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I'm trying to get rid of a hum in my studio. I've read about star grounding and I think the gist of it is to connect one element...

Peter Craft
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Speedskater 25th May 2020
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Hi all, A quick question for Crimson owners. Is it possible to use the AD/DA functions of the Crimson whilst in standalone...

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Rozzer 25th May 2020
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Hi, wise music people! I'm a Japanese bamboo flute player and total beginner for recording my own music. After much research...

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abundio 25th May 2020
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I just got this unit and it did not come with any manuals or anything. Can someone explain how to use the power supply in...

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thismercifulfate 25th May 2020
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Hello, I'm trying to identify the mics in this Joe Pass pic :...

Monsieur Shed
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Matti 25th May 2020
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Hi guys. I attached a snare which I got from some sample pack after days of searching for the source of this sound. It was...

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dstrayer09 25th May 2020
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Hi, I'm kinda new to compressors and recording gear, and I've been looking at the Klark Teknik 1176-KT and the KT2A for tracking...

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Borja 25th May 2020
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Boys and girls, look at what I found. An early studio profile on Windmill Lanes Studios. Featuring the equipment list, ie., the...

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wardog0873 25th May 2020
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The DBX 160 range is pretty darn highly regarded all 'round, especially for mixing hip-hop, but, you just don't hear much about...

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jensenmann 25th May 2020
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Hi everyone, I hope I have found the correct sub-forum to post this...it is my first post but I've been lurking around this board...

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Rowney 25th May 2020
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Dear Gearslutz-Friends, can anybody tell me the name of this microphone? Thanks a lot for your help. Best, willi

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willisieger 25th May 2020
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I know this question has been asked a million times, but I can't seem to find a "hard and fast" guide for size of room...

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jwtcmu9316 25th May 2020
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Dumb answer: cause they're old! Ok, but... If you track and mix exclusively with equipment from the 60s, including...

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danbronson 25th May 2020
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Hi all. I am in the process of revamping my home studio setup and looking for the best way to route everything into my DAW for...

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ofriendoe 25th May 2020
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I can't seem to find a whole lot of info on these mics (which I belive are the same guts in different housings) here on GS. A...

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fritz m 25th May 2020
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psubjj131 25th May 2020
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Just ran across this, maybe it's been discussed here already. Audio Test Kitchen | Compare all the gear. Trust your...

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Deleted 6833614 25th May 2020
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Relative term, I know but most highly recommend studio in Omaha? And best engineer? Thanks!

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TBarrnes 25th May 2020
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I have an old ass Audio Kontrol 1 that's breaking appart and freezes and I have to plug and unplug it. Connectors also glitch...

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beyerman 25th May 2020
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How come there is no chatter about this. Looks awesome and at a great price for a vari-mu. http://www.hartaudiodesign.com/

Mr Funk
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j.frad 24th May 2020
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sammmoxo 24th May 2020
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If I wanted to swap tubes in a mic pre, compressor or EQ, would I need to have the thing biased? I'm assuming the answer is no,...

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popmann 24th May 2020
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Hi, I'm looking for a device that matches following minimal criteria USB input 1 digital input (SPDIF is preferred, but can...

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koiuo 24th May 2020
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Hi all I'm looking to upgrade my current speakers to either the Barefoot FP02's or the Amphion One18's. The FP02's go for...

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cheu78 24th May 2020
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Hi guys! My new vintage U67 showed up today in the mail. I popped out the capsule and it still has the yellow foam (pictured)...

jml designs
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jml designs 24th May 2020
Avatar for celebritymusic

Hi Just wondering if anyone has had experience with any of the Rickenbacker 325 series guitars - the smaller scale...

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Stikoun 24th May 2020
Avatar for shapemod

I totally love the guitarsounds of Hot Chocolate. Guitarist was Harvey Hinsley, that's what I found out by googleing. Anybody...

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elkcloner 24th May 2020
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I’m thinking about getting a drum machine for my project studio rig to use with MIDI. I currently have a Korg Triton, 9...

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Godhand502 24th May 2020
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I am producing a song that is riff heavy-- very RATM. Here's my question: 1) How did Gggarth get that guitar sound on Rage's...

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cal25 24th May 2020
Avatar for imloggedin

Any recommendations for bass reamping services? I would like to find someone with a variety of amps, including Ampeg SVT's. I am...

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CJ Mastering 24th May 2020
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Boy not sure where to post this question. I've an old mic pre from RCA studios on 24th street NYC. This is where Elvis...

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retiredstudio 24th May 2020
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Hi, In my region a Lavry Black AD10 AD converter is being sold for about 500 dollars and I wonder if this is still a good...

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Farinet 24th May 2020
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Hi guys, I want to buy an analog distortion/saturation tool and have the possibilty to buy a Culture Vulture Mastering Plus for...

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Farinet 24th May 2020
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I was listening to Otis Redding records and the way his vocals sound is so present while theres rarely any low information, and...

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psycho_monkey 24th May 2020
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Seriously, how do people actually like this mic? The sibilance is SO annoying. Only ONE of my cast members actually sounds good...

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ade2 24th May 2020
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Hey, I am looking for an alternative to Lomo 19a9 which I love and don’t have anymore. Mainly for vocal use. There is a few...

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Drumsound 24th May 2020
Avatar for BeHappy

Anyone used this combo? Opinions? cooge

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thismercifulfate 24th May 2020
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If I were to get a compressor that would be somewhat of a complementary piece to the CL1B, what would be a good option? It would...

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brianellefson 24th May 2020
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Anyone knows something about serialnumbers of RCA 44 BX microphones? Trying to find out from which year mine is; serialnumber...

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andersmv 24th May 2020
Avatar for PureSound

Which is better? What are the differences? Haven't bought one yet. Thanks in advance!

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DirkP 23rd May 2020
Avatar for BlakeTheMusical

Hi all, This is my first post on here, so hopefully it's in the appropriate place and not committing any terrible community faux...

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BlakeTheMusical 23rd May 2020
Avatar for BlindLemonOrange

UPDATE: looks like this is gone now. Found a link to Antelope Audio where you can purchase a brand new Orion Studio Rev. 2017...

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BlindLemonOrange 23rd May 2020
Avatar for mojopin

Hi, I have been testing out a pair of vintage Auratone 5C's and would like to make them a part of my mix setup. However, I...

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Avatar for Benny7284
Benny7284 23rd May 2020
Avatar for Deleted b1c557d

Are there any websites (eg: like Modulargrid) for configuring all types of 19 inch rack gear?

Deleted b1c557d
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Deleted b1c557d9920acb3 23rd May 2020
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Hi all, I'm planing to buy a Prismsound Lyra 2 sound card, in adjunction to my actual setup, the Presonus Studiolive 64s running...

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73mk2 23rd May 2020
Avatar for AndyTheDude

I've bought a boundary microphone for gaming (Warzone!). I have a Behringer UMC404HD audio interface which is decent enough...

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AndyTheDude 23rd May 2020
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I have invested in a dell 2019 xps 15 7590 with the i7 9750h fully loaded with the 4k screen not the 2 in one pair with a...

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careybruce 23rd May 2020
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I have a quantum and i use studio one 4 pro. Im about to upgrade to an apollo twinx with a uad2. Is there a way I can switch back...

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careybruce 23rd May 2020
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My son is a jazz guitarist. He's graduating high school now, and will be studying jazz guitar in New York next year. He has a...

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Drumsound 23rd May 2020
Avatar for W1inthorpe

Hi all, I've scoured the forums looking for all the info I can find on this little mixer.. I've had it a few months now and I've...

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Avatar for W1inthorpe
W1inthorpe 23rd May 2020