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I hope someone can help me a little. So I have a great river, api 512c running on a Rosetta 200 via FireWire using the monitoring...

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mattg082 5th May 2020
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Can someone throw some light on the British vs American style of mixing? I think I like the British style more – a lot of...

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Aktuba 5th May 2020
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I bought a 3U Audio GZ67 tube mic about two years ago, and it's been a nightmare. It sounds really good when working, but I've...

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Matti 5th May 2020
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I was wondering how much (if anything) I would gain by upgrading my m-audio profire 2626 to something more current. I'm mainly...

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Quai34philippe 5th May 2020
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Im looking for an analog recording console for under 1500 to track and potentially mix out of the box, i like the sound of the...

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Funksoulrubber 5th May 2020
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I'm sorry if this exact question has been answered, I tried searching for a bit but I just kept coming across either headphones...

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OolalavSuperfukk 5th May 2020
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Hey everyone... first post here after reading the forums for ages. I finally have a question that I couldn't find the answer to...

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Drumsound 5th May 2020
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Does anyone know any details about the recording of this cd? This is one of my all-time favorite cd's and my favorite hard...

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serialsurprise 5th May 2020
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So when pulling out my preamp unit which is right above my la2a it scratched a bit of the teletronix logo, i wish to remedy it...

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PdotDdot 5th May 2020
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Hi, i've got an old es14 which seems to be broken... It needs foam replacement and maybe cable/switch check.. I've found...

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Dr. Jule 4th May 2020
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Both of the two interfaces fit the bill in terms of I/O needs. Monitor A/B switching on the Orion is attractive but I could do...

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illsoulprod 4th May 2020
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Coldplay Parachutes- Acoustic Sound I know most of that record was recorded to tape, and without a lot of stuff on the way in. I...

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bambamboom 4th May 2020
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Please don't laugh, but I saw this article of pop singer Selena Gomez in her home recording with what looks like a really nice...

Chad Sterling
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Chad Sterling 4th May 2020
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So I want to start using outboard gear. I have a fair collection of outboard from my live sound days and I need to interface it...

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NathanEldred 4th May 2020
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I know there are many comparison request out there, but I have one more. I'm having a hard time deciding between the Audient...

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monkeyxx 4th May 2020
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I'm looking for some microphones. I don't know much about microphones myself so I need some advice. I'd like to live record full...

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Fredx2098 4th May 2020
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Hey Guys, I just picked up a little devil mic pre. There are a couple things I noticed and am not sure if that is normal...

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konradfounded 4th May 2020
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Hi everyone.... Just bought 2x64mb SIMM ram for my E-MU e6400 Ultra sampler. My problem is that the sampler only reports...

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magicbass 4th May 2020
Avatar for soundchemistry

So I recently fell in love with the UAD2 SPL Vitalizer MK2-T plugin. Across the mix buss this thing is amazing. Thats basically...

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ulises47 4th May 2020
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Hey All, I've gotten curious and decided I want to try running a rock mix through my old Soundcraft EPM8 just to see what I...

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sirjuxtable 4th May 2020
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Just received an Eventide H3000S and a few things seem odd: 1) channel input 1 works on its own and channels 1 and 2 work to...

Cosmic Artistry
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boombipbass 4th May 2020
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Just wondering if anyone has used these preamps and can comment on how they compare. I currently run an AT4047 through a DAV...

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Carabinerx 4th May 2020
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Hi all. I was wondering if i could take 10-15 minutes of your time to help with my final year university project? kfhkh The...

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Ry_Heath 4th May 2020
Avatar for nomoreflakes

Can anyone recommend a decent PSU to replace my broken PSU for a Portico 5043? Needs to be up to 5A and 12V. Many...

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nomoreflakes 4th May 2020
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Hello guys, how are you doing today? Just like you I love to look for some obscure cheap and good sounding stuff. Today my post...

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ChateauVergogne 4th May 2020
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Hey guys, haven’t been on this site in years, Anyways, back in my teens I use to record music but I hated the quality of the...

