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Dear GS, i have been watching tony shepard dvd tutorial. i find the way he mixes is pretty interesting as he groups all of he's...

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StephenMarsh 16th June 2011
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Anybody who can tell anything about the Little Feat studio albums? Production technics, the sound, console etc.

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Jaded_musician 16th June 2011
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I'm looking at buying a pedal from america and I'm wondering if it's possible too use it with my current setup of pedals I have...

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tazman 16th June 2011
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OK so the thinking cap wasn't good enough so I took it off and put on a big heavy black robe and lit some candles that burn black...

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automatom 16th June 2011
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I am having some issues with crosstalk between my Digi 192 and Soundcraft 6000 patch-bay. Here is what I have done to...

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timkarp 16th June 2011
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A couple of tracks from my very first attempt at recording, mixing, engineering, and mastering. A project of "golden...

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JimDaddyO 16th June 2011
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Hi Guys, I was just curious if anyone has ever made an attempt to copy the reverb sound on kind of blue. I have always been in...

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diyguitarmods 16th June 2011
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Just mix the project with only sampled files no life instruments, in use samples: drums (AbbeyRoad 70s) ,Electric -Bass...

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electraluxx 16th June 2011
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Anyone know the model of this soundcraft mixer? Cheers http://i54.tinypic.com/eqqi2p.png

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RebornOnline 16th June 2011
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I just installed the optional ADC card in this unit (Mk I) and like an idiot I unseated the four cables running from the...

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PapillonIrl 16th June 2011
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Can anyone recommend courier to ship a pair of mics from the UK to the USA? I tried UPS but the quote was nearly £200 including...

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Dayo 16th June 2011
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Hello all anyone check it? Thanks.

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roug97 16th June 2011
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hi there, today i got a great river 2 channel mic pre... this is my first real mic pre. one question i have is should i use the...

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heypig 16th June 2011
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I was just wondering, if I wanted to stereo record guitar, should I aim to have the same two preamps and mics for ideal recording?

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bensaddiction 16th June 2011
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Hi guys, I'm interested in the Grace Design m501 Pre, since I'm looking for a good 500 series preamp to record classical and...

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scyue 16th June 2011
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Hey, I have a Reverb question. I do pop/R&B/hip hop. As far as sonics and sound quality, which setup would you prefer for...

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TheLastByte 16th June 2011
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i searched the net, but didn´t find anything do you have any informations about "Rush - Moving Pictures"? How did...

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Waxavub 16th June 2011
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Hello people of the SMG,SLT forum. I am looking for your recommendations for reputable, honest, knowledgeable and affordable...

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infopimpster 16th June 2011
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Hi Guys This confuses me (and im easily confused by the way) i have a motu828mk2, it has 2 main outs L and R, i also have a new...

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travisbrown 16th June 2011
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Ok I'm currently using a HP laptop and have a DMP3 preamp and fast track pro with Adobe Audition 3.0...I've recently looked into...

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Infinite 16th June 2011
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Yearning for simplicity in 1999. - c

Silver Sonya
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Kiwi 16th June 2011
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No, seriously, although video is not my thing, I usually have an eye for this kind of stuff... I mean... even at 0:51 !!! MY...

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Big_Bang 16th June 2011
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Hi all, Looking to buy a Wurlitzer for the studio. Is there a particular difference in tone/action between the 145 and 200...

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rodreb 16th June 2011
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damn those things are pricey... $150-200 bucks for some wood heppy seems like small companies should be able to do something...

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evangelista 16th June 2011
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My friend in Texas has monitors he likes that go down to 40hz but is thinking about a sub to go down to 30hz. Do you think it is...

Tube World
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Tube World 16th June 2011
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So I read here a while ago people were looking for plugins/apps/something that would basically be a picture of their hardware and...

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dosilegecko 16th June 2011
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Focusrite Saffire 6 Give me your opinions on this audio interface, Im getting a good deal on it. Tell me what you think, I would...

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vierge99 16th June 2011
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I'm looking at making a leap to buy one of these units.There's not much chance to hear one before hand and my search here didn't...

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Steffmo 16th June 2011
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Just received my boxed PT9 crossgrade and installed it today. Had to come here and brag a bit as my girlfriend could give a ****....

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lowpassfilter 16th June 2011
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How is this interesting vocal effect created? YouTube - The Naked And Famous - Young Blood <iframe title="YouTube video...

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alexvdbroek 16th June 2011
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I haven't watched any until now - I just started with the JJP one. First of all, it's just awesome. Secondly, is Dave...

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BodyByStarbucks 16th June 2011
Avatar for uncle muscles

I had a rather interesting thought today that I was wondering if any of you might have had some experience with? Simply cutting...

uncle muscles
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smithatude 16th June 2011
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I have a Novation Supernova II Keyboard and im gonna wack it on Ebay. I know last year they were going for around £500-600 but...

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martin7475 16th June 2011
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This box is the incredible. I've been looking for a nice high shelving EQ to go after my API 2500/5500/STC-8, and this thing is...

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spencerc 16th June 2011
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How do I do this? Everytime I add, say a snare wav of my own to the Trigger Folder, the decay cuts off too fast and it sounds...

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martin7475 16th June 2011
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Hey Gearheads! I've been doing home recordings for a long time and have been slowly upgrading my setup. I recently started...

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lynyrd 16th June 2011
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Just bought the Gibson Les Paul 50s tribute equipped with P90s. I have been a humbucker guy for a while and I am worried the...

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stella645 16th June 2011
Avatar for mixingsound

Hey there, I have a question about using compressors on a 2buss for a glue effect. How much compression (and what kind of...

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deandennings 15th June 2011
Avatar for RARStudios

Hey everyone! Should I go wider or closer? I currently have them really wide... Thanks! Evan

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chrisrnps 15th June 2011
Avatar for MaxVMH

I'd like to higher the impedance of a cheap headphone I have (which ... has a low impedance, could you guess?), just for the fun...

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Avatar for deandennings
deandennings 15th June 2011
Avatar for Joeytpg

I'm offering my home studio and recording capabilities to a company. I'll need to: 1) record a male voice over talent. 30...

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drBill 15th June 2011
Avatar for Sean TM

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Gary Davis? Is it any good...i know the basics but would like to learn more about power...

Sean TM
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chrisrnps 15th June 2011
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I run a small studio which mainly does hip hop, singer/songwriter acoustic stuff and R&B vocals and mixing...including a good...

mike vee
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TimBatkin 15th June 2011
Avatar for Maxjnorman

I have a 15" 4 channel keyboard amp (made by Ohms amps) with 19 pots on the front for Eq and gain etc, about 8-9 of which...

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Maxjnorman 15th June 2011
Avatar for Lolo22

Hi Guys, need some advice on live vocals mic's. we currently play in in a Church band, but will also use the new mic's for...

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toneguru 15th June 2011
Avatar for yotonic

I commonly read posts about compressors sometimes squeezing a slight amount of low end out of a vocal track. However I recently...

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yotonic 15th June 2011
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Even though it's not out yet it leaked in full, and I'm a britneytard but it's such a beautifully flawless production from each...

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Seanol 15th June 2011
Avatar for josha

do you simply press the mono button on your interface? if so, is it better to just use one speaker to monitor?

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Trakworx 15th June 2011
Avatar for Jomega

I was working on one of our tracks and had both versions handy so I thought I'd share. We re-recorded because I really didn't...

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artiz anonymous 15th June 2011
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One reason that the outboard instruments like Axe FX and the Access Virus sound so much better than plug-in VIs is that they use...

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relaxo 15th June 2011