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I haven't noticed these before, but the Presonus Fat Channel plug-ins seem nice on paper. AFAIK the only other Tubetech model...

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Janne19691 11th April 2020
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So I been looking for a pair of powered speaker, and during my search I found some speakers like PreSonus Sceptre S8, which get...

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ReaderZ 11th April 2020
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I've been running some Lucid A/D and D/A units, along with several outboard effects units, samplers and media recorders. Overall...

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psycho_monkey 11th April 2020
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I'm looking for a budget friendly condenser mic to record vocals. Currently have a shure SM57 as my only mic but was looking for...

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edva 11th April 2020
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I've always finded the drums in this song very interesting the reverb it's on a nice spot and everything have a great...

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GYMusic 11th April 2020
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I know that this subject was here few times already but I wanted to ask if anybody was using Genelec monitors with Sonarworks?...

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jeanclaudevanlee 10th April 2020
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hey guys, I use the Sennheiser HD650 in combination with Sonarworks (safe Headroom enabled) and the Audient ID14. Sometimes I...

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corazon 10th April 2020
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Hey guys, just wondering what options I have for interfaces that are compatible with both USB and Thunderbolt, similar to Zen...

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gvdub 10th April 2020
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So I just received my new Apollo Twin X, I did all the registration and downloads on my laptop (my second computer not studio...

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RightOnRome 10th April 2020
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Hello there, I had a Kemper Profiler in the last couple of years. Recently I had to sell it to pay a debt. In a couple of months...

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amentini 10th April 2020
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I am just starting to get used to my new Antelope Zen Studio Plus, and cant seem to figure out my HP1 output. I have a guitar...

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gvdub 10th April 2020
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Hi guys, I got an old CK6 capsule (switchable patterns - omni, cardio, figure8). Its fairly used (pre-owners were...

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Jcalka 10th April 2020
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I've finally decided to join the 21st century (in part) by getting a Win 10 computer. I've been on XP since the late 20th C. I'd...

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ubertar1 10th April 2020
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Hi all, I have an old roland jazz chorus 77 which work fine apart from when the reverb is turn above 5 the amp starts to...

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M1ckyb 10th April 2020
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I'm looking to pick up another one or two of these cards so that I can have four or eight more channels in my Urei 7510b mixer....

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Jim Williams 10th April 2020
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I've been praying for the funds to get a pair of Barefoot MicroMain 35s (LOL). I'm sure most of you know how painful that price...

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Glenn Bucci 10th April 2020
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Hey all! I'm veteran gearslutz reader (since 2011?) and this place was a salvation for me so mny times. This time though, I...

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Jarema 10th April 2020
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I was able to get my hands on an AKG SolidTube from my old job the only thing missing was the mic to power supply cable. I know...

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ablackwell87 10th April 2020
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Hello, I’m new on this forum and looking for advise. Which one would you choose for my specific application. Trying decide...

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joeq 10th April 2020
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I got these and some cheap dynamics as my first cheap mics when I started buying gear again. I figured they would be MXL 'clones'...

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Rocket Roll 10th April 2020
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Ok so I'm a real noob to this stuff. My equipment consists of the Earthworks 1024 preamp and Lynx (n) aurora AD/DA convertor. I...

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Purple 10th April 2020
Avatar for Clonkified

Hi all, I need to buy some new monitors and have been checking out the Neumann KH120s. B&H is running a bundle special...

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JblKid95 10th April 2020
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My interest in the Pearlman TM-1 mic has been peaked. The more I research them though, the more confused I get. It appears that...

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cruisemates 10th April 2020
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I've never really heard this discussed much and I realize I may take some flak on this one. ;-) I'm just wondering if I'm alone...

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psycho_monkey 10th April 2020
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Hey folks, Are you smart enough to identify what these racks are? ART Voice Channel Tube Channel Strip is on the top, what...

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JohnnyShotgun 10th April 2020
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Hey all, I have a Motu 828es and I'm planning how I'd like to eventually use all of it's inputs. I have a small project studio...

