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Thinking of picking up an excellent condition (well, except for the one following issue) Otari 5050 B-2HD (ser: 78003215 H,...

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fooddude 21st November 2011
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I have a question about the Art Voice Channel. I noticed it has ADAT in/out. I have a Digidesign 192 I/O interface and I was...

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awhitebeats 21st November 2011
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Team, I can seem to find a spacer/extender to add to my stereo mic bar so that I can have one mic over the other for proper...

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Laker2611 21st November 2011
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Hi all, I bought a sixties combo organ, form the Philicorda brand. it has internal speaker(s?). would you consider miking...

paperback writer
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paperback writer 21st November 2011
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I have been playing with a minimal mic set-up trying to capture a more open and deep drum sound. I know alot of guys suggest...

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MicDaddy 21st November 2011
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The Deluxe Reverb seems to have a good reputation for taking pedals, both the vintage and reissue versions. Considering getting...

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drbob1 21st November 2011
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Hi everybody, if we have a look to different reverb (hardware /plug-ins) we realize there are reverbs for lots of instruments...

Red Baron
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Red Baron 21st November 2011
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Line mixers seem more like a marketing scheme to me than anything. I've heard the shootouts, but I'm skeptical, especially when...

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BillSimpkins 21st November 2011
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All in the title I suppose! Love some feedback from anyone who has had these made, preferably in Ireland..... 1)What is the sort...

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lolalola 21st November 2011
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I've got like a million compressor plugins, I actually have no idea why I bought them all, I'm really only using one or two of...

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LSD-Studio 21st November 2011
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sorry i dont have any to share, but was hoping to see a thread with videos of new or old or cool gear seen at aes 2011... Feel...

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Jules 21st November 2011
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We are looking to replace some of the Roland V-Drum pads at work (we have several TD-8 kits). Would PD-7 pads work fine? As they...

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Tommuel 21st November 2011
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Background: I began music making all in the box with ableton (electronic music). After a couple years found this to be rather...

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tonnu 21st November 2011
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I have to decide between: -Martinsound Multimax EX + MonitorMax -Dangerous ST + SR The idea is to have a setup that allows for...

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davi 21st November 2011
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It doesnt matter how much time I spend trying to place it just right , it always just sounds like a dull thud. I got frustrated...

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bee 21st November 2011
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hi all, i've got a question regarding the copyright of a recording. here's a scenario i'm trying to understand the legalities...

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oldeanalogueguy 21st November 2011
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To give some background...I have been making hip hop instrumentals for about 10 years or so. I was doing a bit of recording here...

3rd Degree
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oldeanalogueguy 21st November 2011
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I have to give Beesneez credit. I had a bad experience with an Arabella Studio series mic with a noise problem which was sent...

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Greg B 21st November 2011
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Thinking about adding summing and more eq's to my arsenal but which way would you guys suggest? Route A: (Summing) Speck...

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Mr. Light 21st November 2011
Avatar for serious

yea title says it all, still pawning over new mics, think until my cupboard is full i will always be diddlydoo I do love buying...

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jchas 21st November 2011
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Hi, it's late but I cannot sleep, so I will dare and make this -stupid?- question: Do you remember in stereo? I'm pretty sure...

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Liquid360 21st November 2011
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I have a macbook pro + focusrite saffire pro14 + KRK Rokit 5's and when I have more than two tabs open my monitors crackle...

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musicandme 21st November 2011
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So bad news for me. There is something I need to finish tracking vox on and time is not exactly on my hands. The craddel (shock...

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oldeanalogueguy 21st November 2011
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ok i relize that the 2 outside speakers might be "B" speakers and the 2 inside speakers might be the "A"...

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3rd Degree 21st November 2011
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Hey all. Been a while since I posted. I'm trying to work a summing mixer into my set up. I think I have it sorted out, but wonder...

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Pasta4lnch 21st November 2011
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Hi. Been reading about different studio monitors for a while now as I'm looking to buy some. Anyway, I was reading the...

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bastawa 21st November 2011
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The only stereo set of mics that i have right now are 2 AT2020s, im looking to make a bit of an upgrade but in total would still...

