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Anyone figured out how to download the demo yet? I have the waves uber download and installed (as bought MPX), but the HLS is...

Louis Bernstone
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otobianki74 13th June 2011
Avatar for Accurate

I've been looking through the other jazz micing threads and haven't really found the answer to the issue I'm having. I usually...

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Accurate 13th June 2011
Avatar for AlanTide

No matter what the manufacturer? For example, could I put API pres, API eq's, A Design P1 modules, Purple, OSA, etc all into 1...

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never-enough 12th June 2011
Avatar for SongJohn

Hi everybody. I have been researching this for a bit and have come up with nothing. About what years were these models made...

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SongJohn 12th June 2011
Avatar for UncleCharlie

Just wondering what my weakest link may be or things I could possibly upgrade, even though Ive just invested 15k into this home...

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csj 12th June 2011
Avatar for Deleted 651cf92

been trying to find out the effect on this guitar for awhile now, it is the backing guitar and can be heard distinctly at 2:25...

Deleted 651cf92
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Count_Ecilam 12th June 2011
Avatar for hollow

Hey! Does anyone know if there are any good backing tracks for purchase somewhere? I'm thinking of kickin alive my old...

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hollow 12th June 2011
Avatar for deantonic

Are the converters the same for these 2 MOTU products? Evaluating just the converter quality and nothing else, is the less...

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deantonic 12th June 2011
Avatar for Keyplayer

Aww man, I'm really sick about this one. Phoebe Snow, 'Poetry Man' Singer, Dies at 60. I know this site is all about the...

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Avatar for Darius van H
Darius van H 12th June 2011
Avatar for tuxedoma

Altec 9475a - mic preamps A class Anyone ever heard of these? are they any good? i could get 2 for a pretty nice price. but i...

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Avatar for CatFace
CatFace 12th June 2011
Avatar for dockingbay94

I've been making drum samples of the kits before/after we finish tracking in order to replace or double the snare/kick. My...

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Avatar for BLueROom
BLueROom 12th June 2011
Avatar for binarymilton

I'm aware of: Coles Hebden Sound Soundfield Newmann Retro Are there any others? And while we're at it, has anyone...

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Avatar for CtotheT
CtotheT 12th June 2011
Avatar for Ferdinand IV

I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I'm looking to replace the tubes and speaker. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of purchasing a...

Ferdinand IV
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Avatar for Aeolian
Aeolian 12th June 2011
Avatar for Akkshit

Hey guys i know this discussion has been put up earlier too but i am still confused .. which one is better for growling and...

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Avatar for satellitedog
satellitedog 12th June 2011
Avatar for czarthp

I am clocking my profire 2626 to my aurora 8 via wordclock. Most of the time I open a PT session it tells me "playback...

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Avatar for czarthp
czarthp 12th June 2011
Avatar for rynugz007

I'm partnering up with an engineer friend of mine, he has a digi 192 interface that makes a fuzzy/static noise on one of the...

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Avatar for nron
nron 12th June 2011
Avatar for musicgreator

I'd like to open this thread to build a list of all the classic eqs, what their mostly used for and their sonic behavior. Let's...

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musicgreator 12th June 2011
Avatar for musicgreator

I'd like to open this thread to build a list of all the classic compressors, what their mostly used for and their sonic behavior....

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musicgreator 12th June 2011
Avatar for the1Hub

from a music store sales person kepping in the spirit of the stupidest things you've heard durring a recording session thread....

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Avatar for nightchef
nightchef 12th June 2011
Avatar for audiothing

Today the first pre of my MOTU 828mkII starded to shoots random white noise. It seems a common issue with this audio interface...

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Avatar for audiothing
audiothing 12th June 2011
Avatar for Eisbude

Hello, why do I have to use a trimpot anstead raising the level in cubase to higher the level? For me is that the same effect....

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Avatar for Eisbude
Eisbude 12th June 2011
Avatar for Hotsteppah

Just received my power supply (used Power One HCC-15-3A) and notice that it cam with the remote sense terminals tied to the...

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Avatar for Hotsteppah
Hotsteppah 12th June 2011
Avatar for aabbey1

I am going to purchase an ox8 so I can do high quality live recordings. I have 16 inputs (I know ill need 2 units) and I only...

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Avatar for aabbey1
aabbey1 12th June 2011
Avatar for hduncan

The other day, I noticed that, with my car's A/C on, if I whistled a certain pitch, I totally heard the whistle overwhelm the...

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Avatar for Bob Olhsson
Bob Olhsson 12th June 2011
Avatar for Goliath|Audio

Anyone seen this yet? Les Paul Google Logo Features Playable Guitar Strings (PICTURE, VIDEO) It's kinda fun to play.

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Avatar for JC_
JC_ 12th June 2011
Avatar for meymia

Costum made costs, around 220$ (!!!). Comes with a front and back doors that locks into place. Just wanted to share...

