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what mic is the girl inthis video singing into? i was thinking u-87 but no...it looks different EarlyRise: Old Friend -...

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daveybasso 4th February 2012
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I'm a long time lurker on this forum and have learned a lot from you guys. This is my first new thread. I use Audioquest King...

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bdenton 4th February 2012
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Hey I have a "does this exist question" I'm about to bridge my tracking room to my control room. I was going to...

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lcchain 4th February 2012
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I curently have a presonus project, and would like to have a few more inputs. I did some research on the audiofire 12 and I...

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frostit 4th February 2012
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Lately, I thought it could be fun to purchase a low-end Mackie or A&H to do some mixing on a physical board. Most of my...

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Ross H 4th February 2012
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Hey I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this apparent "New age" technology. I have a home based studio...

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RARStudios 4th February 2012
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How do you connect outboard when you are using a summing box? 1 Are you taking the signal from the DA output then to a comp/eq...

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RKrizman 4th February 2012
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I've used an EMU1212m for years. Looking for a change as I think I'm unusual in that I'm not a fan of the way they sound. Most...

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capoeira 4th February 2012
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please delete this thread. forgot to use the search function

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Calaubin 3rd February 2012
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I gotta admit...my personal home stereo is the same one I bought years ago before I even got married. It's a Sony bookshelf...

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kraku 3rd February 2012
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Quick, I need to make purchasing decision in less than 48 hrs! Which preamp is better for a vintage U87? SX202 or ART Digital...

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Hogwash 3rd February 2012
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So I finally picked up the XF8, been wanting it for a long time… currently in the process of setting up my first home...

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JTungsten 3rd February 2012
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What people, i know that in advanced routing mode the aurora 16 can do 16 i/o analog and 16 i/o digital, but i was wondering, if...

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ohmsweetohm 3rd February 2012
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Ran across snippets of a couple of new songs from Producers RedOne & Mutt Lange. Never heard of the artist and was wondering...

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Etch-A-Sketch 3rd February 2012
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Hey! I just bought a used Aurora GTQ2 of another GS member today, and had a quick question. How are you all patching this in...

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Kronos147 3rd February 2012
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i have an audio technica at 4040 and a fast track pro. the fast track pro is horrible. with cheaper mics its nice, but its not...

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mylesp 3rd February 2012
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Hey everyone. So, I'm restoring an old Peavy 701R 7-channel mixer, and it sounds great and looks even better. The only problem is...

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Granny Gremlin 3rd February 2012
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I saw this in a shop in Beirut... It wasn't for sale... http://www.electroduomusic.com/th_IMG_4418.JPG

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HudHudson 3rd February 2012
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Spent some time with this over the last couple of days, patching into to different mixes on various instruments. Coming from...

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babydaddymusic 3rd February 2012
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can someone tell me what kind of drum machine may have been used in this work? Of montreal - Women's studies victims - YouTube

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georgiefruity 3rd February 2012
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Well it's been nearly 3 months since we arrived in North Carolina. Getting the studio finished off has been fun and a great...

James Lugo
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QRS 3rd February 2012
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i didn't see a whole lot of information on this baby so here i go. i started a thread about field recorders awhile ago and this...

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tenfold 3rd February 2012
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Building some gobos today for the purposes of recording my band live (drums, bass, 2 guitars - vocals will be overdubbed). We...

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Bassmankr 3rd February 2012
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What do users think of the unit? Is the True-Z input and the real interface (knobs) make a big difference? I have the plugin...

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LinusWendel 3rd February 2012
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Hi all, Would love to hear from anyone that knows anything about these german built reel to reels. I have the opportunity to buy...

Fergies Watch
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jimbo1941 3rd February 2012
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Hi all - I'm setting up a Tascam DM3200 with Logic Pro 9 for a friend and have all the audio working. Most of the DAW control is...

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olliejohn 3rd February 2012
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I've got an SPX90II and it has only a mono input, with a stereo output. Sometimes I have a stereo source so I'm wondering... is...

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Bob Ross 3rd February 2012
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I am looking to get a preamp for my home studio. Mainly used for Vox and AC guitar. Any thoughts on what's best? There are...

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JL. 3rd February 2012
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In an effort to warm up my mixdowns from itb is it a good idea to send my vsts through a preamp, or record through one from ITB...

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Enlightened Hand 3rd February 2012
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Thought this was interesting and Neil Young makes a good point. Which then begs the question as we obsess over gear to get that...

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Beefy 3rd February 2012
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I'm so mad right now! I'm trying to master and finalize a remix I did in Ableton but it's giving me headache! I rendered out the...

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loopy 3rd February 2012
Avatar for Tapwater

Can anyone recommend a high quality 8 channel headphone amp. I am currently using the Behrringer Powerplay Pro-8. The...

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Jackson Collins 3rd February 2012
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hello everyone, i'm using: 32bit cubase on a windows7 64bit system and i'm running out of RAM these days... audio-interfaces:...

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The dman 3rd February 2012
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Hi, I'm looking for a good and warm sounding vintage mic. But something that is under $1000. I really would like to get a...

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waxx 3rd February 2012
Avatar for Ziggy Stardust

I'm looking for an amplifier for my keyboard (nord electro 3, hopefully adding a moog voyager within the next year). With some...

Ziggy Stardust
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tacitus 3rd February 2012
Avatar for Devon8822

It sounds like a lot of people use W3080 Mogami or other AES/digital cable, for their analog signals (mics). I cant find anything...

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John Willett 3rd February 2012
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Will this be the end of looking on your earbuds/cans to see what's Left and what's Right? boing gooof

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nimblemongoose 3rd February 2012
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I know you guys are prolly pretty sick of being asking if this and that is a good deal but my main focus is on the Roland...

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Jackson Collins 3rd February 2012
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I have just bought an ART stereo compressor and I'm having problems with setting it up. I don't seem to be able to get a signal...

hemmick reef
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hemmick reef 3rd February 2012
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hey guys I got a string arranger coming to the studio to lay down some tracks.. my question is , he's using a macbook and vst's...

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audioman 3rd February 2012
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When is there a point when your equipment needs a brake from being used? Im turning on my mic and pre almost everyday and leaving...

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toolate4roses 3rd February 2012
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I just got one yesterday. I was finishing a mix for a pretty straight forward singer song writer track. I decided to patch the...

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s.d.finley 3rd February 2012
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Last night I tried to work on a mix that I had remembered sounded great when I had last touched it. It was late and I was tired...

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taherbert 3rd February 2012
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Hey guys, more advice needed. I've been coached into how to actually run my business financially. Wow, its a real eye...

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15ips 3rd February 2012
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I didn't actually win the lottery but I did come upon some decent cash. I want to invest in better studio monitors that can...

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Richard Salino 3rd February 2012
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:lol: I'm just playing Gearslutz! howdy Hey this gets tedious, we all need some comedy sometimes boing Back 2 the lab.......

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Smokey510 3rd February 2012
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Hi, I would love to know what folks would add next to my collection of things. I have, 1. Spirit 328, 2. a focusrite mk...

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recorder2 3rd February 2012
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Just wondering if quad mic cable does anything for interference from cell phones? Also, what kind of interference does star...

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Tapwater 3rd February 2012
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We're building a small studio and the control room and live room are NOT going to have a window coupling them for visual...

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Tapwater 3rd February 2012
Avatar for BradD

I'm keeping my eyes open for a Stage 73 Mark I Rhodes and am wondering about amps. The 22 watts of a Fender Deluxe Reverb 65...

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Bullseye 3rd February 2012