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Maybe this should go in the "Things you should know by now ..." thread but I've noticed several pics/videos/instances...

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audiotech 20th December 2011
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Hi I am about to buy some monitors again having sold my previous monitors when living in a flat, now moving back to a detached...

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Tom Hakala 20th December 2011
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I've got a band coming in this weekend and the band have decided to try a couple of songs using a late 60-70s drum sound. Best...

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aROCKER 20th December 2011
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Revenue Streams for Artists and Bands in Today's File-Sharing Music Industry Survey Please complete my survey ^ it wont take...

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scarlettslaney 20th December 2011
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Hi. I have a simple question regarding the use of a DI box. Which of the following setups will result in the least possible...

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Fish Guts 20th December 2011
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This little box seems to deal with most of what I throw at it, but I want to know if it will also work as a suitable DI for a...

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ReubenTobias 20th December 2011
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running a protools hd2 rig and a soundcraft ghost wondering the best way to run headphones through this system need up to 4 at...

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63hz 20th December 2011
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I've been looking for a cheap secondhand console to put in my writing room for a while because I wanted to do some ruff mixes in...

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rjbguitars 20th December 2011
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Ive had this issue on earlier version of Pro Tools as well: after duplicating or looping an audio clip, the duplicated version...

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iz_thewiz 20th December 2011
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I have sunk plenty of coin into nice plugins, but nice outboard has always been a bit out of my reach. Is it necessary to have it...

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jam92189 20th December 2011
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Opeth & Steven Wilson - making of Damnation & Deliverance - YouTube At 0:47. It looks like a Nord of some kind.. its...

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LimeDisciple 20th December 2011
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Hi, Has anyone had any experience with these? I'm wondering which would give me a bigger FOH sound - 2x JBL EON...

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dickiefunk 20th December 2011
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i have a scarlet 8i6 and im going out tomorrow to buy a lexicon mx-200 or mp-200 forgot the exact name ( reverb/delay) it has...

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daveybasso 20th December 2011
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Are there any available without this popping noise when they are powered up or down? taking out cables would be impractical and...

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Kaoz 20th December 2011
Avatar for Tops Cut oFF

Shure SE215 Dynamic Microdriver Earphones: Shop Pro Audio & Other Musical Instruments | Musician's Friend think i'll...

Tops Cut oFF
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drwiener 20th December 2011
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Based on recommendation I bought one of the discontinued mics on Ebay. Here's what it sounds...

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soundgun 20th December 2011
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I just got Altiverb and I am a little bit confused at how it works as far as stereo and mono reverb works. So I have the option...

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Devon8822 20th December 2011
Avatar for n2design

When I record a midi track, and then later change the tempo it changes my recorded midi to sync at the new tempo, but Id rather...

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n2design 20th December 2011
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Interesting article some of you might like. BBC News - Secrets of pop success revealed, scientists claim

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AcoosticZoo 20th December 2011
Avatar for honeypiestudios

I've had an Altec gathering dust in my rack for a year now and want to fix it or sell it. anyone know someone who can fix it? ...

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MrMegaEli 20th December 2011
Avatar for IVIaverick52

Let's look at "upper low-end" analogue mixing boards (be them live or studio based) and pick which might have the best...

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Avatar for Tomiboy
Tomiboy 20th December 2011
Avatar for shamanrock

Hi I have a Honeytone mini amp just for practising and for 20 bucks plus tax I think it sounds great! Danelectro Honeytone...

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shamanrock 20th December 2011
Avatar for Harris

I'm helping a professional musician friend spend some money on studio gear before the end of the year. He needs to track a whole...

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Harris 20th December 2011
Avatar for Tiamig

Does anybody have one of these ? I got one recently but I'm having a really big issue with the volume of this thing! I can only...

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Tiamig 20th December 2011
Avatar for djreflexion

I've seen videos where engineers are tracking vocals and the artist is recording a few bars at a time and the engineer is...

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Avatar for Roger More
Roger More 20th December 2011
Avatar for cameronf

So I bought a Mackie 24 / 8 today. I am really enjoying it, its my first mixer and im kinda new to the game... I bought it used...

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Avatar for RightOnRome
RightOnRome 20th December 2011
Avatar for Sim

I have three. I used one for rehearsals about a year ago and before that maybe two years ago in rehearsals. I have a sm57 and 2...

