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I've searched for an answer to this but couldn't find one. If it's out there, please link me. I'm redesigning my guitar rig....

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fastlanestoner 22nd February 2012
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Hands down best customer service I have ever had in my life. All I can say is wow. Dallas is a great guy, ridiculously nice and...

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pklett101 22nd February 2012
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If anyone can help with his contact details i am interested in him mixing a project i am working on.. PM me, cheers

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XxFeendogxX 22nd February 2012
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(Im not sure if this post belongs in this section, so moderator, feel free to move this if im incorrectly posting) Im just...

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ft13 22nd February 2012
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Hello, here is my problem. I do music with a lot of vinyls and I recently bought an Ensoniq ASR10 Sampler. Right now, my...

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Speologic 22nd February 2012
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Anybody have any input on some of the old-timers? Thinking of picking up an old EV cardax 950 or a Shure 55s - can anyone give...

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changeng 22nd February 2012
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hi, are there any modern daws who CAN'T recognize loop points in wav files? i wonder why the loop points aren't a standard...

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Dubber 22nd February 2012
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Chesky Records Open House Sale, we are moving !! After twenty years in our office, Chesky Records is moving and we need to be...

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cheskyrecords 22nd February 2012
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I have family in the Atlanta area (my cousin) is looking for an affordable studio rate & analogue tape. He said Monster Zero...

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rogerbrain 22nd February 2012
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So I have Pro Tools 8 being controlled by a Digidesign 003 interface/mixer. I have my Fantom G6 workstation MIDI'ed to the 003...

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Kentoby 22nd February 2012
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I bought these and was told they were for a 451E but the threading is too small. If I push the capsule down and hold the...

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Pretty_Suite 22nd February 2012
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so there's this kind of good band named zola jesus. I'm totally into this gothy string synth sound. can anyone of you tell me...

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biggator6 22nd February 2012
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a mix-buss comp. I did a lot of research and found out the Xpressor and Overstayer VCA are both good...

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SWAN808 22nd February 2012
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After auditioning a bunch of monitors in my studio for a day or two each, I finally decided on the Adam A7x. My concern was them...

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JDN 22nd February 2012
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Maybe an obvious anwser to this one but I want to ask the masses! Outboard Reverbs of the Pro-sumer level, think Lexicon 400...

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mcgruff 22nd February 2012
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Hi. I am buying an used Midas Venice 320. Price is right with the case (Around $2000). This board has been used for live...

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Topah 22nd February 2012
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Hi, I got a UBK fatso, which is great. It does however not retain it's settings after having been powered down. Does it need a...

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Outblast 22nd February 2012
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If I have two aurora 16's thats 64 channels, 32 in, 32 out. If I had a mytek 8 channel AD/DA, that would be another 16 channels....

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psycho_monkey 22nd February 2012
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Recently finished mastering my own CD. I decided to have nothing to do with the loudness wars or massive squashing so the CD is,...

Rob Coates
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psycho_monkey 22nd February 2012
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Hey all, I'm currently working on a multitrack where during recording somehow the subkick track was not only routed to its own...

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vaas 22nd February 2012
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Maybe I'm just having a confusing brain fart, but I'm thinking I may run into some trouble due to pan laws. 1) When you're...

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HSLand 22nd February 2012
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Hello all, I'm just done with my first song and I am looking for advice on how to improve it further. Background: I am an...

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Andrea 22nd February 2012
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Is there anyway you can hook the korg wavedrum up & sample it into the Maschine software?

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Kiwi 22nd February 2012
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hey there, has anybody compared these monitors? Any thoughts are welcome. cheers

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Deleted 546c5f9 22nd February 2012
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Could anyone give me any suggestions for a shockmount for this mic?

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John Willett 22nd February 2012
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Hey GS peeps. I am a VERY long time lurker that basically can't find my answer with out posting a question. I think this is...

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nomoneymoproblem 22nd February 2012
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I've recently heard about the Sound Scuplture Switchblade, and have located one (basic Switchblade 8 version) for sale...

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Rusty_OHara 22nd February 2012
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In a purely tracking scenario, which would you rather track rap/hiphop with? Just for catching overs and getting a consistent...

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Audio Hombre 22nd February 2012
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I just bought a beautiful and mint condition wurlitzer 200A. When i brought it home i noticed that the bottom two octave are...

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jimmymio 22nd February 2012
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Does anybody know what brand the top amp with the brass knuckles logo is? I've never seen one but do know it sounds great....

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sk8erps 22nd February 2012
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Hi all. I'm new to slutzworld. I have a Countryman 968A Phase Shifter, given to me by a friend who has had it sitting around...

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dimensionalidad 22nd February 2012
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Is the Lynx Aurora 16 a converter or an interface? Would I run this AND my Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2? How would they connect?...

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travisbrown 22nd February 2012
Avatar for Seditionary

anybody out there ever heard this mic -- anyone using it? i know it is a cheap, radio version mic... but i've been getting some...

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Seditionary 22nd February 2012
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So I've got obsessed with listening to music through these fine headphones. Were talking about music either through the computer...

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cassnate6259 22nd February 2012
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Currently using converters on Digimax FS.

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nst7 22nd February 2012
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So I've been looking at pro tools 10 with HDX cards and the interfaces they come with, I'm only planning on recording maybe two...

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nst7 22nd February 2012
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Hey slutz - need some advice. I'm getting some new business cards made for the studio and I'm trying to decide if I should put my...

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FredoSNR 22nd February 2012
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I had this in the music computers forum but it has more to do with general cooling than computer parts. It's a simple air flow...

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Fletcher 22nd February 2012
Avatar for byerssound

Id like to see some video tours of everyones place showing the rooms and of course the gear!

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clearwave 22nd February 2012
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Hey Guys! First post here, but a friend of mine said this was the place to go for all things gear, and so here I am. I recently...

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nst7 22nd February 2012
Avatar for LMS

Bon Iver at AIR Studios (4AD/Jagjaguwar Session) - YouTube the vocal mics.

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LMS 22nd February 2012
Avatar for Devon8822

Hey guys, I need to be educated on more complicated systems. I need to understand what AES, ADAT, and MADI are, and how it all...

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Devon8822 22nd February 2012
Avatar for Musician

I am checking for some analog EQs and comps to complete my hybrid setup. And I want to go for colour and vibe, so no...

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NathanEldred 22nd February 2012
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Very curious to know! I know of: NY, Winter NAMM in january Cologne, MusicMesse in march/april NY, summer NAMM in august and...

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Googlyman 22nd February 2012
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attocean 22nd February 2012
Avatar for CassidyGT

Looking at these two EQs. I would like something with mojo and pretty broad. Not looking for clean and surgical. Thoughts?

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Chris G 22nd February 2012
Avatar for ledrummer

Hi everybody :) Currently, I have an Apogee Duet for recording voice and the mixage on Event Opal. I don't need lot of input...

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brianellefson 22nd February 2012
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What's the difference between the full T-Racks Deluxe (obviously the full version is just that) But then what is the...

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junior 22nd February 2012
Avatar for afrocelt

Does anyone have any suggestions of whats going on on the main vox in this track with regards to signal...

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afrocelt 22nd February 2012
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I am wondering how you all go about getting a nice modern sounding, bright, top end, in the digital realm. Ive been finding...

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Jules 22nd February 2012