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Think about THIS! dfegaddfegaddfegad Rubber Tracks » Converse RECORD FOR FREE!!!!!!! CONVERSE RUBBER TRACKS STUDIO BROOKLYN...

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Makinithappen 17th August 2011
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Keire 17th August 2011
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Okay, I have 3 flavors of API 512. One API 512c, one BAE 312a and an SCA A12. I should be all set for 512 type pres yet I feel...

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gogar 17th August 2011
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So I had inguinal hernia surgery on Thursday (thanks Ampeg 6x10 cabinet). The doctor prescribed hydrocodone. Never had it, No big...

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bexarametric 17th August 2011
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Today, Rolling Stone declared Emimen the "King Of Hip Hop" Introducing the King of Hip-Hop | Rolling Stone Music My...

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Bender412 17th August 2011
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April Fool.... heh jummpp diddlydoo

John Moran
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dbjp 17th August 2011
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I am new to this. But how do you connect monitors to the monitor outputs on the back of the mbox mini?

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deadtrick 17th August 2011
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like i have seen some solid state mics that say they replicate tube circuits and have a vintage tube sound, or even some that use...

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ddageek 17th August 2011
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Can anyone tell me what kind of speakers I see in various studios? They are small white cubed speakers, I believe they are either...

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jaredfmansfield 17th August 2011
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Ladies and Gents, I have recently rediscovered my love of small-ish Fender amps and clean Fender tones (not that it ever...

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Robert Sands 17th August 2011
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Do you feel fine tuned gates on drums can add some sense of power?

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Fezzle 17th August 2011
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Pretty cool for only 200 bucks! Two ch DI for less than one radial jdi...

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NateHissin 17th August 2011
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Hello, I'm looking to record guitars, but due to living concerns, I cant mic my cab for the next wee while. As a result, I've...

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drumdrum 16th August 2011
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hi I'm looking for a workhorse mid priced comp. I'm thinking about thesetwo. Is the GA 54 a good deal? Is noisy? Does the...

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kpbenoit 16th August 2011
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I have 2 RCA female jacks (ie: stereo output) I need to combine and send out via 1/8" stereo male for input into an...

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JayNYC 16th August 2011
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Hi all, just wanted to ask a probably noob question. On the hardware version of SPL Transient Designer 4, it has 4 XLR...

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Dan Korneff 16th August 2011
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Hi all, I run Pro Tools Le 8 and I have the Roland td 12 kit. I want to record using the midi out so that I can quantize the...

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Famudeedo 16th August 2011
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Another active monitors thread, but hopefully more analytical. Need a new set of monitors for really near-field (80-100 cm away)...

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Jomox 16th August 2011
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I just ordered McDSP's Classic Pack Native since they are running a special. I purchased it on their site. It tells me my license...

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kittonian 16th August 2011
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I can't find information on how to control parameters on 3rd party software synths in Pro Tools with my keyboard controller. I...

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hauntedclutter 16th August 2011
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Hey guys. Doing a mix on an SSL G tomorrow. Just had a quick question about bussing and how to patch. Say I wanted to bus all...

Bedlam Sound
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Bedlam Sound 16th August 2011
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Hey guys - I play in a band where I am trading off between electric guitar (strat) and keys (Nord electro 2, playing mostly piano...

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Aeolian 16th August 2011
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Hey there, I just picked up an AT 4047 via Ebay. Seller seems like a solid guy with a perfect rating though he said the mic had...

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mattqualls 16th August 2011
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Hi everyone, I turned on the gear this morning (Pro Tools 8.0.3, Mac, 192, apogee, rosendahl clock, pro control) and I got...

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Chiller 16th August 2011
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Hi guys, Doing a few days of recording in Brussels and my current dreadnought just isn't cutting it. Any nobody know of any...

Ol' Betsey
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Ol' Betsey 16th August 2011
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Anyone else having problems with the power amp of this powered monitor system? I had this replaced already, and had the...

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Tousana 16th August 2011
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been checking out some poly synth options in the sub 500 area. my vote is for the alesis ion. great sounding filters, easy to...

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bobbybass 16th August 2011
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Has anyone got any decent whooshes they could mail me? or at least some tips on how to make some on the nord? Thanks in...

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Beastie 16th August 2011
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Hey everyone. So I already record electric guitar and mic amps but I'm picking up my first bass guitar and I need advice. I'm...

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DeadPoet 16th August 2011
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Dear people, im searching for a di box for recording my bass. Its mostly a sandberg (jazz bass, musicman style) and i'm playing...

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camerondye 16th August 2011
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Hi Troops, I'm curious about something, I have my f/f 800 acting as a go between for my analogue desk and cubase 'multi track'...

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mrc 16th August 2011
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So how do you isolate different instruments, etc, to keep things clear in a mix yet preserve fullness? Any tips greatly...

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Bristol_Jonesey 16th August 2011
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Hi, I'm just wondering what usually happens when a producer finishes creating a production. Let's say the producer is working in...

Edward Shnapper
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Edward Shnapper 16th August 2011
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A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a Shure SM53 he had laying around. I found that mic to be very good sounding and kinda...

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doorknocker 16th August 2011
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I do not own a UAD Card so far So I can't try the Harrison 32c :( But in your opinion is there a plug-in substitute to...

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sebdj 16th August 2011
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So... anybody know Carl Newman's vocal chain? I'm sure it changes constantly, but I have a similar voice to him (sans lisp, that...

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TimS 16th August 2011
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I'm going to buy 2 Neve 1073LB's, 2 Neve 1073EQ's, 1 Inward Connections The brute and 1 Purple Action. I haven't decided about...

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chrisjones 16th August 2011
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If a source signal can be sent through a converter and the converted signal nulls with the source wouldn't that be as perfect as...

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Aaron Miller 16th August 2011
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Anyone have any information on what gear Desilu/Paramount studios used in the mid to late 60's for shows like the original Star...

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NathanEldred 16th August 2011
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Ok, I have been posting on this forum about two years. I have been in music since I was 4, that's 41 years!!! When I was in bands...

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dualflip 16th August 2011
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Hey, so lately I've been having an issue with my left side Yamaha HS80 monitor hissing slightly. The problem is that it's...

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ColinMakesTunes 16th August 2011
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Well, I'll try to explane... I've been watching a DVD of an unplugged of a famous group here in Spain and part of...

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Jose 16th August 2011
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I am thinking of getting into Video Post Production or Voiceover work and I am using a Logic 6.4.1 TDM Mix system. I have now set...

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puppee 16th August 2011
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The first tube inline after the XLR input on a GT Brick is the 6205 pentode tube (or mini-tube), right? All the ones online all...

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JLiRD808 16th August 2011
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bluechips 16th August 2011
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I'm looking for a solid state condenser mic that's fairly comprable to a Manley tube mic. Forgive me if this seems an impossible...

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ssiicckkoo 16th August 2011
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Hi all, first off, i apologize if this is not the right place. so hard to tell... anyway in this ****ty...

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cdog 16th August 2011
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I'm on my merry way recording, I was hoping to get some advice from you pro's... I like this guy's vocal style but I can't...

Deleted 6ccb844
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Deleted 6ccb844 15th August 2011
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Anyone care to venture an opinion on what compressor might have been used here? The Foundations - Now That I've Found You (1967)...

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abechap024 15th August 2011
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Hi all, I'm tossing up between buying a brand new Rega DAC or a second hand Chord DAC 64. The Chord is old but I hear they're...

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BadMagic 15th August 2011