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Hi, I thought to drop thread here, as this is more 'busy' subforum then mastering one, here is thread...

Red Mastering
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Red Mastering 1st December 2011
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I am about to run a THD hotplate on my Fender Super Reverb Reissue. The attenuator didn't really come with any good instructions...

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weyhjordan 1st December 2011
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Hey everyone, I'm really starting to want a console for my studio but have to be honest, I have never used one. I really love...

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anemicrock 1st December 2011
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Can anyone identify the mics used on the guitar in this video? thanks in advance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5zYY_LsUfQ

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broccolirobert 1st December 2011
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Hello, I just Bought a Mk012 MSP6 pair, and I have a doubt regarding the freq sheet, I'm not quite sure how to read the three...

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distante 1st December 2011
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I did check previous threads but the power issue was never really answered. I have the original BX10 which I use live at small...

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RD57 1st December 2011
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Good hype man, I can't wait to hear this. ?uestlove on the new D'Angelo album with him and Pino Palladino on it: "The...

brill bedroom
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soulata 1st December 2011
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Hi! I am using these monitors for two years already. My feel of these monitors is somewhat mixed. I would like to share some...

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Tube World 1st December 2011
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The manual for my Studer B67 tape recorder is a masterpiece in swiss engineering documentation, and lists almost every screw in...

peter plessas
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peter plessas 1st December 2011
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So I've been talking to a few colleagues in the business and have heard several suggestions on buying gear individually opposed...

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theblue1 1st December 2011
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I know they are great sounding machines, but am I going to be dealing with a maintenance hog? I don't know much about keeping...

Matt Grondin
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chet.d 1st December 2011
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Norway is an extremly expensive country. I'm having a hard time dealing with the insane pricing on pro audio gear. Let me give...

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erikdrink 1st December 2011
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I have 2 Coles 4038s, though I am interested in experimenting with recording drums in Mono (maybe with stereo room mics - i have...

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brill bedroom 1st December 2011
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What do you good people use ? I constantly have an urge to get more monitors ... must stop ! I got 5 sets ... Adam S4X-H, ...

mac black
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tomdarude 1st December 2011
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I'm looking to invest in a live sound rig, and I've been looking into tons of speakers especially ones for a cheap price. I came...

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silentsky 1st December 2011
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alright guys! im going to be working on recording some local acts performing live in a little local studio as a promotional...

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glennyb 1st December 2011
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I'm connecting my RME Multiface with a Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 A/D/A converter using the S/PDIF connectors of the...

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silentsky 1st December 2011
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Anyone compared the two? I have gotten great results with a 4033 and En-Voice on my voice. So I thought the 4047 at least be a...

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Tube World 1st December 2011
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I'm doing some stuff for a church and they're very specific about mic placement for the organ. Basicly I need to get a pair of...

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Matti 1st December 2011
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Run DMC, Beastie Boys Studio Buys New Space With Private Equity - Bloomberg.com Run DMC, Beastie Boys Studio Buys New...

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DIGI ENT 1st December 2011
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Hey there.. I am torn between these 2 monitors.. I am due to upgrade from my krk rp 8 g2's but really am not unsure.. I have...

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Kyle_PL 1st December 2011
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When I am not working on my own productions I work for a community outreach program, introducing music performance and production...

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ReubenTobias 1st December 2011
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I'm curious, since we're in the process of doing all of our paperwork. How many of you run your studios as formal corporations?

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John Suitcase 1st December 2011
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I use Guitar Rig 5 and impulses for recording and it sounds pretty good, but I'd love to record a real amp with an SM57 to get...

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FFTT 1st December 2011
Avatar for boomer81

Don't know where to start for this what brand etc. I know it's mostly the player. I would like something good. Don't want to deal...

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kerouac 1st December 2011
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Worked a couple of weeks ago at a place where they used some racked Lawo Mic Pre's for drums, the resulting sound was very...

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bigbongo 1st December 2011
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hey guyz, the coles 4040 finally arrived cooge I have made a few tests, as a mono overhead, I like the overall sound but I...

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mikante 1st December 2011
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Hi all, I recently got a loan of a SM7b and am loving this thing...on the right vocalist of course! I'm going to get one myself...

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parlopower 1st December 2011
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Trying to figure out what mics Dave Grohl is using during the making of the last Foos album. It's for a vocal part on a song...

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unit13 1st December 2011
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No explanation needed...One liners appreciated. I know it depends on many variables...but if a gun was to your head and you had...

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Blues10 1st December 2011
Avatar for Devon8822

Recording two acoustic guitarists at once, I am thinking it would be cool to have them facing each other, and with the mics...

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Outlaw Hans 1st December 2011
Avatar for recky

Hi folks, I'm getting married in July 2012 and, being a musician and studio owner, I do not want to leave the live music planning...

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recky 1st December 2011
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I have been tearing out my hair for something like 18 hours on this and I could really use some help. I have the Motu 896hd and...

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jinksdingo 1st December 2011
Avatar for George Necola

Will report back soon. Solid speakers, lowend a lot better then on any previous focal speaker. Midrange is relaxed (altough you...

George Necola
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nicolas debard 1st December 2011
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Hey all, Got another production coming up. Dutch stoner guys, heavy stuff. They don't want to record in a studio, instead...

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vaas 1st December 2011
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Hey guys I've found that every often I come up whith a new break through in mixing which makes me feel I've finally found the...

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bee 1st December 2011
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Got the pro tools 10 cross-grade; Avid sent me a link upgrade, and after i started in 10 now the midii audio didn't bounce out...

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evilberg 1st December 2011
Avatar for cravenmonket

Any idea what mics are being used here? Sort of looks like a pair of NT-1As on Ryan's guitar, but I can't figure out the LDC...

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Matti 1st December 2011
Avatar for risemymuffins

Just bought it but have heard there's a lot of fakes around. Thanks for any...

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flinty 1st December 2011
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Does anyone know which power supply i need for this console? Is it the pw1500 or the pw1500b? And do you know any good places to...

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mapexman07 1st December 2011
Avatar for gouge

am hoping i can get some opions on the differences between these 2 compressors. i'm looking to add another dual/stereo comp to...

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yotonic 1st December 2011
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I'm listening to this album right now, and so far I really like it. It doesn't seem to be pushing ground in entirely new...

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warrenmusic 1st December 2011
Avatar for lolalola

I've an Epiphone Valve Senior. I've been hearing about the Fender Mustang iii. Now, I can't try one out as my local music store...

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lolalola 1st December 2011
Avatar for andychamp

I am currently between studios and won't be recording or mixing again before Christmas week at the earliest. I catch myself...

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Avatar for boomer81
boomer81 1st December 2011
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bensaddiction 1st December 2011
Avatar for jourdan11

I noticed alot of people removing extra windscreen from lcd's to open the sound up?The ksm 32 has 3 screens and was wondering if...

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PDC 1st December 2011
Avatar for Laker2611

Team, I'm currently using Guitar Rig 4 for my amps when recording because of the classic noise/neighbors issue + not having...

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Laker2611 1st December 2011
Avatar for Henrychowmix

Hey guys - I'm a long time lurker, first time poster... I've got the JBL LSR-4300 series in 5.1 connected via AES/EBU - I...

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Henrychowmix 1st December 2011
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I have this really neat custom upright gold mica and copper mirrored piano. To hear it correctly when you play it the...

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StarfishMusic 1st December 2011
Avatar for Ross H

Loaded Slate FX-G mastering plug in. Loads fine, sounds fine, but when I "X" out of the plug to hide it back in the...

Ross H
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Avatar for drBill
drBill 1st December 2011