Deleted User
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thepilgrimsdream 21st November 2011
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I can't figure it out... here's a vid. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Aubrey Plaza, Part 1 (5/6/11) - Video - NBC.com

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MannyTheAvatar 21st November 2011
Avatar for Kenny Gioia

What if bands created their own sonic picture... I had this idea that I thought might be interesting. I know it's nothing new...

Kenny Gioia
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decocco 21st November 2011
Avatar for mikeshep

Monitor choice dillemma. Can you help me decide? K, here's what I have narrowed the field down to right now -Yamahas (no sub)...

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mikeshep 21st November 2011
Avatar for souldesertion

what do you guys think of these models? what are the differences? and also how do they compare to one another? deciding which to...

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3rd Degree 21st November 2011
Avatar for Flymax

Anyone ever do a comparison? Best D/A? Been using my phone as a music player and getting ready to get a new phone. Android...

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daveybasso 20th November 2011
Avatar for mattjhuber

Okay...help me! I have a friend with a ton of keyboard gear, and he needs help getting all of them to work together with Logic....

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Kiwi 20th November 2011
Avatar for guittarzzan

I'm going to pick up some computer speakers for my recording computer to A/B with my monitors and just looking for some...

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fastlanestoner 20th November 2011
Avatar for Lights

I am a self-produced song writer with a small project studio and I have a small problem. I have a very simple setup: PC...

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theblue1 20th November 2011
Avatar for passname

Hey So I'm looking into buying a new synth. Right now my main board is a Juno G, so i'm looking for something ANALOG, with...

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code green 20th November 2011
Avatar for EddieTheRed

Current rig: iMac (quad 3.4GHZ i7, 16GB RAM) Pro Tools 10 + CPTK 2 + plenty of plugs Steinberg MR816x EL-8 Distressor...

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cinealta 20th November 2011
Avatar for Mikey V

First off, I'd like to say Hi to everyone. I'm new to this forum, but I'm sure it'll be extremely helpful. Alright, so my...

Mikey V
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Mikey V 20th November 2011
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

Ok, let's do it. I inquired about this maybe 6 months ago, and didn't find anyone doing it, but I know it's quite doable, so I'd...

Ain't Nobody
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Avatar for Apollo Soul
Apollo Soul 20th November 2011
Avatar for Shannon Adkins

In the summer, I keep a dehumidifier running constantly in my finished basement studio when I'm not recording. It works great......

Shannon Adkins
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Shannon Adkins 20th November 2011
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I was perusing an online retail site selling analog mixers I about went crazy when I saw the allen and heath. I mean it looks...

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alligator 20th November 2011
Avatar for vaesion

How can you achieve a million dollar sound with out a million to spend:) I bet I could take it to a a million dollar studio! ...

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12ax7 20th November 2011
Avatar for weyhjordan

how different are a7 from the a7x's and how different are the a5x's from either? im looking for something to compliment my...

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avrinder 20th November 2011
Avatar for jrp

I wonder what to try. I am doing this production right now. It has a jazz bassdrum that really sings, a really deep indian tabla...

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[email protected] 20th November 2011
Avatar for el_gato

I just received one today but the packaging was very poor and it looks like if it wasn't handled very carefully in the shipping,...

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el_gato 20th November 2011
Avatar for Indellable

I just upgraded my interface to an RME FF800. I currently run my vocals through a Focusrite Voicemaster Platinum Pro. I know they...

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mcgruff 20th November 2011
Avatar for rolo

sup slutz. I bought an mx5050iii 8 track 1/2 inch recorder yesterday for $150 from a local studio. It sat by their sony dmx...

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Avatar for Shams
Shams 20th November 2011
Avatar for tank1978

Current Set up MacPro 8Core Focusrite saffire Pro 40 Powercore x8 Uad Satellite Liquid Mix VCC Many Plugins (more than I care...

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tank1978 20th November 2011
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I guess a lot of people here on gearslutz really dont appreciate this guy, sure he is not that technical.. But his melos are off...

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Voyage.One 20th November 2011
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Hi all Was wondering if any of you ever used (using) G Raid drives? From these guys:G-TECHNOLOGY, Product Line - External,...

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Avatar for UPRYZ
UPRYZ 20th November 2011