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Hi Guys! I have 2 Presonus Digimax D8. I love them for the capability to make direct out which means i can "wiretap"...

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Zster 24th January 2012
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An experienced engineer friend of mine has recently been using the Solaris and is very impressed with it for vocals. I don't...

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Mikey77 24th January 2012
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Is it possible to parallell compress using outboard in Logic? I've tried putting an I/O on an aux but there's terrible...

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Sotsirc 24th January 2012
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In regards to the Chandler stuff...

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BeeGee 24th January 2012
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Just brought this from GAK in brighton - Electro Harmonix Nano Clone Analog Chorus Pedal and christ it's making a horrendous...

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poshbloke 24th January 2012
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Hi. I am remixing a jazzy ballad. Drums, piano, double bass and female vocal. I am having trouble with the piano. It's was...

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mu6gr8 24th January 2012
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I just had the opportunity to use the A-Design Reddi DI. I was tracking a bassist who didn't want to use an amp. Something I...

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Rick Sutton 24th January 2012
Avatar for Dot.

is trial exactly the same as full version of pt10? if i decide to purchase license will i have to reinstall it or no ? I'm a bit...

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couch11 24th January 2012
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just grabbed this baby for a rack up. have no idea what it is. i know harrison obviously but I'm not familiar. any schemo's,...

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sameal 24th January 2012
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I am a new R&B singer and I am trying to find what the best vocal R&B studio recording mic is for $300 or less. I need a...

Marcus Coselli
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toneguru 24th January 2012
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Can I run my monitors with this amp in stereo without a watt/ohm problem? Or must I run in bridged mono? Please advise,...

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Xander 24th January 2012
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So I received a pair of NS-10's today, but one of the speakers has a very small dent in the cone...barely pressed in and about...

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Sonoman 24th January 2012
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Just realized NAMM is starting. What's the deal on badges this year? Anyone have a spare? Thanks, -R

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RKrizman 24th January 2012
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From my research this is what I have come up with for a home studio for just a mic and guitar. Need suggestions/approval before...

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113568 24th January 2012
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Most delays dont handle distortion that well i like long tails and some spaceage stuff ? What do u guy recommend on a budget?...

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ChaosCreation 24th January 2012
Avatar for atomicohm

Wen using lots of analog vintage equipment, including tube gear, you can achive a huge great mix, but also there is a big amount...

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RCM - Ronan 24th January 2012
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Hi all, I've spent a good deal of time selecting some really nice outboard gear for my fairly decent home setup. Until now,...

Mr. Kelly
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Go Nigel Go 24th January 2012
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Trying to record guitar AND vocals simultaniously, after much trial and error I've found the best way is to use my Line6 UX2...

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poshbloke 24th January 2012
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On a regular basis, ive been noticing some issues in Logic 9.1.6 running on my macbook pro, Lion. Issue #1: Some tracks...

Chase Orion
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Chase Orion 24th January 2012
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Hi, Up until now I've been completely a software man. I wanted to try out some hardware for a change so I bought a cheap...

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Elek 24th January 2012
Avatar for Joniverse

I have had the great pleasure of using a nice Neumann U67 for recording vocals for the last 3 years, but we are 4 owners and we...

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monkeyxx 24th January 2012
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Hi guys. I'm new around here and would like to share what i've been experiencing for the past 2 days. I'll try to keep it as...

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jruberto 24th January 2012
Avatar for AposL

Hey everyone, I've been doing research and so far can't find what I'm looking for. So this is my goal: If a client wants...

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AposL 23rd January 2012
Avatar for georgebarnett

I'm working on a rap project where the artist needs to constantly lower his voice, but not change the speed. Logic's built in...

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Avatar for soulscience
soulscience 23rd January 2012
Avatar for SOLOIST101

Anyone tried both of these mics? I'm looking for a mic that doesn't have too much upper mids, for a male singer that has a...

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Avatar for RedWallStudio
RedWallStudio 23rd January 2012
Avatar for gotmicswiltravel

I'm in a bit of a pickle because I have a session in two days and I just screwed my Macbook. I have a Macbook Pro (latest...

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gotmicswiltravel 23rd January 2012
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I'm currently using M-audio BX5a's and looking to upgrade. I need to stay within the same size as the BX5a's because my work...

