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Well, i bought the microkey and the SP due to lack of space. I hooked it up but the microkey cannot be powered with the SP as...

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Tridnod 16th March 2012
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A nice vibey compressor kfhkh Just wondering about two things: Auto release is very slow on my unit, like 5 seconds to get back...

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HomeProducer 16th March 2012
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Thread title says it all. Seems to be a lot of examples of male voice-over using Phantom and/or Phanthera (ie the FET mics)...

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binarymilton 16th March 2012
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Hello, Long time visitor, first post. I am trying to sync my Boss RC-2 loop pedal to my DAW. It's really impossible with tap...

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dirmass 16th March 2012
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Hey everyone, I am SO annoyed with my KRK ergo right now. I have it hooked up to my 003 via the 003's SPDIF out, and I am...

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Namin 16th March 2012
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Hey guys, I originally posted this on Andy Sneap's forum, but it seems a lot of people are showing interest so I thought...

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daxliniere 16th March 2012
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Hey, I'm in the market for a vocal microphone and after reading around a bunch (and developing a headache lol), I've come to the...

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adeptusmajor 16th March 2012
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Hi all, i have a question concerning a work that i have recently finished. I have been producing a Song for a dance school. I...

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ArisA 16th March 2012
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Listened bluesky, sounds not that high quality... Thinking about JBL, for film music, should I go with JBL 4326 5.1 or 6325...

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rockman413 16th March 2012
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Coming to the world of serious amateur audio production from working in the camera & photo lab industry from '97 until now,...

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smyrf 16th March 2012
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I just picked up a few of these for double miking snare top and guitar cabs. I'm finding them useful for XY and spaced pair...

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sscannon 16th March 2012
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Hi all . Had genelec 8030A and traided them for Adam P11. I love the adam but the problem is that there is a very high hiss sound...

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noamusic 16th March 2012
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Quite simply which one is the better buy for a gigging environment? Any bad stories regarding either? I Play a variety of genres...

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RossC32 16th March 2012
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I did a listening test of blue sky sat 5,2.1, Why I feel there is too much mid and not enough bass? And the sound is a little...

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James Lehmann 16th March 2012
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I have a firewire 1814 and want stand alone pieces to go along with it. From personal experiences or just knowledge what 2...

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doug hazelrigg 16th March 2012
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I scored a couple of the older green BSS Soundwebs and am trying to program them but the Soundweb software keeps saying...

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Funk-O-Meter 16th March 2012
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Can you hear this distortion and help me identify the cause, as well as a possible solution? I could not hear this...

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Seedhay 16th March 2012
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I'm a live and studio guy with many years of experience and I think a pretty good set of ears. I do a regular show on a Yamaha...

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espressodr 16th March 2012
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Hi , I´m new at this forum and have very little experince of studio equipment . I have a neurological disease with a low...

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Ekk 16th March 2012
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What's been your favorite mixes for 2011? I'm sure everyone won't agree on the same music but it's a great way for us to learn...

Edward Shnapper
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tablo 16th March 2012
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I´m done using the search function, so here goes: I am about to recieve some PT version 8.x sessions to my studio, where I´m...

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Anselmo 16th March 2012
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I have some clue, but no clue on how these work and what's best for my application. This is actually a two stage question. 1....

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smoovemode 16th March 2012
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How do you connect 2 Lynx Aurora 16 with a Pro Tools HD 3? There is a better way? I have my aurora 16 connected to my HD...

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RonT 16th March 2012
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. I know this should probably go in the Music Business forum, but it's obviously IMPORTANT to MANY of us. Kids These...

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Gatortail1 16th March 2012
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Hi! Does anyone have or know where I could find an English manual for ATARI Cubase 3.1? I've got the original factory manual,...

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rockyhill 15th March 2012
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I listened to the A7X and was extremely happy with everything except the low response. I was hoping the A8X would be the same...

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Jomox 15th March 2012
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Before we start: 1. Thinking specifically of voice and acoustic guitar. 2. Yes, I know a good many of you aren't that fond...

Shiny Beast
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lobsterinn 15th March 2012
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Hi Guys, need a little help here. I have many Uad plugins and recently got the analogue bug and purchased an elysia compressor...

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hassanperryon 15th March 2012
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tiny333 15th March 2012
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Hi guys, I have been looking for a mytek stereo 192 ad converter for a while. A guy was selling his locally where i lived for...

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etrella 15th March 2012
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Hello, I want to buy a analog console and I have three candidates: Amek Mozart, Otari Concept Elite or DDA DMC 232. any advice?...

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jensenmann 15th March 2012
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Ok, so I quotation marks around the word "method" cause I realise you have to use whatever method gets the job done in...

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RonT 15th March 2012
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Hi Gearslutz! I want to make a song with guitar-riffs played by my friend, recorded through his Marshall (AVT50 Valvestate)...

Heretic Beats
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TrueTone Studios 15th March 2012
Avatar for JVR

Hello, I want to buy a analog console and I have three candidates: Amek Mozart, Otari Concept Elite or DDA DMC 232. any advice? I...

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audiogeek 15th March 2012
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looking for someone North of England ( preferably ) who knows anyone that can help with calibration / check over my deck. Not...

Fergies Watch
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Fergies Watch 15th March 2012
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Pedal-less Wah Pedal Pretty damn cool.

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Johntron512 15th March 2012
Avatar for Karl J

I'm considering modding my pair of original issue Chameleon Labs 7602 pre/eq or buying a new pre for my lunch box. What would...

Karl J
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Karl J 15th March 2012
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i'm sure there have been plenty of threads like this but... im looking for suggestions for pre amps and compressors/limiters...

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chet.d 15th March 2012
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For the average modern studio that records through ad converters into a computer, what purpose do preamps serve? I realize that...

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Scott003 15th March 2012
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Hey guys and gals. I'm recording hip hop vocals in my studio. However, I'm not going to be doing any mixing/mastering though,...

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fastlanestoner 15th March 2012
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My band currently has an awful keyboard setup - the worst aspect being our lead singer's keyboard. He has a Kawai MP8 - which has...

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dkr 15th March 2012
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Hi. I want to mod my Maschine. Can any if you recommend and websites with affordable prices.

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ft13 15th March 2012
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Hi there guys. just in the process of buying some new plugs and i want a nice colored eq. I was going to buy the sonnox eq as im...

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kalle74 15th March 2012
Avatar for thronechild

I have a dbox currently going to a pair of focal cms 65s with a cms sub. My alternate speaker output is going to a set of cheap...

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thronechild 15th March 2012
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My Dangerous ST has become such a part of my setup, I've nearly forgotten about it. It's just there. Use it every day, touch it...

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legato 15th March 2012
Avatar for EndlessDrifter

Hey Everyone, I've been using a Tascam US-600 for quite some time with a Behringer B-5 mic. It was a great combo starting out...

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EndlessDrifter 15th March 2012
Avatar for 71PIlot

Hey guys, I have decided to just go ahead and build a new PSU for my Fleximix. I ordered (2) Power One 15V Variable Linear Power...

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71PIlot 15th March 2012
Avatar for Mark Drews

Have any DM2000 users experienced problems with the phantom power supply? Ours has taken a holiday though the rest of the console...

Mark Drews
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Mark Drews 15th March 2012
Avatar for ages

Hello slutz, I need a hand here ASAP. For whatever reason I can't find anything online to help me out, though I'm sure...

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SeeDub 15th March 2012
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How do you guys label you XLR of Dsub cables so you know which channel is which? Just looking for some good ideas. I know Neutrik...

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warhead 15th March 2012