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I have a complete drum mix sent to a bus. I wanted to use the EQ only on OH L and OH R (separate channels) without affecting...

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Rokus666 9th April 2012
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Hi, I'm trying to gain a better understanding of reverb and I've come to a problem that I can't work out. Maybe someone can...

Mr Boswald
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squirreltrench 9th April 2012
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Hi , my current setup is : Sterling Audio ST51 Condenser > M-Audio Fast Track MKII > PC > Pro Tools 9 I made some...

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johndykstra 9th April 2012
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I have owned an Otari 5050 years ago. I read from a few sources that it's older brother the MX 55 ran up to 30 IPS? Anyone owned...

glenn Taylor
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glenn Taylor 9th April 2012
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i got a offer to get one of these as a part of a trade but find very little info on it.. looking to use it for tracking synths...

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midihooker 9th April 2012
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Hey all - I'm doing a CD here at home of jazz-esque music reminiscent of Frisell meets Patrick O'Hearn. The plan is to do it...

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Slikjmuzik 9th April 2012
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are there any online? I have had a look and can't seem to come up with much at all. looking through the manual reveals details...

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Kepler22b 9th April 2012
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Hello, I am thinking about contacting the seller of this MICHAEL JACKSON "HIStory" ultra rare acetate (1994 studio...

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NumberOneMJFan 9th April 2012
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I have been searching for wireless in ears for the past couple weeks. Not sure what I should get as I dont want to limit myself...

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jo9shw 9th April 2012
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I would like to cascade two Tascam DM 3200 mixers together. Other than connecting up a cascade cable and setting one mixer to...

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smoovemode 9th April 2012
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My and my partner have been getting more and more ppl come in and do vox for our album, mostly local and ppl we know but also a...

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Aquium 9th April 2012
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So im Looking for a new Voice over mic, Im after something that sound pleasant and warm, nothing harsh. My voice is quite light...

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musicgen 9th April 2012
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I just took a chance and bought a used but recently modded DBX 166A from a seller on ebay with over 1200 sales and 100% positive...

John N
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Commish 9th April 2012
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Hi guys, this is my first post after reading all the Radiohead/Godrich related threads & finding no specific...

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Benjamino 9th April 2012
Avatar for stellar

Picked up a Lavry Blue DA and a Mytek 96 DA. Here are my initial impressions. The "wow" factor on getting a nice DA...

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Aaron Miller 9th April 2012
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Hi ya'll. I'm inquiring as to whether or not this database is accurate and current - and whether it is, or has been helpful...

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radialark 9th April 2012
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It's been a while since I've been active here. Reason is simple: I've had to much work. When I started my small company, I didn't...

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Kris 9th April 2012
Avatar for kingnimrod

The other day I picked up a very rare 70s Japanese synth. The owner told me it was working then stopped. I figured it might be an...

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elijahbrown 9th April 2012
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Hey guys, I recentcently modded an Oktava Mk319 based on Scott Dorsey's article. But I even managed to fit a film cap in the...

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JanusRecording 9th April 2012
Avatar for mickrich

I had a session today where I was micing congas with my Neumann TLM103 and was getting vibration through to the mic. I tired the...

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John Willett 9th April 2012
Avatar for vak

Hey guys Looking into buying a new set of studio monitors to go with my RME BabyFace. Either Genelec 8040A which cost $1309...

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Caramel 9th April 2012
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Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy my first set of monitors (using headphones for the past two years has gotten progressively...

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chrisjamesadams 9th April 2012
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I get the impression that the sonic qualities of these 2 pres (MP-2NV and GTQ2) are VERY similar (i.e. big bottom/open top). Is...

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musicminister187 9th April 2012
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I have been going back and forth learning and mixing and reading and thinking but now I'm fully decided, I want a console with...

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erikdrink 9th April 2012
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I am currently building a home studio, while it is up and running (average to say the most). I want to upgrade but i don't know...

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Cali0605 9th April 2012
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eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices Back in the 80's I...

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joeq 9th April 2012
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I plan on purchasing an apogee 16x a/d. This can output a digital signal (I will break out to 8 channels of spdif). For...