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Janne19691 4th May 2020
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Dexter Hexedrine 4th May 2020
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Hello everybody, my first post here.. So i'm looking forward to get a new analog mixer for my home studio. I would like to...

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ganesha99 4th May 2020
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Hi all I had a Shure sm7B for recording vocals but it didn't really suit my voice and I also found its sensitivity too low so...

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min3008 4th May 2020
Avatar for Algabron

Hello everyone. Im thinking about buying stereo pair Small Diaphragm and based on my research I've come to the conclusion that it...

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thismercifulfate 4th May 2020
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Would the mixing engineers of (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, by Oasis be using limiters across the mix to get masters to -5...

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psycho_monkey 4th May 2020
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Hi! Long time lurker on here but this is my first time posting. I've been going through Studio Ghibli making-of documentaries and...

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Matti 4th May 2020
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Lots of new wonderfull and expencive monitors coming, I just found these in a more realistic price range ( for me ), anyone heard...

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andym. 4th May 2020
Avatar for Carabinerx

Im on the hunt for a new vocal preamp and have not been having any luck. I need something that is as smooth and flattering in the...

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drBill 4th May 2020
Avatar for miqer

I came across this artist Victor Rice: MySpace.com - Victor Rice - São Paulo, SP - Reggae / Dub / Ska -...

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Ricey 4th May 2020
Avatar for mr.nothing

Hi there! I'm looking for a correct setup to achieve good monitoring in my home studio. The thing is that while recoring my...

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popmann 3rd May 2020
Avatar for Johnbarnesiii

Hey guys, I’m looking for opinions... Neumann TLM 102 vs Warm Audio WA-87? I purchased a wa-87 recently and after trying...

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Johnbarnesiii 3rd May 2020
Avatar for ToneAlive

Turned on my system today to find my AD16x power light blinking and the thing won’t power up. Any fix for this for this or is...

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ToneAlive 3rd May 2020
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Completely useless post here. I need to mail a few items. 1 Rack Units. Normally when I mail I have left over boxes so it's...

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henryrobinett 3rd May 2020
Avatar for the dice

hello hello, I just found 3 shure sm77, they look like 57's but smaller. I just tested them and I dig their sound. There is...

the dice
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gundula 3rd May 2020
Avatar for jimhenry

i brought my tascam out of the basement to transfer DAT tapes to a hard drive. i got the error 1 message and replaced the belt. ...

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sparkyj 3rd May 2020
Avatar for Bobby Decay

I've been messing with dual mic'ing my guitar cab, specifically with a Shiny Box ribbon and a Beyer 201 combined. I really...

Bobby Decay
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Bobby Decay 3rd May 2020
Avatar for mikoo69

Watched the Jacquire King video on micing acoustics from universal audio. He used a KM184 and 67. Vance Powell uses a similar...

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toledo3 3rd May 2020
Avatar for EasyToAssemble

I'm wondering if any UK users here have bought used gear from Japan?. In your experence, what was the condition of the gear...

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Bushman 3rd May 2020
Avatar for hobson

for our (4) 512c API pre's - the studio purchased (4) Shure A15AS in-line pads to use on the output of the pre's. i've (pretty...

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kurdt 3rd May 2020
Avatar for James Lugo

I'd love to see how everyone is setting up their studio desks and what you guys are using ie all keyboard/trackball, control...

James Lugo
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Avatar for Monteiro
Monteiro 3rd May 2020
Avatar for Pchicago

Im looking for a passive monitor controller for my system..im using Apogee Rosettas..need a monitor controller that doesn't run...

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theblue1 3rd May 2020
Avatar for joshay3000

Foraying into the world of outboard and looking for a 2-channel compressor which would mainly be used for tracking. Something...

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Luckyd77 3rd May 2020
Avatar for danu1997

Hey everyone, so I'm buying my first pair of monitors for my bedroom home studio and had a few questions to ask. Firstly I'll...

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theblue1 3rd May 2020
Avatar for Raleigh

Hello... I’m just curious if anyone can give me some tips on purchasing a vintage mixing board. I’ve been seeing a lot of...

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Raleigh 3rd May 2020