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sirjuxtable 10th April 2020
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Any good mics for recording grand piano on a budget? Anyone have any recordings of anything?

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RayHeath 10th April 2020
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After my research on reverb units, plugins and gears I found out that all reverbs are digital emulations. Meaning something that...

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Deleted 9d8db46 9th April 2020
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Does anyone own/have personal experience with the Avantone CLA-10s?

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anaudiopro 9th April 2020
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Hi, I tried using my UMC404HD the other day but realised that I wasn't getting any signal from the inputs 1/2 on Reaper. I...

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ayygurl 9th April 2020
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Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster here. With all this free time I have decided to attempt to fire up the Allen...

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jmlb 9th April 2020
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Hi everyone, I have two interfaces currently(a Fireface UCX and a Presonus Studio 192) Long story how I ended up with two, either...

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airzwei 9th April 2020

I've found a Microphone in with some others I have and there is no name probably worn off like another (which luckily had the...

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COLINROBOT 9th April 2020
Avatar for ChayaFFM

I'm a noob regarding hardware but I'll try to keep it short: I'm looking for an affordable hardware unit with which I can run...

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kludgeaudio 9th April 2020
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Hello, any recommendations for reading materials for the modern recording studio? I have Craig Anderton’s Home Recording for...

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deedeeyeah 9th April 2020
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Would you still use a SDC like a KM184, or would you use a LDC (in this case, any suggestions for the best options?). Thanks

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crille_mannen 9th April 2020
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Hi guys! Im looking for a way to have a few inputs for headphones in my studio. For now there is only 1 that comes from my...

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standup 9th April 2020
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After considering the Behringer P16 system, I'm now interested in the DP48 for obvious reasons. My main concern is that (at least...

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jdurango 9th April 2020
Avatar for otherworld1

At the moment i have JBL LSR 305 which i find good, but somehow lack clearity for me, so i wanna step up now and buy one of those...

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Deleted 6833614 9th April 2020
Avatar for Gear Celibacy

Hi there. I messaged Timbaland's studio manager on Twitter – as he was new to Twitter – and he basically told me that the...

Gear Celibacy
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TheLastByte 9th April 2020
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Ninjam is amazing! I can't express how is it cool to have something like that a reality! this is the most advanced thing in music...

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ayskura 9th April 2020
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Since Feb I have had hearing problems, It started as hearing off centre but for the past few months it's bass. When I hear bass...

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Countmorris 9th April 2020
Avatar for octanemedia

So with Akais latest release of the MPC, the MPC One, I am now aced with a decision. Get rid of my renaissance for an MPC one. Im...

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octanemedia 9th April 2020
Avatar for James Lugo

I have been thinking about doing this, assembling a list of all current SSL console owners and users and their console...

James Lugo
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oyanliz 8th April 2020
Avatar for MayorAdamWest

I’ve just purchased a new MixPre-6 II and a Royer R-122 MkII. They are replacing a Zoom H6 and a Shure Beta58a. Upon my...

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MayorAdamWest 8th April 2020
Avatar for Tristan_Mendoza

I'm in the market for a new interface that uses Thunderbolt 3 and works with PC. I currently have an Apollo Twin mk2 connected...

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Tristan_Mendoza 8th April 2020
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Hey just got an email about Tfunk tubes from the company. Anyone tried the new ones. Noticed they are made with JJ and even had...

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ardis 8th April 2020
Avatar for Okatvius

Hey, could you give me a tip for the level between my monitorcontroller and the active monitorspeaker. On the mackie...

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Okatvius 8th April 2020
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Hi guys, My studio is currently a one room set up and at the moment my kit is on a rug which I can drag the whole kit around...

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Bassmankr 8th April 2020
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I just got hold of an Electrovoice PL 6 mic. It's in pretty good shape and a quick A/B with a SM58 showed less highs but richer...

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JLast 8th April 2020