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I've only looked into Thomann so far and their selection is pretty limited.

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Joao B. 6th February 2012
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wondering what users compare the fostex d2424lv converters too, as well if I use a good clock does it improve? thanks KBB

Kris Bang Boom
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chris carter 6th February 2012
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Every time I turn around, I need some sort of tool. Flat head, philips head, very tiny and really long philips head screwdriver,...

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vcs3 6th February 2012
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...this guy's got mics! 1MzBQqiHUX0 ...more info here: http://www.sssmilwaukee.com/Microphone%20Museum.html

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Showcase 6th February 2012
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Hey guys: I would love to find some examples of male and female vocal stems that are EQ'd (compressed, etc.) to fit well in...

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Lights 6th February 2012
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Hi, I am new to analog recording so hopefully I will tap into some knowledge here. I picked up an Otari MX-5050 MKIII-8 but am...

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audiotech 6th February 2012
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Hey everyone! Just found this forum, great stuff! I'm looking to complete my home studio set up with some very accurate studio...

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Ahahaha 6th February 2012
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I'm really curious to try this mic out on acoustic guitar and male vocal. But none of the hire companies seem to stock it. I...

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JamieOxford 6th February 2012
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So I'm looking for tube eqs for tracking. (We don't do mastering at our facility). I'm a DW Fearn fanatic (already have...

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voxhumana 6th February 2012
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Hi all, I hope I'm posting this in the right place! I'm an engineer at a big studio complex, and we've been using google...

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frnak 6th February 2012
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I've got a new A&H mixer. In the manual it states that to use unbalanced cables, "Both inputs are balanced but can be...

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adrianww 6th February 2012
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Hi! that you normally plug used in a mixed session on drums and bass? Best!! :facepalm::facepalm:

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Deleted 1aa3d4676f73940 6th February 2012
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I need to get a keyboard mixer for my live setup, just a small one for two keyboards, one sampler and one iPod. It's going on top...

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Kaoz 6th February 2012
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I love this trACK. Here is a 40 minute version of it I came across. The video is nicely shot footage of the gear used to...

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willylumplumps 6th February 2012
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Hi guys. I am a hobbyist producer looking to build up a new system. Recording primarily electric guitar and bass direct in, with...

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EtherealEntity 6th February 2012
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Hey guys, I'm going to buy a pop filter so I can get rid of the plosives in my vocal takes. I'm wondering which one is...

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Chris White 6th February 2012
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Hi, I just got an AMS 1073LB and need a lunchbox to be able to use it. The thing is that I only need one rack, not 6 or even 2....

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rogerbrain 6th February 2012
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The stands would end up costing more than what I payed for the Dynaudio BM5As . Right now the monitors are on my desk and I can...

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BigKD 6th February 2012
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Anyone got a spare hour to host a NZ studio owner and shoot the breeze? Love to catch up on the scene...

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 6th February 2012
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Problem: My Blue Robbie started distorting and the signal would go in and out. Thought it might be the tube so I purchased a...

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csstudios1 6th February 2012
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please pardon if i'm posting this in the wrong forum but i need some basic information. i'm selling a radar 24 nyquist 192 and...

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pscottm 6th February 2012
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Hello, so I'm faced with a major decision. So I record male vocals (commentary, spoken vocals) until now I've only used USB...

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mcgruff 6th February 2012
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My PC finally kicked the dust and Im looking to upgrade with a Mac. Looks like I have 3 main options: 1. MacPro 2006 Two...

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contramark 6th February 2012
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Hello, I know that this forum is mostly about recording and I'm also considering to buy for RME Babyface mainly for recording...

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mcgruff 6th February 2012
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Hi I have been soldering for the best part of 12 hours today mezed and have come to the last cable I need to make for my...

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Old Goat 5th February 2012
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Hi guys, I have some problems to choose right gear for my studio. I have Thermionic Culture Vulture and some good synths (analog...

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AnalogMaster 5th February 2012
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I have a patch bay that's automated. IN SETTING ONE: I have A synthesizer going into the patch bay. 1 and 2. I automate in the...

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KennaOkoye 5th February 2012
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Hi Folks, I've trying to find an old thread were somebody was offering an assistant position at his studio. I remember that...

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Sput 5th February 2012
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...because this is totally beyond me - and I have searched the forums/threads here, to no avail. Let me start by saying I am...

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NUVMUSIC 5th February 2012
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If you had both, and decided you didn't need both pairs of speakers which one would you keep? I know they sound different,...

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adigga 5th February 2012
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I'm using ssd4 in logic and I'm having problems syncing the two together. I saw in the setup video on YouTube that the guy...

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Danmyersmusic 5th February 2012
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I recently came across these Amek/TAC pre-amps, or crossover outputs, or something: (Image), but have no idea what they...

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pan 5th February 2012
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I am asking to find out how others are running theirs, specifically in vocal tracking......thanks.

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Vintageidiot 5th February 2012
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now I found out about one certain one and one I sent a pm to a fellow gearslutz here 1.) — 2Seemy: Breathe new life...

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Salty James 5th February 2012
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Hey guys! Suggestions needed. Basically for steady OH duties and strings sometimes... I've got some decent pre's, so...

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The Listener 5th February 2012
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Hi, I have partnered with a couple of people and we are in construction right now and are planning on opening in about a...

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The Byre 5th February 2012
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i want to record guitar through profire 2626 and use plug ins to make it sound good... should i plug directly into the interface,...

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Arthur Stone 5th February 2012
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I am interested in buying a controller for using it for midi in pro tools. I am debating getting a controller with a good amount...

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ClevelandSteamer 5th February 2012
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There are quite a few threads with people asking how much it costs to import such and such. As I understand it there are standard...

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adrianww 5th February 2012
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i have a 3632 comp, that i wanna use for snare and kick compression for live perfomances. pictured...

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gt_jumper 5th February 2012
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I just picked up a Urei 1176 Blue Stripe serial 722 And a UA 1176 LN. I cannot figure out what Rev the Urei is...

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AllAboutTone 5th February 2012
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Antoine8 5th February 2012
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Hi - I've read through the reviews and can't seem to find a shootout (Soundcloud files) of a Rosetta 200 vs. Duet 2. I have...

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gideon352 5th February 2012
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Hey all, Here's the situation. I'm setting up a complicated(ish) wired/wireless IEM rig for my band and need some suggestions....

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tylergarcia 5th February 2012
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I’d like some education on 2.1 studio monitoring systems. I’m a little confused by the concept, but I think I might benefit...

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flatfinger 5th February 2012
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My midi sport constantly holds down notes on my outboard synths. Please help me!

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Gamelan 5th February 2012
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I finally got a pair, back ordered, and..... Compaired to my memory of my original 32264a's these things are so close that it is...

C.Judd Karn
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C.Judd Karn 5th February 2012
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Hey GS people!! I just bought 2 BSS DPR 901 II, this units are great, tested in a no so good recorded voice, the result was...

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Live4Live 5th February 2012
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i need an interface for a condenser mic. Should i get a interface or just phantom power? i will only be recording...

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thepilgrimsdream 5th February 2012
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Hey everybody, This is probably ridiculously optimistic, but... I had to sell 4 or 5 pieces of gear this year to make end meet,...

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yosefTux 5th February 2012