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Anybody know anything about the production of this masterpiece? I was listing to this today cranked up on my KRK's and it...

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bugscoe 20th February 2012
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Getting to it: I am currently using an AnH mixwiz in my studio. Big fan of the outboard summing sound. My question is,...

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king2070lplaya 20th February 2012
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I plan on buying my first set of monitors and was actually led here by one of my professors. I have narrowed it down to either...

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Van Es 20th February 2012
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Anyone get the moog phatty editor working in Ableton live? If so how do you get the moog to respond to the VST? I'm only using...

zac damron
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xombiexplox 20th February 2012
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What is the REAL difference between a MIcrophone XLR cable and a Line XLR Cable?? Is there is any sonic difference? what...

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psycho_monkey 20th February 2012
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what up? I've read on here that people use the xrack for mixing and thats were i am a little confused. Would you record into your...

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JAZJETSON 20th February 2012
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I learned on a Studer tape machine and I must admit it seemed easier to get a balanced mix on tape than in...

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Savagery 20th February 2012
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Hey folks. I have a session coming up where I'm going to recording some guitar and I'm looking for a good ABY box. Basically...

Deleted d44e7f2
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Deleted d44e7f2 20th February 2012
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Ok, before anyone gets mad, I know that there are plenty of threads about 500 series modules, but I wasn't sure if there had been...

Matt Grondin
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robelmuzic 20th February 2012
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I'm looking to pick up a pre-amp. I've done a lot of research, but would like to get some opinions. Clearly, from everything I've...

Dean Roddey
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Andy_bt 20th February 2012
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Have been using NI Studio Drummer and like the sound very much. Would like to add some electronic/808 type sounds, some cinematic...

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Kiwi 20th February 2012
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Can someone please help me. Just bought my new monitors, but no sound coming out. As far as I can see everything is connected...

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SgorauKoller 20th February 2012
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Hi all! We have a great opportunity to move our studio to a better building, it will need some serious planning as it is...

Studio Luka
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bassjam 20th February 2012
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Hey guys, I'm new to guitars. I currently own an acoustic Guitar and I can play a little bit with it :o. I want to purchase an...

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mfx 19th February 2012
Avatar for hell

When people ask if a patchbay degrades signal quality, most responses referred to "extra cable" being the reason why a...

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hell 19th February 2012
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Anybody updated to the new iPhone app? No crashes here yet and I can actually upload my avatar/icon with no errors

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pat38 19th February 2012
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I need a new one, I'm done with my old one. Who do you recommend? cellfone

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gnostic 19th February 2012
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With Us - Drums - YouTube.flv - YouTube Anyone know how to get this drum sound? all their albums have this deadly drum sound...

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cavern 19th February 2012
Avatar for Insomniaclown

I am looking for a mic to compliment my SM 57 and e609 silver for recording guitars. The mics will be placed in front of a mesa...

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Avatar for Caffeine
Caffeine 19th February 2012
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I have the lucid 88192 and a rack of seventh circle audio preamps. When I start a session sometimes I do not get any audio...

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endofall 19th February 2012
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I'm sure people have done this but i thought I'd share. My control room is located in my living room and I have a door on the...

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Nu-tra 19th February 2012
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Hey, I was just wondering what the point of a standalone AD/DA converter is when we have audio interfaces.

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ambiguity 19th February 2012
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I got a session today for mixing..Im mixing thru my Saffire 56 and then into my Sonifex for monitoring.. When opening the...

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HOTC 19th February 2012
Avatar for User1GS

I just purchased a TLM 102 mic which I really like. I have an apogee duet 2 but i want to get a mic pre amp. I'm going to get an...

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User1GS 19th February 2012
Avatar for bobbyM3

I have an M-Audio Firewire 1814 and I wanted to know of some more affordable pieces of equipment to go with it (via ADAT) such as...

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bobbyM3 19th February 2012
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I'm looking into getting a pair of nice pre's to use in conjunction with my Mackie 400F, and these two names have risen to the...