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Chrisc_o 23rd January 2012
Avatar for ch-holt

I'm looking for something like the mackie control universal pro but with 24 or 16 faders, why do they only make 8 fader versions?...

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ch-holt 23rd January 2012
Avatar for Mudminister

I just mixed a song for my band, and i think i might panned the guitars to hard. What do you think. NRK Urørt - Låta Send it...

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Mudminister 23rd January 2012
Avatar for Backbeat22

Just purchased in ears to get away from a floor wedge. I'm a drummer, so i'm stationary. Was told I can use a Behringer 802 off...

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Backbeat22 23rd January 2012
Avatar for hithere

hey guys need some help on how to get my macbook to recognize my rosetta 200. I have the cable that is needed to go from the...

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hithere 23rd January 2012
Avatar for lukashurwitz

Inovonics turns 40 this year, and in recent years we've been approached a number of times about bringing back our Model 201 -...

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by-tor 23rd January 2012
Avatar for atomicohm

Hi GS!!! what do you prefere: reverb in tracks or in the 2 busmix?? Regards

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windmillsound 23rd January 2012
Avatar for paulswifka

I work in Broadcasting, on air and I produce at home....I"m looking for two mic pre amps... The original Symetrix 528 (not...

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paulswifka 23rd January 2012
Avatar for rogmidd

The little room i work in is running a Euphonix MC Pro (just the control section, no fader banks). Personally, i'd much prefer...

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rogmidd 23rd January 2012
Avatar for Providence

I know that Inward Connections had channels that sounded ( and looked) like the old Putnam design. But I don't think they are...

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Vintageidiot 23rd January 2012
Avatar for skiroy

Ini Kamoze - World A Music 1984 (With Lyrics) - YouTube Hey guys I was wondering if you could tell me if this piano was...

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erikdrink 23rd January 2012
Avatar for ZorikD

Where do most electronic artists get their drums from??? This is broad question and NOT only about the artists mentioned...

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Avatar for PlatinumSamples
PlatinumSamples 23rd January 2012
Avatar for pete

does anybody knows this pre-eq-comp? how good is it?

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Avatar for paulswifka
paulswifka 23rd January 2012
Avatar for TeamContra

Today my partner at the studio is selling his c24 and 96 plus patch. I can get by just no controller

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Avatar for TeamContra
TeamContra 23rd January 2012
Avatar for JAZJETSON

i got a 610 mkii tlm 103 and a original motu ultralite i was thinking of upgrading my interface to a duet 2 or maybe a...

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Avatar for JAZJETSON
JAZJETSON 23rd January 2012
Avatar for Kurkkuviipale

So my interface has, S/PDIF (coax) out, ADAT optical out and 1/4" analogue out. What would be the cheapest way for me to get...

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Avatar for Brian Woodring
Brian Woodring 23rd January 2012
Avatar for Agzilla

So i just got one of these desks, it's very small... 6 stereo input channels and 2 Mono input channels.. I has the master...

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Agzilla 23rd January 2012
Avatar for stamand

Hi, I want to sell my hammer to buy new preamp or comp. I work on too much thing at the same time and the hammer is too hard...

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muziqfreek 23rd January 2012
Avatar for goldmann006

Hey check out my facebook page, there you can find a Production kit, full of drum samples I made for making dubstep and hip hop...

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goldmann006 23rd January 2012
Avatar for Mardi Gras

Questions in the title boing Im lusting over a real tape delay/echo.. and im a little weary about going down the vintage route...

Mardi Gras
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Avatar for waxx
waxx 23rd January 2012
Avatar for studiomood

Hi everyone, I've just recently entered the outboard domain, but I have yet to buy and decent leads, I don't know much about...

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Avatar for cavern
cavern 23rd January 2012
Avatar for MaximG

Hello, I'm looking for a mic that reaches up to about 40-50 kHz. I'd like to pitch things down for some special effects. Any...

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MaximG 23rd January 2012
Avatar for audioman

Hey guys I currently have a Universal Audio 2192 and an A-designs Pacifica preamp. im really having trouble on deciding which...

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audioman 23rd January 2012
Avatar for MikeTeeUK

Hi All, I have had some light shed on this already and would welcome any further guidance...I am just starting out with Logic...

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MikeTeeUK 23rd January 2012