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bissellstudios 9th April 2012
Avatar for Realziment

Hey guys, I was wondering those of you who own an SM7B could point out some its major pros and or Cons.. Also what Pres or type...

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RonGherkins 9th April 2012
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Hey hey Gearslutz! Allow me to introduce my self first, Axiom Static and new to GS. Nice to meet you all! kfhkh I woke up...

Axiom static
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GordZilla 9th April 2012
Avatar for pezz3000

hey there, i just got a presonus firestudio interface. it looks as if my laptop is reading it and has shown it in the firewire...

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RightOnRome 9th April 2012
Avatar for fuzzface777

I read in a few posts CLA hard pans as much as possible to get the wide sounding mixes he gets. Does anybody hard pan as much as...

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Oroz 9th April 2012
Avatar for John J.

Hi, Over the years I've read postings of some of our gearslutz members who have reached great heights in the music business...

John J.
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mu6gr8 9th April 2012
Avatar for Ziko

If you were starting from scratch and wanted to have two mic-pres to cover as many basses as possible, one being the ME1-NV, what...

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SoZo 9th April 2012
Avatar for thelowerrhythm

So! A few months back I picked up this old Shure unit, the SR107. I've used a few consoles from the SR series and really liked...

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5th element 9th April 2012
Avatar for FlyMordecai

i'm trying to determine the weak link in my modest mic collection and have been interested by the possibility of picking up an...

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monkeyxx 9th April 2012
Avatar for dalcl

Hello. I've got for free (at my job) but in bad condition. It has a very low output level (for a condenser, I've often used the...

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nob turner 9th April 2012
Avatar for bobbyM3

I'm a noob when it comes to bussing my tracks. I had autotune on every track at the same setting on for ever vocal track. I set a...

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Avatar for Aisle 6
Aisle 6 8th April 2012
Avatar for koolaidpianist

Hey guys, my current rig is an Asus G73 laptop + an Akai MPK Mini+ Reason 5. I want to take advantage of sampling abilities so in...

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koolaidpianist 8th April 2012
Avatar for Osvald AmadeuZ

Hello. Lately we´ve improved our studio, and are gonna record or first album, wich got a lot of country style in it (an a of...

Osvald AmadeuZ
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Osvald AmadeuZ 8th April 2012
Avatar for trupro

Hey gang, hope you are well! So recently got an older Soundcraft Delta AVE, with power supply. Missing the Multipin power cable,...

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trupro 8th April 2012
Avatar for spitfir3

Hi guys, First post here and i'm not entirely sure if this is the right forum for it so apologies if it's not. So, i've got...

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spitfir3 8th April 2012
Avatar for Deleted 1846071

I just listened to the song Comfort Eagle by Cake for the first time in probably ten years and got majorly inspired. The song...

Deleted 1846071
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Jared Paul 8th April 2012
Avatar for johndykstra

The title says it all. I have decent mixer (Ghost) And I have some decent outboard pres (7th circle) I'm wondering if...

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Avatar for Musiclab
Musiclab 8th April 2012
Avatar for mike vee

I am in the process of possibly taking delivery of an API 5500 EQ in the next few days to complete my 2 bus chain, which is D-box...

mike vee
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Avatar for KennyS
KennyS 8th April 2012
Avatar for cb_hale

I'm trying to work out the power consumption of a bunch of gear for a studio building project and can't find any of the necessary...

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cb_hale 8th April 2012
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut

Hi all, Will be in NY this coming week for a bit. So Im on the hunt for a GOOD vintage acosutic guitar and electric if i see...

Wiggy Neve Slut
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patchmonkey 8th April 2012
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thefyn 8th April 2012
Avatar for analogjeff

Hi... just bought a used Beyer 160 ribbon for cheap, and the output's a lot lower than our royer 121... never having worked with...

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RFZ DUDE 8th April 2012
Avatar for hauntedclutter

I've read good things about the Overstayer comps when used as a buss compressor. However, some people say that the Overstayer is...

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Deckdaddy 8th April 2012
Avatar for loscolorados

How to set multiple outputs for Arturia Spark Vintage drum maschines in Cubase? I went to vst instruments, and press active...

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loscolorados 8th April 2012