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I'm obsessed with the "Streetlights" song from their "Ritual" album and overall I love the production and...

The Listener
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rhythmtech 14th April 2012
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Hi there I'm looking for a small mixer for my home setup, and heard good things about the Midas Venice. how does it sound?...

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zoro 14th April 2012
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I was reading some posts where a few people were complaining that Pro Tools does not come bundled with a dedicated RTAS chorus...

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Aeolian 14th April 2012
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People who listened both please compare Neuman KH 120 vs Yamaha MSP7.

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greenears 13th April 2012
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Hello slutz, I need your help with Iterative Quantize(iQ-button) in cubase 6. Is it possible to use Iterative Quantize...

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RiKi 13th April 2012
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Hi Guys, Just trying to sync up my SSL Alpha Link with PT10 through my M Audio Lightbridge. Was fine with Logic 9 but Pro...

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paulcosten77 13th April 2012
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I made `nother movie with strictly analog gear, recorded on my 8-track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYw6gCjJbLk Hope you...

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Bitfinder 13th April 2012
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Hi all. I have a Joe Meek VC2. For some reason the compressor section isn't working. The needle shows gain reduction but it's not...

Keith Sylvester
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Puffer Fish 13th April 2012
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I am looking to purchase this unit from a private seller today. Tested date is 9/91. Serial number is 0145. There is a THAT...

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Fash 13th April 2012
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I used it today on 80% of all my tracks. It sounds like a hit record (after I put on my gold diapers). Thank you soundtoys for...

George Necola
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kerouac 13th April 2012
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I would like to know if people here are converting their SA-CD in DSD files for burning into a DVD.

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popmann 13th April 2012
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what is your live performance vocal mic of preference under $300? (male voice, rock vocal if it matters)

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legato 13th April 2012
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Hey guys, I live in germany and just received my MPA II from america. Bought it second hand from another slut here ;) Now the...

Les Page
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Les Page 13th April 2012
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dinhtiendat 13th April 2012
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Hi! I plan to get a Korg Micro X to use it with my M-Audio Axiom61 mkII keyboard. I've seen that the MicroX keyboard doesn't...

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picur85 13th April 2012
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Can someone help me out here... I'm relatively new to recording and have set up a humble home studio in my basement. I have a...

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NYCruiser 13th April 2012
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I'm seriously oldschool!! - bought up on tape and analogue everything… I was schooled by the veterans (not personally) via...

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yotonic 13th April 2012
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What exactly are the constituents of a given sound? What are all the relevant elements? EQ, pitch, volume, duration,...

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suckamc 13th April 2012
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I was lucky enough to pick up a tascam 38 a while back in near perfect condition!...

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Kezzy 13th April 2012
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Are these 2 exacly the same mic with different names? Is there any sonic difference between the two?

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Huptus 13th April 2012
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Hey people, I need some help on what I think is noise/instable power in my studio. Eg when I crank my monitors or preamps I...

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AllAboutTone 13th April 2012
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I want to test out ORTF placement on drums. I normally have been using Spaced Pair and Recorderman on my drum recordings. Is...

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shrimpbait 13th April 2012
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Hi guys. I have been searching over forums for a few months now, trying to determine the best purchase that I can make for an...

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CopperSkotch 13th April 2012
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Looking forward to the ZED R16 MkII. Is there any ETA ?

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Big_Bang 13th April 2012
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Hi all. New to this forum & very much looking forward to gaining audio knowledge & ideas from you all! I have a...

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therollingrockbr 13th April 2012
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Is there a AAX native or DSP DRUM replacer like drum agog . Ihave tried drum agog but it seems to crash my computer constantly...

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phatbeatstudio 13th April 2012
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The Quietus | Features | The Space Is The Place - Taylor Parkes On Abbey Road Studios

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binarymilton 13th April 2012
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Hello Gear Heads, I'm Currently using a Duet 2 which sounds pretty clean but i'm looking to upgrade my sound. I was previously...

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Aisle 6 13th April 2012
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Hi, I got an orban 111b spring reverb from ebay two days ago. Looks like new inside as well as outside, supposed to be working...

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RSFiesta 13th April 2012
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I just recently bought the CD version of AC/DC's Back In Black album (not the remastered one, the first one) that I had and have...

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filipv 13th April 2012
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I'm looking for a simple mixer, like the Mackie 802 vlz3 but with mix inserts, so that I can insert a buss compressor on the mix...

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M4-10 13th April 2012
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Hi guys I have a question because i'm looking a console with good pre and DA for mixing Many people is talking good about the...

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chicomac 13th April 2012
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I need some opinions. How do you guys send your drums? Do you send everything to a compressor or just certain tracks to it....

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steffo 13th April 2012
Avatar for tempusfugit

Hey all, I'm working on a track right now that I may or may not sell, but will definitely release into the public someway or...

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tempusfugit 13th April 2012
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Or do I even need a room mic? (And I`m just using this as another reason to buy geargooof) But seriously, what can it do? I...

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mejon 13th April 2012
Avatar for manzini

What exactly means "be a golden ears"? Perceive certain frequencies? Recognize notes / instruments from the dense...

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sailor 13th April 2012
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Pat Metheny - That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be (Carly Simon) - YouTube Interested in your thoughts on how to get...

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Aeolian 13th April 2012
Avatar for Tachy

I have a question about the dm 4800 about daw control. How the dm 4800 control my daw? is via usb midi?

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rmandelbaum 13th April 2012
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I'm just about to grab an Eventide Pitchfactor mainly for the more obvious effects like "Crystals" and such, but I'm...

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wakestyle 13th April 2012
Avatar for utilityfan

Hello, I just inserted a data card and I was wondering if the JD-800 has some kind of eject button for the card? I just got it ;)

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utilityfan 13th April 2012
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Probably the dumbest question ever, but on ITL #15 when Drew is setting up a session for Dave, he labels the input to the print...

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Oldone 13th April 2012
Avatar for WH1

So, here's what I'm thinking. My front end consists of 16 Focusrite ins coming from an pro 40 and a octo pre dynamic. I'm...

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ST. 13th April 2012
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Api 512c x 3 A Designs P1 x2 LaChapell 583s x2 MP 500 NV Pearlman TM 1 x2 Diezel Herbert Orange...

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Syncamorea 13th April 2012
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Q Series Studio Monitors Equator Audio 8s are $1000 off?

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PDC 13th April 2012
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hey, i'm torn between krk vxt8 and vxt6's, i went to the store and tested them both, and liked them. I was swaying towards the...

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synth 13th April 2012
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Something that's been playing on my mind recently, and a topic that I think might lead to a wealthy debate, is how people go...

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Beat Poet 12th April 2012
Avatar for FloridaJ

Hello I am looking for an audio interface without a preamp. What I want is to use a dedicated preamp and then run that into a...

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etrella 12th April 2012
Avatar for Ken Walker

This speaks for itself. Gotta give props to Boss/Roland for this one.

Ken Walker
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Tomas1808 12th April 2012
Avatar for wakestyle

Just a vague question about guys that buy gear with semi-professional ambitions, or that buy gear not strictly because they have...

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Kestral 12th April 2012
Avatar for Virgil

Hello, Paul McCartney´s RAM sessions used many studio musicians. On guitars he had Hugh McCracken and David Spinozza. I...

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Avatar for scott petito
scott petito 12th April 2012