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caorach 20th December 2011
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prologicmusic 20th December 2011
Avatar for 121840

I've just been reading through old threads for a long while and there isn't much written/posted about the SE Electronics RNR1... ...

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cmartins10 20th December 2011
Avatar for Amzeekle

Hey folks, Just wanted to field a question to y'all about a live set up I want to sort out. The idea is I will be using...

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Avatar for Amzeekle
Amzeekle 20th December 2011
Avatar for rockman413

Trying to get a 5.1 monitor for film orchestra music production...

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Avatar for dkelley
dkelley 20th December 2011
Avatar for Dunnzilla123

I am mixing drums and my tracks have some serious mic bleed. I am working in Logic Pro and I was wondering if there is a plug-in...

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Avatar for FreshSkweez
FreshSkweez 20th December 2011
Avatar for usinjin

Hello all, So I'm fairly new to recording and I have a pretty inexpensive setup. I'm using a single mic, a Studio Projects B1,...

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Avatar for Etch-A-Sketch
Etch-A-Sketch 19th December 2011
Avatar for Sad Iron Studio

I'm very seriously considering the R16, but I'm wondering if anyone has compared the pres of the other Zed mixers against the...

Sad Iron Studio
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Avatar for PeteJames
PeteJames 19th December 2011
Avatar for Chris Parsons

Flame suit is on.... The drums on that tune are epic! How did they do it? Metal plate on the kick? Samples? What's the...

Chris Parsons
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Avatar for Waltz Mastering
Waltz Mastering 19th December 2011
Avatar for QuadWing

Nothing too technical, but I'm wondering how one would pull this out, logistically. So the goal here is to keep everything nice...

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Avatar for Draytone
Draytone 19th December 2011
Avatar for lynngraber

Was thinking about getting a 2bus LT. Although I have bought one before and ended up taking it back. Don't get me wrong, it...

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lynngraber 19th December 2011
Avatar for Plexihead

Hey guys, I'm looking at some 500 series eq's for personal/band use and am going for a 70's rock feel, Led...

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Avatar for bgrotto
bgrotto 19th December 2011
Avatar for anemicrock

Looks like the Wunder CM7 but can't be sure? It's bugging me now and have to ask.

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anemicrock 19th December 2011
Avatar for Musician

I saw a music documentary of folk music being recorded on the spot using some condensers with some red-white coloured logo with...

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joeq 19th December 2011
Avatar for Turdadactyl

So this should probably be in the "questions you should know the answer to" thread, but here goes anyway... I have a...

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Avatar for Turdadactyl
Turdadactyl 19th December 2011
Avatar for Intalik

I was wondering if anyone out there with a DMX-R100 has had the same experience as us. Mics plugged directly into the mic...

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Avatar for Intalik
Intalik 19th December 2011
Avatar for thronechild

Its a vintage looking mic with a 3 way adjustment on the back, marked H M L. Has a regular 1/4 jack. Found it on craigslist. I...

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Avatar for thronechild
thronechild 19th December 2011
Avatar for soultrappa

Hi Sluts, Just wondering if anyone can help with this - i have had an email from N.I offering Traktor Pro free if bought with...

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Avatar for soultrappa
soultrappa 19th December 2011
Avatar for Deleted e777837

I am Finally starting to get my TWO PM1000 modules up and running. These INTERNATIONAL POWER- power supplies may fit the...

Deleted e777837
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Deleted e777837 19th December 2011
Avatar for REX

Hey guys I have searched the Steve Jordan threads. Can anyone recommend a sample kit they have found that comes "close"...

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Avatar for henge
henge 19th December 2011
Avatar for sventvkg

K guys. We did our first summing experiment out of Pro Tools stemmed into a Dangerous 2 bus. Stemmed the Snare/BD mono, rest of...

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Avatar for FreshSkweez
FreshSkweez 19th December 2011
Avatar for CrimeScene

Hey my MAGIC frequency on adding bass to kick drums and bass guitar is 35hz. It rounds out that deep bass and makes everything...

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Avatar for frans
frans 19th December 2011
Avatar for cchord59

I'm looking for another 16 channel mixer for the studio. I'm currently using the toft atb 16, and I'm sick of how unreliable it...

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Avatar for soultrane
soultrane 19th December 2011
Avatar for e-are

I not a rock guy but after picking up the Linkin Park and JayZ ep, I've completely become a fan. I picked up 3 cd's from them and...

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Avatar for theBackwardsman
theBackwardsman 19th December 2011