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MechMastering 19th February 2012
Avatar for twoohfour

1) Art Pro VLA II 2) FMR PBC-6A 3) FMR RNC All from a JLM TMP-8 and a locker of standard mics (Mojave / Oktava / Neumann /...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 19th February 2012
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Say I have.. M-Audio Firewire 1814 Apogee Rosetta 200 Converter M-Audio 8 channel octane preamp I don't own these. Just...

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bobbyM3 19th February 2012
Avatar for greenfields

How do these compare and contrast? Which do you prefer, etc.? Thanks

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greenfields 19th February 2012
Avatar for loopy

YouTube - Whitney Houston - Saving all my love for you live Letterman Yea I know, she's screwed in the head but this is when she...

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Avatar for Pchicago
Pchicago 19th February 2012
Avatar for James Lugo

I'm doing a multi mic set up on 2 cabs. 421/57 on each cab. One of the 421s is a vintage one and sounds focused but the other is...

James Lugo
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kafka 19th February 2012
Avatar for Joenextdoor

Hi, I have recently purchased one of each of these pre's to complete the input list on my MOTU 828mk2. I have the D8 running...

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Joenextdoor 19th February 2012
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Hi, how do these mics compare sonically? is there much difference? thanks, M

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SOLOIST101 19th February 2012
Avatar for once a roadie

Hi all - I am looking to get a pair of full range speakers for my living room on the cheap. I currently use this space to listen...

once a roadie
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KevWind 19th February 2012
Avatar for drew

Here's the deal: Decided to buy an Avid 16x16. Dealer told me he'd have it for me in a week. I put my 192 up for sale, it...

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drew 19th February 2012
Avatar for kevgees

Is there anything that I can add to duet to give it a spdif in &/ or output?

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mcgruff 19th February 2012
Avatar for MoneySound

Hi there. I've lurked here for a while and put my two cents in on a few threads but I've felt a bit like a stranger horning in...

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Magucci 19th February 2012
Avatar for Sk106

In the early 90s, Roland released a 1 HE reverb unit. I'm looking for the name of it. It's NOT the SRV-330 nor the R-880 or...

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Deleted e777837 19th February 2012
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Serra 19th February 2012
Avatar for geohanson

Hi, I have a Cascade X15 (stereo ribbon) that came with a 5-pin XLR cable. This runs into a splitter box into which you plug two...

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Avatar for Serpico
Serpico 19th February 2012
Avatar for cstanton

Hello. Let me preface by saying I have sifted through many GS posts about interfaces, so please don't tell me to do a search....

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cstanton 19th February 2012
Avatar for edneysis

I just want to know if akai mpk have an option to reverse polarity from sustain pedal? thanx for help

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Avatar for majorbeats
majorbeats 19th February 2012
Avatar for ch-holt

Hey there everyone. Just wondering what your favorite pair of Small Diaphragm Condensers are for Drum overheads and such....

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hasbeen 19th February 2012
Avatar for klezmer41

My current gear is a 4U Yamaha EX5R and a 1U ProSonus interface. I hope to get some more synths and maybe a power conditioner to...

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Avatar for Ernest Buckley
Ernest Buckley 19th February 2012
Avatar for KIDBILL

Do you know if using DP4 filters would have similar sound of sampling and filtering in asr10? Thinking about VCF/distort Thanks

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Avatar for KIDBILL
KIDBILL 19th February 2012
Avatar for Cnote11

I'm probably going to get something really cheap like...

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Cnote11 19th February 2012
Avatar for STAB91

Hey guys Hope I'm posting in the right section Later last year i bought a M-Audio Fast Track Box with Pro Tools SE i seem...

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Avatar for Purple
Purple 19th February 2012
Avatar for Sheburns

I'm writing an essay on the different techniques for recording the piano, taking into consideration best microphone placements,...

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Avatar for Sheburns
Sheburns 18th February 2012
Avatar for EleKtriKaz

I'm having a hard time finding cloth microphone bags that I can keep over my RCA ribbon mics to protect them while not in use....

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Avatar for outUVphaze
outUVphaze 18th February 2012
Avatar for sedohr

I'm impressed by the latest output of singer Robyn. I'd really like to know what gear is involved, the technique behind it....

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Avatar for nznexus
nznexus 18th February 2012