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Avatar for meymia
meymia 12th June 2011
Avatar for silentmdrummer

I happened to purchase this board last summer for an insanely good price, and I finally have some free time to work on it. Its a...

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Avatar for andychamp
andychamp 12th June 2011
Avatar for Drumgtr33

Hi all, this is my first post to gear slutz, but i've researched gear on this site for years. I'm sure this info is somewhere...

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Avatar for Drumgtr33
Drumgtr33 12th June 2011
Avatar for naypalm

Hello Gearslutterz. Following on from my previous post 2 weeks ago...

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Avatar for naypalm
naypalm 12th June 2011
Avatar for jaffa

I've been experimenting with an SE 5600 MKII mic. Not a 'high end' mic but has a natural, full sound and to my ears has one...

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Avatar for Thomas Johansen
Thomas Johansen 12th June 2011
Avatar for LiveLife

If you have to work with musicians who can't perfectly double track and have everything line up what do you do?

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Avatar for evangelista
evangelista 12th June 2011
Avatar for dullfangs

Pardon my lack of experience, I gots a question about mono drums - Mixing drums in mono is literally when every drum channel is...

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Avatar for evangelista
evangelista 12th June 2011
Avatar for Vienna

In the U.S. there is a Korg PS-3100 on ebay starting at 1 Dollar!!! It is strange though because last week the same Ebayer was...

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Avatar for The Byre
The Byre 12th June 2011
Avatar for Kola

Hi, Can the cable that links the MOTU 24 I/0 to the MOTU card on the PC be extended. Is it a simple firewire cable? Or is...

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Avatar for Kola
Kola 12th June 2011
Avatar for Bazgti

Does it matter running uneven reel sizes on a early model 3324? I know later model 3324 a has a reel size detector but the early...

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Avatar for Bazgti
Bazgti 12th June 2011
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Avatar for Winter
Winter 12th June 2011
Avatar for Pyro Z

Today I was watching a FiOS Video On Demand movie, a fairly big-budget, modern movie from 2008. It had these short self-promoting...

Pyro Z
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Avatar for Pyro Z
Pyro Z 12th June 2011
Avatar for TehGuitarist

Anyone happen to know? Can't find the info ANYWHERE, or are stores just importing direct from US distributors... I seem to...

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Avatar for daveq
daveq 12th June 2011
Avatar for edwonbass

Hello Folks, I just installed an RME HDSP 9652. I am trying to use my MR816 ADAT in and out. I have the MR816 set to clock...

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Avatar for edwonbass
edwonbass 12th June 2011
Avatar for BootsyGraham

Hey guys, my girlfriend was cleaning out her garage and found this old looking mic. Do any of you guys know anything about this...

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Avatar for mom
mom 12th June 2011
Avatar for GearBit

Word came through today that Greg Clarke was found dead in his apartment yesterday. No official word on cause of death although...

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Avatar for ray_subsonic
ray_subsonic 12th June 2011
Avatar for FirstLoveStudio

I really love the clips I've heardof the Beezneez (James + Jade) - I'm sure I'll get one soon but is there anything that'll...

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Avatar for flute player
flute player 12th June 2011
Avatar for noizelab

Hi there, I was wondering if there's a vocal-mic for live-purposes with a built in mute-function. Sure, you could do that with a...

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Avatar for noizelab
noizelab 12th June 2011
Avatar for muis12

Hi guys, After reading a lot of posts here, I learned a lot a used it in my latest project. I 'd like to hear from you what...

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Avatar for muis12
muis12 12th June 2011
Avatar for glenn Taylor

I have used My interface for 30 albums since 2004. To my humble ears it sound pretty good. Most of the time I use the adat light...

glenn Taylor
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Avatar for jonathan jetter
jonathan jetter 12th June 2011
Avatar for eman

Ok... I just watched this movie and couldn't help myself to ask if anyone knows if this is a real model of mic, or just a can?

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Avatar for eman
eman 12th June 2011
Avatar for Booster_Kitty

So here's our setup Daisychained n12 and mr816x going through to cubase 5. We have also just gotten our hands on an aurora...

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Avatar for Booster_Kitty
Booster_Kitty 12th June 2011
Avatar for maskedman72

i thought it would be a cool thing to see how old some of our daw's are. perhaps this can give some insight as to how long one...

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Avatar for unsung
unsung 12th June 2011
Avatar for Frantik

Whats good world. Are these mics supposedly good for hiphop vocals? And if so which one would be better. AND would a Presonus...

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Avatar for BLUElightCory
BLUElightCory 12th June 2011
Avatar for freshchops

I'm tying in my spread of preamps to my AD/DA converter and can't get past the pops and sizzles. Between my friend and myself,...

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Avatar for Snatchman
Snatchman 12th June 2011