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Ethan , bravo for your SOS article . You can read it @ Sounding Off: Is New Gear Better? (You may need a...

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toneguru 9th June 2011
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Kicked it off tonight with Anton. He's a bad man.. Sheila E tomorrow, Roy Haynes Wednesday, & Neil Peart Thursday. peachh

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andsonic 9th June 2011
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Well, in my last thread you told me that not only is s/pdif a TWO CHANNEL ONLY format, but that the co2 will not convert optical...

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Combinatix 9th June 2011
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wB8jB6kh3CE A few guys at GuitarGeek were helping me out here, but that site's been down for a few days so I figured if anyone...

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bayko 9th June 2011
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it is hot as all hell in NYC. please have decent HVAC. thanks.

Shane Michael Rose
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Shane Michael Rose 9th June 2011
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Don't want to spend money with a company that's gone belly-up, or is about to. No posts to their facebook in months, or...

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Heathen_HM 9th June 2011
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Hi I have been having a bit of a clear out today as we are moving premises and have uncovered a load of gear I forgot I even...

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InstituteOfNoise 9th June 2011
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hi, how would i got about tracking a signal (a wav file that's on my macbook played on a software sampler/or maschines software)...

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mjhann 9th June 2011
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While listening on YT to guitar stems tracks of heavy bands, I'm pretty amazed at how clean they are, meaning you don't hear...

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StephenJGood 9th June 2011
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Hi. I just bought this mixer : Photos de Soundcraft Spirit M12 And I'm a bit confused about the aux send/returns - mainly can...

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leftygt 9th June 2011
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So this is something i just don't see come up often... Now my studio has some studio guitars and amps, LP trad, tele, 72...

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ARIEL 9th June 2011
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Hi! I'm sitting on my bachelor thesis right now in which I should try to find out what's happening behind the scenes of pitch...

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DevonTone 9th June 2011
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Hey all, I use a Blue Yeti USB Microphone with an SE Reflexion Filter placed behind it. I simply plug the USB cable into my...

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binarymilton 9th June 2011
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Looking for some recommendations on a channel strip or maybe two pieces of gear for under 800 to do the following... High...

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bruceferraudi 9th June 2011
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Not really sure where to post this.. Anyway, I am doing a cd for "me". I am by no means a great singer BUT I am doing...

Tom music
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thepilgrimsdream 9th June 2011
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Ampeg SVT Classic into Ampeg 8x10 - classic setup. Would an EV RE-20 suffice as the sole mic to track bass, or would you...

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moathouse 9th June 2011
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I'm about to start my drum kit mic closet. Any suggestions?

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moathouse 9th June 2011
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It doesn't matter if you're mixing acoustic drums, drum samples, drum machines, or any combination of the above. I think that...

Deleted 94711a4
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moathouse 9th June 2011
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Just replaced my Digi002 with an Mbox 2 Pro (firewire) because I had no need for the 002 console. Everything seems to be working...

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numberforty1 9th June 2011
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Well I took my Central Station out of the chain today and just ran my ADAM S3X-Hs straight out of the Chandler Mini Mixer, holy...

James Lugo
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Gobo Diddly 9th June 2011
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Hey slutz, I am thinking about expanding our mic locker, and I wanted to get a great workhorse mic for vocals that would...

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Little Ner 9th June 2011
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I had a dangerous dbox. I have not been doing much here latley, And i let my friend use it. He loved it and didnt wanna have to...

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tempemonon 9th June 2011
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Personally, all I hear are ridiculously loud/distorted mixes, layers upon layers of logic synths, and pages of sacrilegious...

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StewartFang 9th June 2011
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First of all id like to say Hi all, ive skulked around here for a while thought id join up finally. Anyway. This is the first...

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manuke 9th June 2011
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Just read an article on Yahoo about Apple's new iCloud service: Apple's cloud music could finally make piracy pay - Yahoo!...

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AcoosticZoo 9th June 2011
Avatar for The Press Desk

The Radial Komit™ is a feature-rich 500 series compressor-limiter that simplifies the process of dynamic manipulation while...

