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Can you look back and see that it was obvious that it wasn't gonna happen that time, what was different the time it actually...

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daveconn 15th March 2012
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Hey there! RIght now i have a Steinberg mr816 and a Behringer ADA800. They´re connected via ADAT. I´m about to record a band...

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113568 15th March 2012
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Hi, finally my Axe Fx 2 is being delivered, should be there before the weekend! One question... I use a Steinberg UR824...

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parlopower 15th March 2012
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I have to mic a grand piano for performance. It's mostly jazz trio or quartet with added vocals or a horn. Bass can be electric...

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glottis 15th March 2012
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Looked around, but haven't found any information on this; is there a reason why they go for hundreds new, but resell for $50...

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Blast9 15th March 2012
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Can anybody shed any light on these two? Similarities and differences

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greenfields 15th March 2012
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or at least a good place in the states that ships to canada?

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QuinnS 15th March 2012
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I have often read that condensors are fragile, handle with care. So let's say I do that and keep it stocked right, in what way I...

Deleted User
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marcus 15th March 2012
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I have a chance to buy (2) 36 channels MR3s, both are in great shape from what I hear, but if not one can be used a spare parts....

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greatgreatriver 15th March 2012
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After a year long love affair with a Sennheiser U5 on my vocals, I pulled out the old sm7b and wet my pants. I love this mic...

Deleted User
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robertshaw 15th March 2012
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I recently turned on my digi 003 factory after a while of not using it. when i turn it on everything works fine. it validates...

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Edupre 15th March 2012
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just picked up an otari 5050 8 track on craigslist. wasn't able to test it at the owner's place, just got it home and its seems...

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MyCadaverDog 15th March 2012
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Hello all, I've been reading this forum for the last 5 months and it has been very helpful to me! I just registered so as a...

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rksguit 15th March 2012
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Hey guys my 3124 on ch 1 it did this peak thing and stayed in the red like it got locked there,and you could not hear anything,i...

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AKCSTUDIO 15th March 2012
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I am about to buy a monitor controller, and before I take this step, I need all your help in making my decision. I will be...

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Pro-Audio-LA 15th March 2012
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Hi all, first time poster, I hope I don't get too much abuse for this post..... I tried to demagnetize my RE-201 last night,...

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biggator6 15th March 2012
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Iv been thinking about getting an eventide space, but the price tag is like a slap in the face from a wet fish! I'm the lead...

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chout 15th March 2012
Avatar for Cookie

I have an ADA 8000 and was thinking about getting the mod. Any input?

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The Convicted 15th March 2012
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I've been looking online the last half hour or so and haven't been able to find the answer I'm looking for. Does someone know a...

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andstrumental 15th March 2012
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I normally track hip hop and rnb and im wondering which interface is the better sounding one...im aware apogee are known for...

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Frost 15th March 2012
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Im trying to decide which route to take. Ive read alot of great things about the liquid saffire 56 but im also very intrested in...

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jakson 15th March 2012
Avatar for Quint

For those that use the Konnekt 48, can you route channels 4 - 12 out to adat outputs while ALSO simultaneously routing channels 1...

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Quint 15th March 2012
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sonic dogg 15th March 2012
Avatar for Mr deeds

Hi everyone I've been a reader of this forum for a while, lots of knowledge and sharing, very cool. I have a question, has...

Mr deeds
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NEWTON IN ORBIT 15th March 2012
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I'm doing research for an upcoming documentary about the legendary 'Sound City Studios' in Van Nuys, CA. I figured this is a good...

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chevymetal 14th March 2012
Avatar for LonDonsen

I wonder if you guys use several M/S plugins on different channels and on groups, fx-channels etc. Or do you just use one on the...

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LonDonsen 14th March 2012
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Hi Everybody I'm looking for kick drum mic recommendations. I'm doing a project where the drum has no hole in the front skin...

