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..Your own band when recording/mixing in your studio? What are your thoughts about this? I can´t really decide were I...

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jordanvoth 24th August 2011
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We have a lot of talk around here about which gear, gear usage, gear technique and it's great but we don't talk very often about...

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jordanvoth 24th August 2011
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Can anyone give me advice on what to choose between Genelec 8040 and YAMAHA HS80?

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jnorman 24th August 2011
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Hey... For music production purposes, (rock, pop, rnb) I'm searching for a classical Precision Bass. The typical P-Sound heard a...

Noise Commander
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[email protected] 24th August 2011
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Hi, although I've lurked quite a bit, it's come to that time where I must ask a question, so, here goes: (if this is in the wrong...

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drbob1 24th August 2011
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I studied electronics in college and have always loved electrical engineering I'm looking for a good sounding all in one kit for...

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frans 24th August 2011
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Budget 500€ Max, I need hammer action style, weighted Keyboard. I'm already set on the Yamaha P95, as it throws in built-in...

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djanogil 24th August 2011
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Hi all--I'm looking to buy a 6176 (about that, I'm certain, so please refrain from debating the pros and cons of this channel...

code green
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jfu222 24th August 2011
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Hi guys, Thought I would post this for anyone having the same issue. When I installed Pro Tools 9.0.5 Pro tools was stuck in...

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YULOGY 24th August 2011
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What are the exact potential practical risks from plugging an unterminated TRS lead into a phantom powered mic input? I realise...

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The Real MC 24th August 2011
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I am trying to get a drum sound similar to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's song "Weapon of Choice". To me it sounds...

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John_McEnroe 24th August 2011
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Hey Everyone, I come here as a long time casual reader, but first time poster. I recently got my hands on an RE-201 Space Echo,...

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KPTB 24th August 2011
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Last night I had a band come by with a session that I will be mixing. There sessions were all record at 88k. My set up I'd an...

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JustinFFTS 24th August 2011
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Hello Everyone I am after some super durable headphones with awesome sound quality that cover the whole ear, but aren't too...

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jpgerard 24th August 2011
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Hi All, There's a plentiful supply of threads discussing problems with the Profire Lightbridge by m-audio - no threads for...

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BowHouse 24th August 2011
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I'm on the lookout for a great VST delay, I'm currently using ohmboyz which is great, but kinda one trick pony. Kjaerhus is OK,...

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jjboogie 24th August 2011
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This tweeter comes from a JLB radiance 3-way speaker, is dead and i'd like rewiring it but those are not screws and i have no...

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omaroski 24th August 2011
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Hi all - hope I'm only slightly bending the AUP here...... I'm looking for old music tech magazines in English up to 1990 for...

Stephen Bennett
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Stephen Bennett 24th August 2011
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Just shot myself a small eela console on another forum - its an eela audio s191, the six channel version of the eela s100. ...

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yellowT 24th August 2011
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What's the easiest way of dealing with Latency when recording with Pro Tools 9 using my Firestudio Mobile? It's insane to me that...

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cianthreetimes 24th August 2011
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I want to get one of these old Yamaha amps for my NS10's. Just wondering if there's a difference in sound with the lesser powered...

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Vovin 24th August 2011
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There is a growly almost rubbery bass sound that goes through this track You can hear it on the song preview on I-Tunes. What...

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avpmusik 24th August 2011
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I recently won an auction for a large lot of audio equipment that had been involved in a house fire. None of the equipment was...

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MickeyMassacre 24th August 2011
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What is the weirdest, craziest vocal chain that you ever used and why? I think most of us have experimented or where forced to do...

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Bater 24th August 2011
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I have sort of a specific question with regards to using a specific combination of software and hardware to arrange a live show...

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lookitzpancakes 24th August 2011
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does anyone display cd's/albums that were worked on in your studio? i'm exploring options on how to do it, and have it look...

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oldeanalogueguy 24th August 2011
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Hi Guys, I've been using an RME FireFace UFX for a while (on loan), and I have two external processors I like to run existing...

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cavern 24th August 2011
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After doing some research I've decided to pickup a matched pair of Beyerdynamic MC930 mics to add to my little home studio...

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Whistlin' Pete 24th August 2011
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As the topic says.. Where to buy RMG SM468 1/4" tape in the U.K. SVS Media, The Professional Recording Media Distributor,...

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LoGiCa 24th August 2011
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I'm wondering if now that i treated my room, the bass build ups are lessened which results in me thinking that originally it had...

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Aeolian 24th August 2011
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title says it all. doesn't necessarily have to be 'electronic.' thanks. b

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bmsander 24th August 2011
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Hey Slutz, I'm looking for a nice little mini mixer, not too expensive. Main purpose will be for sorting out my in-ear...

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Aeolian 24th August 2011
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So, I installed a USB card into a Lynx Aurora 8 today. The USB card came in an anti-static bag that said to be sure you are...

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Aeolian 24th August 2011
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Hey guys, Heading to europe for a tour...need an amp and think renting might be a good option. Anyone know a good amp rental...

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remcokorporaal 24th August 2011
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So this is going to sounds really noob-ish..lol but, what EXACTLY are converters and what difference would good or bad ones make?...

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Unclenny 24th August 2011
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I can't believe I'm posting this but after searching sites / google and old gs threads I can't seem to find a quality glass...

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oulablank 23rd August 2011
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sound_music 23rd August 2011
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Working on picking up a compressor for 2-buss and Drum bus. I like character but since it will be my only compressor, too much...

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southshadow 23rd August 2011
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Hello, long time reader, first time posting. Im wondering if anyone can help me out with a problem im facing right now. I had to...

Chase Orion
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Chase Orion 23rd August 2011
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Hi everyone... i need help understanding eq freq ranges. Im not an educated engineer by any means i always use eq as it sounds...

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binarymilton 23rd August 2011
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A local studio here uses closed curcuit TV between the CR and Mic Room so that the artist and engineer can see eachother when...

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Indellable 23rd August 2011
Avatar for Im not Oscar

So I am on a system running an MBox2 Pro with a command 8. (Not my system just using it) The sound from Itunes is coming out...

Im not Oscar
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Im not Oscar 23rd August 2011
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Hi Guys, I just received my Mr 816 today, decided to replace my presonus firestudio mobile. I Know this might be a simple...

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Black Shadow 23rd August 2011
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Im looking for a pair of powered active studio monitors in $500 range that have balanced and unbalanced outputs (XLR,TRS,RCA)...

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Oddionut 23rd August 2011
Avatar for Status Flow

Hello, I do mainly Hip Hop/Rap vocals and I plan to be upgrading/buying new gear. When I started, I didn't know too much about...

Status Flow
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DCtoDaylight 23rd August 2011
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Hi guys, I've been recording my own voice at 24/96 for three years but because it's been taking too much space on my hard...

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mark007 23rd August 2011
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Hey guys, i'm in the process of upgrading my studio a bit, and looking at adding one really nice channel strip (prob the api...

on the run
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psycho_monkey 23rd August 2011
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I know e-cue (the Gearslut) talks about how he hates the phase shift on a Neve 1073. I was using one today to boost some of the...

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TimS 23rd August 2011
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I have never used an "AES I/O" port before. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to explain how I would use...

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llmonty 23rd August 2011
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Hey everybody. This is my first post on this forum although I've been lurking for a while (I usually find an answer here when I...

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djanogil 23rd August 2011