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Happy owner of Peavey classic 50 BUT for studio use few dB less would be great. Would Load box (like Rivera Rock Crusher) do in...

Simma Lugnt
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inwardheel 28th April 2012
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First off, I'd like to say thanks for all of the threads I've read over the years that have helped me with miscellaneous issues...

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MiRai 28th April 2012
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I apologize for posting here, but received no reply in the music computer forum. Hi, I have been running pt9 win 7 using a...

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codabass 28th April 2012
Avatar for James Lugo

What are the differences between the Roland Space Echo and the Maestro EP-4 Echoplex? Which do you prefer for mixing vocals?...

James Lugo
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Avatar for once a roadie
once a roadie 28th April 2012
Avatar for Outlaw Hans

I´ve noticed that it´s doesn´t like to be pushed to hard to get a nice reverb. Saturating the plate makes it sound too much...

Outlaw Hans
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Outlaw Hans 27th April 2012
Avatar for lucasmusic

The Dangerous Music 2 Bus LT is actually a cheaper option than the Black Lion Mod of the PM8 but wasnt sure which would render...

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lucasmusic 27th April 2012
Avatar for loscolorados

ARTURIA - Introducing Wurlitzer V - YouTube Arturia Wurlitzer V Piano Review Extended - YouTube did somebody try this one...

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salomonander 27th April 2012
Avatar for psykx

Ok I've managed to lose another one of my ear plugs, and I'm looking to get some custom moulded ones. I wanted to get some...

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[email protected] 27th April 2012
Avatar for colonel_claypoo

Hi all, does anybody know if there's a plugin that shows you a readout of the exact frequency of the highest peak on an EQ...

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Moonwrist 27th April 2012
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passenger 27th April 2012
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We've been waiting a long time, and it doesn't look to be happening anytime too soon. The Wrecking Crew deserves their due, and...

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Wayne 27th April 2012
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It comes in at 2:22 in this youtube video. I haven't been able to figure it out yet. It looks like a pretty nice drum pad...

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valerianroot 27th April 2012
Avatar for bigbone

Going from DIGI 003 rack to RME FF800, is it a step up or a step down converter and sound wise ??????

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Avatar for nedorama
nedorama 27th April 2012
Avatar for ScarredByDesign

Generally speaking, are condensers that run on batteries instead of phantom power any good? I understand that they probably won't...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 27th April 2012
Avatar for Neurodriver

I'm wondering if any of you can help me... I'm looking for a cost-effective but high quality solution which will allow me to...

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psycho_monkey 27th April 2012
Avatar for BOP

Hi Guys, I have some gotham cable left (not star quad - I save my star quad for mic connections) that I normally use for...

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passenger 27th April 2012
Avatar for dwall

Hello All - I'm going to be moving from Chicago to New York City in a few months (for school), and there's no way I can take...

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dwall 27th April 2012
Avatar for SveinKB

I know, this is the weirdest thing! But when I listen to mix that's too compressed it's like I can feel it in my throat. If...

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aarvin2 27th April 2012
Avatar for SocraticFilms

I have a small production studio, originally designed for film editing. And now by accident, my small film production company...

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Avatar for SocraticFilms
SocraticFilms 27th April 2012
Avatar for Rob Coates

I was looking for a cheap compressor that would dirty things up for occasional use and found a Fatman 3 on eBay that I thought...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for Aural Endeavors
Aural Endeavors 27th April 2012
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Just want to rave about this forum.This is the best forum with the most knowledge on the internet.lets stick together and keep it...

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Avatar for andy3
andy3 27th April 2012
Avatar for dibravibra

Hi! I wonder if there is a soft synth like Roland G-1000 Woorkstation? I need software synth-intelligent arranger for music...

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dibravibra 27th April 2012
Avatar for REX

Wondering if any 500 series slutz have tried this preamp/EQ unit. It looks like it might make a nice vocal channel.

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Avatar for jeremyglover
jeremyglover 27th April 2012
Avatar for HangArt

There are recordings, without much highs, but still open. How to achive that? Harmonics? Analog gears?

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Avatar for binarymilton
binarymilton 27th April 2012
Avatar for T-Stag

I visited a friend's studio last weekend where he had a beautiful Trident console which based on features apperared to be heavily...

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Avatar for jupiter8
jupiter8 27th April 2012
Avatar for lobit

wondering if anyone who has used both could tell me definitively if there is a difference in the quality of the ad converters...

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Avatar for Seb RIOU
Seb RIOU 27th April 2012
Avatar for BrettEffinThomas

Hey everyone. I went to guitar center in 2003 to get a Dual Rect. My 15 year old self let the pro audio guy talk me into leaving...

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Avatar for James Lugo
James Lugo 27th April 2012
Avatar for bobbyM3

I'm a huge noob with this. Im unclear how SPDIF actually works. I have presonus fp10 and an M-audio FireWire 1814. Does the...

