxt 6. I hated making music with them, but going back now, my music had more depth as far as reverb goes, and just...

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DAH 26th May 2011
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Do you spend more time trying to pull a good sound from your existing gear and know how, or more time trolling for new gear that...

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Plugin 26th May 2011
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Allright, before I open pandora's box of engineering do's and don'ts when it comes to the most tedious task of mixing metal...

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giraffe 26th May 2011
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When I listen to my sounds (eg. guitars) being monitored through my speakers on my Zed R16 it sounds smoother, perhaps a bit...

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BradM 26th May 2011
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Anyone have any info on how this song was recorded and mixed? To me it sounds very interesting and quite different. There is...

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Flogger59 26th May 2011
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I have been approached by a band to produce their record after they heard some tracks I did for friends of theirs. I have lately...

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u b k 26th May 2011
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This may be the wrong section of the forum for this issue, if so, please move it Mr Moderator A couple months ago I bought a...

doug hazelrigg
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doug hazelrigg 26th May 2011
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Seriously? Who really thinks this will be the case? IF you believe the hype it sure will be hidz

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Deleted 99dc753 26th May 2011
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mp3 How you like the sound? thanks GY

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dy6587 26th May 2011
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OK, so this disease started with that **%$% ITB vs OTB thread about levels. ... and snowballed from there. Basically,...

Ain't Nobody
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Dean Roddey 26th May 2011
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hello people any one can tell me wich is better and if you dont use this products can you tell me something about the brands wich...

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tribedescribe 26th May 2011
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Hello, I just got myself a MD421-U that looks like new and says "MD421-U" on it's label instead of the usual...

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-JK- 26th May 2011
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Hi all I'm finishing my Music Tech degree here in London and I'm seriously thinking to relocate in Los Angeles. I'm still...

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drBill 26th May 2011
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Hi, does anyone know where I can get 1) a simple ceiling mic boom not too far down form the ceiling like a foot down... and 2)...

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T800 26th May 2011
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i have a behringer b5 small diaphram condenser and was hoping someone can inform me if there are any capsules like (rode, lomo,...

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TaperChuck 26th May 2011
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HI i'm about to buy 2 Tla 5051 Valve Preamp Processors just wondering if anyone can tell me if these are any good from...

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Benmrx 26th May 2011
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Hi, Could you recommend some listening material to audition some monitor speakers?

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dkelley 26th May 2011
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Hi I have been using the at4060 for a while - several months - into a Daking pre/Mohog compressor(nice stuff!) Feels like I...

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warhead 26th May 2011
Avatar for Carels

Hey, I got this Valley People Micro Q from the studio owner. I don't really know how they sound like. Anybody who has some...

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Knox 26th May 2011
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Jacknife Lee with R.E.M., Snow Patrol, U2, and UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins - Blog - Universal Audio This is interesting where he says...

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fooman 26th May 2011
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hi everyone, i'm using a x201 as a second laptop daw... with a pci express card called echo io (indigo)... probably anyone in...

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mika2011 26th May 2011
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how much i have to have for one (the black one that has number 4000 on it)

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KingDiamond 26th May 2011
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I was thinking of getting the UA 6176 with the deal for getting a uad 2 quad, but figured out a lunchbox with maybe a 512c and a...

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nosebleedaudio 26th May 2011
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hello party people anybody know who is the best yamaha mg usb line or the allen and heathh zed line tell me over youre...

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dcvangerwen 26th May 2011
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Hey guys, I was curious as to what the "clipping" sound is in this vocal, most prominent at the beginning and end of...

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Barnaby150 26th May 2011
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So i understand this can't be used as a stand alone pre amp going into an interface and going into the comp but it must be...

Edward Shnapper
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Edward Shnapper 26th May 2011
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hello people maybe im the next stupid that ask this but i want a good answer wich one have the best preamp in the mixer allen...

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dcvangerwen 26th May 2011
Avatar for klaximopark

Easy as that - for recording indie rock type bands (guitar/bass/drums). Would love to get an idea who's out there killing it -...

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Daniel Antix 26th May 2011
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Incredible! BBC NEWS | England | Dorset | Blind boy uses his ears to 'see'

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explorer 26th May 2011
Avatar for antibiotic

Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, please move if it is. I'm wondering if anyone knows who mixed RPWL's "World...

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burnhard 26th May 2011
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Hi, I'm buying a Macbook Pro for recording in Logic. Should I go with the standard drive or with an ssd drive? I read that...

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muziekschuur 26th May 2011
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Hi Guys! I am from Germany and like SPL Stuff. I have good connections to that company. Now i am looking for an expansion to...

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Jumpy 26th May 2011
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Amp Plug-ins are interesting and I've got alot of 'em to choose from but I'm wanting a small low watt tube amp for recording and...

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FFTT 26th May 2011
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Have a freelance session starting Thursday. The band is flying me to Pennsylvania to record their record at the guy's studio....

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thegatsby 26th May 2011
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jordanvoth 26th May 2011
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what headphones do yall use for the ipod?

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gearvirgin 26th May 2011
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Hi folks. Don't know if anybody will be interested in this but...here goes anyway.... One of the holy tabernacle articles...

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joeq 26th May 2011
Avatar for joeebangs

uad vs duende vs waves plugins .... i know its all about personal flavor an what not so lets judge acording to this first... 1,...

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joeebangs 26th May 2011
Avatar for Nowak

Looking for something that will give the mixbuss a little more width. In hardware. Any suggestions? Stef

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dreissk 26th May 2011
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hello people i have a Question about the xenyx and the onyx is the sound Quality also the same or is there a big diffrence in the...

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dcvangerwen 26th May 2011
Avatar for Tube World

I am wondering how content you are with your studio these days? With the economy especially being tough, we all have to be...

Tube World
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papawhitehead 26th May 2011
Avatar for colonel_claypoo

hello, I seem to be going through a phase were I don't like compression at all. it's weird I know but at the moment I kind of...

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Avatar for Stepwise Sound
Stepwise Sound 26th May 2011
Avatar for valverec

I did some Googling around for an answer to this, but I can't seem to find one. Avid had a bundle for the MBox 3 which came with...

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valverec 26th May 2011
Avatar for Jorg

I'm running Pro Tools 9.0.1 and Battery 3.1.1 on OSX 10.6.6 When I load Battery on a new Instrument Track it wont respond to...

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416416 26th May 2011
Avatar for ihateregisterin

Is there a consensus on any good ones or do they all just suck?

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ihateregisterin 26th May 2011
Avatar for KennyS

Hey guys, I just picked up a TOFT ATB 32 V3.0 and figured I could share some useful bits of info about the newer model. First,...

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u b k 26th May 2011
Avatar for beds83

Hi All i know on the occasions i have mentioned that my studio is located inside a prison in the uk its caused a bit of a stir...

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beds83 25th May 2011