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Off the cuff at AES 2011 in NYC, David Reitzas mentioned the following regarding the Maag Audio PREQ4 and EQ4 500 Series...

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maagaudio 16th December 2011
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Looking to get my first eq for a lunchbox and trying to decide between these two eq's. The air band seems interesting but I feel...

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maagaudio 16th December 2011
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Embarrassed to ask but time is short and ...you should never forsake learning even at the expense of feeling slightly stupid...

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Sanchez 16th December 2011
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It's a start I guess. For anyone interested anyway rude studio - Paul McCartney

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NeoHippy 16th December 2011
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My usual go-to vocal reverb is the EMT140 plate IR in altiverb. I love it and it works just about all the time. However, i'm...

Chris Parsons
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NeoHippy 16th December 2011
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peepee 16th December 2011
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Hi, I'm new here and I'm not sure if it's the right subforum or not. Anyway... I'm looking for a recording interface for my...

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ginterh 16th December 2011
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Greetings. Planning a studio upgrade in the fall. Looking at grabbing B&W 805 monitors, and need an amp to chain them...

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O.F.F. 16th December 2011
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For those of you that use MANY hardware inserts, how do you manage the patching. For instance (in PT HD), do you set up each...

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original_min 16th December 2011
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Hi guyz! I'm looking for a playback device for live perfomances with backing tracks and click for the drummer.... I need...

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Purple 16th December 2011
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It's a small console, portable with stand. Has about 10-11 channels I think. Looks like kind of a cheapy, but is it a goody at...

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John Eppstein 16th December 2011
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I just stumbled upon a link of great studio photography/design. I thought I'd share with everyone and cause you all to rethink...

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sineborg 16th December 2011
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A lot of guys were asking what the electricity cost per month was with my console. The increase never seemed noticeable in LA but...

James Lugo
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cinealta 16th December 2011
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After staying out of the argument, I ran across some old cassettes from about 13 years ago. When listening, I rediscovered a few...

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NYMo 16th December 2011
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Hi all. what are the best websites to keep up to date with the newest synths, newest software synths, also list of awards...

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Deleted d78e603 16th December 2011
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I just came across a Palmer adig speaker soak box and have a question about impedance. The Palmer only has an 8 ohm speaker input...

Knob Tweak
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Knob Tweak 16th December 2011
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I've sworn to myself that I wouldn't buy another synth. I already have several real analogs including the Alesis Andromeda, and I...

Rufuss Sewell
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duffcat 16th December 2011
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Which one of these is your favorite for tracking male vocals ( rock, loud but with quiet/detailed passages too) and for some...

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Tomiboy 16th December 2011
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Hey is there any active members out there using the fw1082? I have had mine for about 5 years or so and I don't think I have...

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jakethus 16th December 2011
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I've quantized and edited drums before successfully using beat detective but non were this aggressive post hardcore session im...

Joshua phonic
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Spanzor 16th December 2011
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K so I came across two Stanton T.52 turntables. I think all I need is a mixer to get them running. question: What are some...

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K-Ryss 16th December 2011
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I read such a good article on the web the other day that absolutely tore apart "Beats By Dr. Dre: Beats Audio" for the...

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DECBEATS 16th December 2011
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Hi all. Been lurking here for a few years, and finally registered. I currently have a fairly simple set up. Shure ksm44,...

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Unclenny 16th December 2011
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I tried out the waves gold bundle awhile ago and was happy with what I heard, but I've also not had a lot of experience with...

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Lactose 15th December 2011
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the sax player in my band is exploring a purchase of a vocal harmonizer or chorus or octive doubler for making his sound more...

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edgarbc1 15th December 2011
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I have an Otari MTR-12 - when calibrating at 15 ips with my MRL test tape, I set 1k -3dB repro gain 10k -3dB repro gain but...

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Ben B 15th December 2011
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I was reading this studio build thread, when I noticed these custom made racks. Does anybody mass produce these almost...

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Jason West 15th December 2011
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im thinking about getting this mic at best buy since its nice and ive just started getting into writing rap music and making...

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dudders 15th December 2011
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I posted this in the Electronic Music forum, but it was suggested that I repost it here to hopefully get some input from some...

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rainmaker 15th December 2011
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I bought this mic due to MusiciansFriend's deal on it. I did some testing today, and found that I have to crank to gain way up...

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Lenzo 15th December 2011
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Hi all Long story short: tracked an album, used different studios, did some heavy editing on the drums on one track, now a...

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jonathan jetter 15th December 2011
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I`ve been eyeing the Waves SSL bundle for some time now. I have noticed that every time Waves has a sale, the SSL bundle is the...

Ernest Buckley
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Jacamar 15th December 2011
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An Amplifier That’s Quantum Quiet An exotic new amplifier might be quiet enough for quantum computing An Amplifier...

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S2udio 15th December 2011
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I have a Focusrite pro 40 interface and whenever i set its buffersize to 1024 it wont play. works pretty well at 512. any ideas...

Tops Cut oFF
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StereoSteve 15th December 2011
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Making of "The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up" in Ableton by Jim Pavloff - YouTube

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filipv 15th December 2011
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Well last night I saw a new band on Letterman - Wild Flag. They did a song called “Romance” and I thought it was quite good. ...

Ron Obvious
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theblue1 15th December 2011
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My band recorded some demos on an 8 Track Otari MX5050. We are going to release them as a limited run of Cassettes. I haven't...

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mikoo69 15th December 2011
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Does anyone have a good supplier to suggest or any general geeky type stuff to interject for me? I also need to replace Q59 I...

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dualflip 15th December 2011
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Weird? heh I hear a lot of people these days take photos of their console/outboard gear for recalls, rather than writing...

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SDB_12 15th December 2011
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Hey guys, So I'm currently running PT 8 HD and will eventually move up to PT 10. I need to purchase an external firewire...

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DigitalVictim 15th December 2011
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You know, not on the beater side, but the other side. The place where (3 times out of 5) somebody puts a FET 47, and where (the...

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shrimpbait 15th December 2011
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(Note: I've had a response from SSL about this, but as it's an urgent issue, I'd like to see if any Slutz have encountered this...

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divingduck 15th December 2011
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Hey Slutz. I spent 3 hours today trying to achieve the deep, fat, amazing sound of the dubstep bass that comes in right at 1:24...

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mattyc 15th December 2011
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Hi. I am looking at my first set of monitors. While I do want decent/non distorted playback, I mainly want these for just...

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Lyncaster 15th December 2011
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Hey everyone. I am working in Logic Pro using the Amp Designer to make a pop punk EP. I have been working with the Sunshine...

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Dunnzilla123 15th December 2011
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I've searched for a thread like this, but haven't really found one. It seems as though everyone wants your opinion, but if you...

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Poirier812 15th December 2011
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Deleted 37a7726 15th December 2011
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Hey, I am looking for a simple input device that I can use to input real-time drum patterns into Sonar X1. I would prefer...

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Kaoz 15th December 2011
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Hello guys!!! I've been assigned at my university to think of some fictional or hypothetical vst or vsti from the future, but...

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Kaoz 15th December 2011
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Hey kfhkh I recently downloaded some awesome snare samples from here which i was really impressed with. I asked the guy how...

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martin7475 15th December 2011