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Avatar for bobbyM3
bobbyM3 27th April 2012
Avatar for jook

Can anyone identify this mic used on vocals for Bic Runga: Bic Runga on Vimeo Bic Runga has also used ELAM 251's in the past....

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Avatar for coffeecup77
coffeecup77 27th April 2012
Avatar for ubcelebstar

Hi which should i choose in these? Microphones: Cad Trion 6000 Neumann Tlm 102 Audio Technica AT 2035 Blue Microphone...

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Avatar for ubcelebstar
ubcelebstar 27th April 2012
Avatar for tbcq715

We are trying to build a smaller studio for our church to start recording some of our original stuff. We want to buy what we...

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Avatar for sonicjosh
sonicjosh 27th April 2012
Avatar for ryangeller

He's been brought up a few times before in threads concerning pop-punk albums and guitar tones, etc- but does anyone have any...

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Avatar for Sofa King
Sofa King 27th April 2012
Avatar for energizer bunny

I found her on Youtube in my quest to harmonize some melody lines. She has lots of videos. Check her out shes tops. Karen...

energizer bunny
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Avatar for Ben Logan
Ben Logan 27th April 2012
Avatar for ForgottenG

I have a DBX 900 rack and have a Hybrid way of mixing with Pro Tools as "tape" going into my Soundtracs MX32 desk as...

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Avatar for ForgottenG
ForgottenG 27th April 2012
Avatar for chessparov

Usually go to a coolcooge Tuesday "singer/songwriter" night in Laguna Beach. Anyway... If any GS members that...

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Avatar for chessparov
chessparov 27th April 2012
Avatar for tvanveen

Have a gig coming up involving my first time recording piano. Context is indie pop/rock, main sound is chimey, sometimes heavier...

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Avatar for BCglitch
BCglitch 27th April 2012
Avatar for XodiaK

does anyone have any insight as to what recording and mixing gear was used on either album? desks? mics? pres? eqs? comps? or...

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Avatar for XodiaK
XodiaK 27th April 2012
Avatar for mike vee

Ok, so I am ready to get the ol' D-box working again and break out of the box. I do retro styled dance music/disco pop kinda...

mike vee
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Avatar for JoshuaE
JoshuaE 27th April 2012
Avatar for smoovemode

Converter- SSL Alpha Link Mixer- Tascam dm3200 Hookup - Adat 1-8 io on alpha link connected to single onboard Adat io on...

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Avatar for smoovemode
smoovemode 27th April 2012
Avatar for karljohnson

Hi guys, I'm based in the U.K and have been writing some songs with a couple of girls from the U.K t.v show 'X...

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Avatar for karljohnson
karljohnson 26th April 2012
Avatar for maxiedaniels

Okay, so I currently have JBL 4326 monitors, paired with the JBL sub. I realize I should always be getting better at mixing,...

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Avatar for maxiedaniels
maxiedaniels 26th April 2012
Avatar for rcoket3

USHER ACOUSTIC VERSION - CLIMAX by Gael Boom - YouTube Usher - Climax (AHMIR R&B Group cover) - YouTube Hey guys when...

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Avatar for Antony Scott
Antony Scott 26th April 2012
Avatar for Benny Hill

Hey guys I'm fairly new to this subject. I've read countless threads on this and don't feel any closer to feeling secure about a...

Benny Hill
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Avatar for Fletcher
Fletcher 26th April 2012
Avatar for SnobSTUPiD

hey there, does anyone know how to midi map funtions on ableton to padkontrol ? ive been using it for about a week, and the...

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Avatar for SnobSTUPiD
SnobSTUPiD 26th April 2012
Avatar for KatMC716

Hello All! I am working for a movie being filmed in downtown Manhattan. It takes place in the 1970's, and we are therefore in...

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Avatar for j2dafo
j2dafo 26th April 2012
Avatar for bewilderd

Anyone here ever used http://www.griffinproaudio.com/ before? Ordered something Friday (a used desk), still no invoice despite...

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Avatar for bewilderd
bewilderd 26th April 2012
Avatar for bonneybear

Hi, I just set-up a new Eleven rack w/PT10. when I play guitar through it and interfaced with the computer all is well, when I...

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Avatar for nedorama
nedorama 26th April 2012
Avatar for John N

I'm looking for an 8 channel ADAT interface to expand my inputs and was wondering which unit would be best. The modded ADA8000...

John N
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Avatar for John N
John N 26th April 2012
Avatar for zak7

I am looking for the best monitor for Mixing that I can buy at that price range - $2500. I do Pop , Pop Rock, Rock. Want...

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Avatar for zak7
zak7 26th April 2012
Avatar for ELI-173

Hello beloved slutz. Have any of you used both Solo6's and ProAc's? I currently have the Solo6's and they've been great,...

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Avatar for ELI-173
ELI-173 26th April 2012