The Press Desk
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warhead 9th June 2011
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I know it´s an Electro Voice, but which model and period?

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puuluu 9th June 2011
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I've been really interested in the idea of miking kick drum with a combination of an inside mic (421) and a U47 Fet style mic for...

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ObiK 9th June 2011
Avatar for SeniorityFedup

First time ever being at the CHF, and wow what great sounding live room. Any way I wanted to express to GS what l got out of...

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Frenchie Smith 9th June 2011
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Basically, in about 2 weeks I'll be moving to Japan with my family and I have yet to apply to any colleges due to the fact that I...

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Deleted 9173ceb9ecb4dec 9th June 2011
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is the soundcard built into a macbook pro good enough for a dj?

Deleted User
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shaddai 8th June 2011
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Hi Fellow Slutz, I just wanted to spread the word that Chicken Systems Translators are on a super sale this weekend. I'm...

Tommy Zai
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profplume 8th June 2011
Avatar for Idefy

I am selling a set of Beyerdynamic opus XXL Drum Mics. (Minus Kick drum mic and mic holders) 2x Opus 87's 3x Opus 88's...

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Idefy 8th June 2011
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I would like to buy some 1176 for my electric guitars which revision is more indicated? i work with fast transient (rock metal...

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StratSvante 8th June 2011
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Hi, I'm working on a dnb track at the moment and am so keen to get this sound (around 1m50s - 2m05s): YouTube -...

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mrnabo 8th June 2011
Avatar for Ash Taylor

I've reached a turning point in my engineering career and I think I just need to slow down. I've been mixing more a less everyday...

Ash Taylor
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doug hazelrigg 8th June 2011
Avatar for coyotekells

I use Adam A7X and right now have the Adam Sub8. However, the Sub8 needs to go. Most importantly, my new sub must have a...

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coyotekells 8th June 2011
Avatar for coyotekells

Why do some monitors make noise when a cell phone gets a call (they usually flare up before the phone even starts ringing,...

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coyotekells 8th June 2011
Avatar for s o l v e n t

anyone know of a PDF manual floating around for this old delay unit? thanks jason

s o l v e n t
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s o l v e n t 8th June 2011
Avatar for Peter Stengaard

I really would like to try this guitar amp before possibly buying it. Any players or studios in LA have this that would let me...

Peter Stengaard
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Peter Stengaard 8th June 2011
Avatar for blackwatch5805

hey guys. i've noticed lately that all of my room mic tracks sound great on the verses (or anytime the drummer is on the hi...

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Flying_Dutchman 8th June 2011
Avatar for LoFiJ

Can any1 recommend good mic repair/maintenance guys/gals in Southwestern Ontario? And before you jump on it, Doug Walker does...

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LoFiJ 8th June 2011
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Hi.I had this posted in a different forum but dont seem to be getting any replies, maybe I posted in the wrong place? Anyhow, I...

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leftygt 8th June 2011
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I saw a post on this from a few years back, but figured I'd revisit due to recent developments in both programs. Is Sibelius...

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jsbeeth 8th June 2011
Avatar for neothaon3

- this is a long shot but i figured i'd ask you guys since AVID's tech support is little help. I purchased the student version...

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Avatar for SystemCell
SystemCell 8th June 2011
Avatar for Mike H

My son wants to: (1) Record guitar tracks and (2) Create the other tracks using loops, MIDI and virtual instruments. He has...

Mike H
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Silas Holmes 8th June 2011
Avatar for StickyBandit

Hey guys, I'm new here but wanted to gauge some interest. Wanted to see if you guys were interested in my equipment I'm selling....

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StickyBandit 8th June 2011
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Hi, I had been enjoying the iStroboSoft on my iPhone and then I upgraded to the IStroboSoft HD for the ipad. Thought they were...

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theblue1 8th June 2011
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Ok guys, I can't decide if it's worth it to buy the Waves Maserati or Softube channel strip for some Pop/RnB I am producing. Can...

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jimmyboy7 8th June 2011
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found an old thread on this, but not for about 6 years, so... Anyone out there regularly use a small diaphragm condenser for...

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evangelista 8th June 2011