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recordinghopkins 14th March 2012
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Hi - I remember a long time ago seeing pics of a studio's tracking rooms that had a really plush/comfy feel to them. Thick...

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tazman 14th March 2012
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Hi, I'm looking for a limiter that I want to use with a wired in ear monitor system. All the wireless systems have that...

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Christopher Ridley 14th March 2012
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hey, i purchased a sm7b mic few months ago. i find it a great sounding mic for vocals, but i was wondering if you guys find it a...

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Hardtoe 14th March 2012
Avatar for Dirty D

Used to have one and loved it, should have never sold it...now they are hard to find and seems every time I find one it gets sold...

Dirty D
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NathanEldred 14th March 2012
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Hi Gearslutz! How ya doing? I'm looking to for a mix engineer to collaborate with (paid) on 2-4 tracks this month. The sound...

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Kezzy 14th March 2012
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Need help picking an amp. I have the Wharfedale 8.1 passive monitors and need to pair an amp with it. they are 4ohm 100w...

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vashuba 14th March 2012
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Read: Digital Music News - Auto-Tune Was Accidentally Invented by an Exxon Scientist Studying Seismic Soundwaves... That...

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Muser 14th March 2012
Avatar for gruuve

Hey there everyone...I just have a question whether the was 948 is a in-line console or a split console...thank you

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Beowulf 14th March 2012
Avatar for Halloween

Specifically MAC users?

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Halloween 14th March 2012
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Guys, I was shown this mic by my tech the other day. He had a thing for old oddball ribbons. He showed me a reslo, which I wrote...

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trymonlam 14th March 2012
Avatar for delano22

Here it is. My :synth: has 2 TS outputs for stereo. Is it possible to merge the signal so that it goes to only 1 connector, TS...

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Frost 14th March 2012
Avatar for Deleted User #196561

This question came to me somehow while watching a re-run of The Office (US Version) and the cast was debating the hotness of...

Deleted User #196561
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KRStudio 14th March 2012
Avatar for DirtyChus

Hi all! I want to share two videos to show how programming drums with AKAI MPD, and tracking bass and guitars using "Golden...

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DirtyChus 14th March 2012
Avatar for Blackmill

Hi there, I've recently bought a Golden-Age Pre-73 from America that came today. I foolishly connected the power supply 120v...

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Avatar for warhead
warhead 14th March 2012
Avatar for DNA 105

Hello folks, I'm more of a consumer than an enthusiast; just a curious one looking forward to some expert opinions. Music...

DNA 105
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DNA 105 14th March 2012
Avatar for sounds&words

dear DIY'ers Im in the process of buying everything necessary to build my own flight cases for my gear and am facing a hopefully...

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ssaudio 14th March 2012
Avatar for hell

I was reading the manual to the Electrix Filter Factory and it says: "FilterFactory’s digitally controlled Analog...

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travisbrown 14th March 2012
Avatar for Kid_Fiction

There you go! All pretty straight forward... makes you wonder what all the fuss is about really. hidz No really, not sure...

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Kid_Fiction 14th March 2012
Avatar for lollygagger8

Ok, doing my rock band recording and everything sounds pretty good....except the bass. I've high passed at 70hz and it's still...

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lollygagger8 14th March 2012
Avatar for Oliver Chesler

Hi Everyone, I want to buy a small recorder to record my live shows. My shows are usually loud, lots of screaming, big...

Oliver Chesler
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piper 14th March 2012
Avatar for SugarFreeze

Hello all, I have a small acoustic gig coming up and the venue uses a Fender passport 300 that has mic input and line input...

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SugarFreeze 14th March 2012
Avatar for Tridnod

Well thing is, i get sound out of it so obviously i get that right. Thing is the idi does not work. When i create the audio track...

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Tridnod 14th March 2012
Avatar for Jimmy B

Hey guys, I'm playing around with an old Pod Pro rack here, and in reading the manual, it states that in Studio Mode, I should...

Jimmy B
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Jimmy B 14th March 2012