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Hi everyone. I have spent the last few hours recording a piece of instrumental music on electric guitar. The piece is played...

Deleted User
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Kiwi 9th January 2012
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Link: Hayley in the Studio 2009 - Paramore - PFC on Vimeo Also, that white thing in the background. Is that just a headphone...

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Mbear1596 9th January 2012
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Hi guys I'm in a crossroad with we're I can take my passion for music eng/production. I'll make it short, and to the point. I...

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newdigitaluser 9th January 2012
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I wanna know what would be the best settings to match these. Thanks.

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Golitan11 9th January 2012
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I've been a guitar player for about 8-9 years, but I've always wanted to learn drums. I think the stars have finally aligned...

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Sim 9th January 2012
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I just got a hold of this unit. There is no manual to it. I like the sound, just being curious since I have other converters,...

dan le
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rundmcs 9th January 2012
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Hey ya'll I've really been getting into the focusrite red 3 and have been experimenting with it across the mixbuss (was using...

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agoraphobia 9th January 2012
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I have a small (treated room), I have always had the right size monitors for it. Now I am curious: what about to get oversized...

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andy3 9th January 2012
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Hi, I can't decide which wireless IEM to get. There's a YouTube video that shows the features of the AKG IVM 4, which look...

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dmilt23451 9th January 2012
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.... just wanted to share a song I just wrapped up where I video'd the whole tracking process. I start by playing all the guitar...

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freshchops 9th January 2012
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Jobs @ Gearslutz Check it out. What do you think? Seems to have a lot audio and intern jobs.

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PdotDdot 9th January 2012
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I'm looking for a mic primarily to track acoustic guitars, to occasionally be a good room mic for guitar amps and I'm debating...

Ted Wulfers
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Ted Wulfers 9th January 2012
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Hi. Has anyone had a chance to compare these mics? I've been using the Avantone CK-1 for overheads and snare and have been quite...

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masterhiggins 8th January 2012
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Hello everyone! Wow it took me so long to find out how to post a question I'm new to gearslutz... Anyways I have been...

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ash.k01 8th January 2012
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I've tried using guitar pro and the score feature in logic pro, but they have both been a total nightmare. All I really want to...

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Kiwi 8th January 2012
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What's that hittt sound on the left speaker? Stick hitting a tiled floor? Tap dancing shoes? You can hear it on its own...

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ohmtom 8th January 2012
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I'm looking for thing to watch, whether it's documentaries related to the business, instructional YouTube videos, or web series. ...

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funkycam 8th January 2012
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Hey guys, I have had this problem for a couple weeks now and its driving me up the wall. Basically every so often when playing...

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Apollo Soul 8th January 2012
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jasyr 8th January 2012
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I was just looking at maybe buying one of these to kinda use as a filter box / sound mangler, I make electronic music and am just...

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newdigitaluser 8th January 2012
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Thinking of getting a 1982 AH desk and want to know if anyone has any experience with using one? I make EDM and want to try...

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alanrigbeey 8th January 2012
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Hi, new kid on the forum here =) I got a RME Fireface 800 that I'm happy with but has realized that I really would like to...

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Troubleshooter 8th January 2012
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an apparently unsecured condensor mic dropped from my mic stand...it has noticeable damage (one of the sides is bent) and when I...

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jkchuma 8th January 2012
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Anyone use these guys before ? index

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Trakworx 8th January 2012
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I just sold my 192 and I'm looking for a Pro Tools 9 license. I have an iLok and DVD with the software but I just need the...

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awhitebeats 8th January 2012
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I built my studio around my own needs, but as I begin to work on more projects for clients, I'm wondering how important it is to...

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gogar 8th January 2012
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Hi everybody. I'm Alex from Ukraine, excuse me for my English first of all. I was lurking Gearslutz for a couple of years, and...

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Grant Ransom 8th January 2012
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I've just received a used pair of relatively expensive monitors and they sound unacceptably crap. The various rooms i've tested...

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Graal 8th January 2012
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I just purchased a '83 4210 Marshall JCM800 50 watt 1x12 combo and was wondering if anybody had any ideas if changing out a...

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Stravinsky 8th January 2012
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Super excited. Really can't wait for this thing to arrive. Besides vocals, what have you guys been using yours on? Mono Room Mic?

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Billy Pilgrim 8th January 2012
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Dear Customer support. This letter is ment mostly as an information, but I would like though to get a reply. We bought a...

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Codo 8th January 2012
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Considering AT4047 -> Chandler Germanium Pre -> Purple MC77 Whatcha think of this? What will its strengths and...

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chavernac 8th January 2012
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I currently use an analog mixer and external A/D and D/A for recording and mixing with a DAW. All the most commonly used inputs...

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Me2 8th January 2012
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SO I want to buy a 10 space API 500 series rack, and then fill it with 500 series modules. To start out. This will be going...

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thegatsby 8th January 2012
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I am a male baritone, not really a singer, but have been asked to sing harmonies for some friends. I use a at4040 and an akg 414...

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thepilgrimsdream 8th January 2012
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anybody using a preamp to pass your mix thru? API 512 C, Pacifica. etc? If you are using the Pacifica, are you using it with...

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electraluxx 8th January 2012
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Hey all, I'm a drummer/engineer and I do some songwriting. Mostly work in post-production to pay the bills. I'm trying to...

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popps 8th January 2012
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I have the options of getting a UA mkII, chandler g or the daking pre/eq the UA has a compressor, the chandler has really nice...

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franke 8th January 2012
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Can anyone access ilok.com it's been down for me for the last hour. Thanks

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stephent28 8th January 2012
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Hey everybody, I just recently got a MOTU 2408 mk3 and am trying to link up my Octopre to it. I have a PC running Windows 7. I...

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Spikelet 8th January 2012
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ARRRRRRRRRRRRR Im at the end!! Ok as you know recording guitar to a PC can be a nightmare. I'm recording guitar and vocals...

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Old Goat 8th January 2012
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Just for some inspiration: a friend of mine has a small, very small, very very small recording room (2,65 meters by 3,75...

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robertshaw 8th January 2012
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This is the gear I have in my project studio. Purpose of the studio is recording my own music and some customers whom I choose to...

Tube World
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AcoosticZoo 8th January 2012
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Whatup slutz, yingyang So I'm looking to purchase a new amp in the next couple months and i am in need of some serious...

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Liquid_Laotzu 8th January 2012
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Hi, I just wondered if anyone out there recommends a (more affordable?) alternative to the Benchmark unit ADC16 | Benchmark...

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psycho_monkey 8th January 2012
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Hi, I have heard a rumour about Argosy or perhaps other studio furniture brand making a big desk for the iPhone. I have...

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Igotsoul4u 8th January 2012
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Hello All Been a long time since I posted here... I have a DOA Lexicon PCM80 that needs repair.. Lexicon does not repair...

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whoomusic 8th January 2012
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I'm about to do my first mix through the 2 bus and we have it set up so stem busses around going in to the Dangerous and back out...

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JWalls2111 8th January 2012
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Hello gearslutz! First post here but I lurk quite a bit on my iPad. Basically, sometime in 2012 I will be buying some gear for a...

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Mikereardon 8th January 2012
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How many notes would a virtuoso violinist pay for a Stradivarius? | Music | The Guardian

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-tc- 7th January 2012