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MBI = Mel Bowden International - an independent broadcast sound desk manual manufacturer based in Brighten UK. MBI made its...

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GuitarPimp 14th June 2020
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Hey I’m looking to upgrade currently have ns-10s and focal alpha 65s. I use the ns10 for balancing and most mixing and check...

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ibnxmahdi 14th June 2020
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I was reading an old post on here where they were discussing compression on the master LR. Someone mentioned Symetrix...

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jamesmafyew 14th June 2020
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hi i need some help to decide which of those 3 montors is better for my needs. I already have a really good pair of monitors...

Stergios T.
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Stergios T. 14th June 2020
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Hello, I want to buy two ribbon mics for recording my (jazz)drums in my homestudio. My budget is tight (400 euro/375$). After...

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Signalpath 14th June 2020
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Hello there, i'm trying to solve a $$ puzzle and some help for more experience users would be nice. I have a Silver Bullet and...

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bigfurry 14th June 2020
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What do you guys think about Schoeps CM64?

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Fioraxy 14th June 2020
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Check it out: 99 NAMM videos in all their glory! kfhkh :cowbell: rockout :synth: freshflowe...

The Press Desk
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thenoodle 14th June 2020
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My band is giving up our rehearsal space, and a bunch of other people's miscellaneous unwanted and/or forgotten gear had...

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James Lehmann 14th June 2020
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OK, we all know the fastest analog compressor ever made was (is) the Spectra Sonics 610 and C610 with an attack time of 100...

Rob Coates
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Wayne 14th June 2020
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Hi folks, So I have an Audient ASP880 which will be going back into a shop for the third time in as many years—two power...

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rmedek 14th June 2020
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Mic Pre under $800 that are better than the UAD Arrow. Any suggestions?

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jkung 13th June 2020
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Hi, I've been trying to mic up my drums and I think the Behringer SL 75C would be great as it fits my budget and I can buy a...

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thor.lucas 13th June 2020
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I’ve never worked with a tape machine so please excuse this question, but the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons don’t do...

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james01 13th June 2020
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I came up with this a few years back, Ive also found and came close to purchasing a Track, such as this, (mach-up) and adding...

Rick Dalton
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Rick Dalton 13th June 2020
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Betweeen Violectric HPA V200 and Little Labs Monotor which gives the best sound? What about specifically for the HD800?

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Chuck_S 13th June 2020
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Hi guys, first post. Decided to sign up in my hunt for a mic. Along my way I came across this mic: Avantone CV-95 Avantone...

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statixx 13th June 2020
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Hi, I’m looking for some different coloured knobs for an Art Pro Channel II after seeing the Revive Audio Pro MPA...

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dickiefunk 13th June 2020
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Hi Has any of you upgraded your PCM90 with the newer rom kit from Vers 1.00 to vers 1.01.....? Is it a simple job to...

impact studios
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elegentdrum 13th June 2020
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Analog Summing vs Hardware Mastering chain vs Hardware FX Hello Gearslutz, I'm about to upgrade my setup, and would like to...

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bgood 13th June 2020
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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my question but here goes. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a distortion or...

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Retrovertigo 13th June 2020
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Is this mic perfect to use for voiceovers radio spots? Someone told me to look the Gefell m930 or TLM 103. Your opinion to help...

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kennybro 13th June 2020
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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone may be able to shed any light on this little sony desk. I've googled it to no avail, so I...

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venomenon 13th June 2020
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Good Morning Good Morning! In a situation where I'm ready to do the 'bigger/better' monitor upgrade. I've done some research...

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Alex_Djuran 13th June 2020
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Hi all, I have a lovely old JVC JA-S11 hi-fi power amp from the '70s which is currently sitting gathering dust. Many...

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Jinder 12th June 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for any info or tips on Mick's voice processing. I know he used a Tele 250 on vocals, but I'm...

Fergies Watch
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popmann 12th June 2020
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AM I the only one multiband compressing vocals? Im tracking through a u87-mp2nv-distressors-apogee rosetta 800-hard disk then c4...

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Psylem 12th June 2020
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So i currently have an MA-201, would like to get something that can do figure 8 for some M/S recording, so I'm wondering if...

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rancechampion 12th June 2020
Avatar for Bobby Decay

My MOTU 828 has a jack pedal socket which can be assigned to midi talkback on/off in cuemix. Great. I tried a keyboard sustain...

Bobby Decay
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Bobby Decay 12th June 2020
Avatar for Reverb543

I don't frequent this forum, but thought this info would be useful for everyone. If you to get ribbon mics serviced right now,...

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Reverb543 12th June 2020
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I'm considering replacing the tubes in my SE Gemini II because I've had it for a while and feel like experimenting. So an...

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cmacdonald89 12th June 2020
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I recently bought a whole vocal chain and now im on the mix bus chain. I have a small bedroom studio and running the equipment...

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westom 12th June 2020
Avatar for NickRhymes

Hey there, so i just upgraded from gen 3 krk 5's to yamaha 7's and i love them so far, but when both volume pots are in the same...

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David Rick 12th June 2020
Avatar for dsgstng

Hi! I'm trying to help my father out with recording speech. He has a Mipro ACT-311B wireless receiver and a wireless mic. It...

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caseyleesharp 12th June 2020
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HI i have a mtr90MKII ,and when I switch on, all the lights on the power supply are ok and all lights in the cards too , but I...

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pacoloco 12th June 2020
Avatar for wch

hi all, Amateur home studio owner here. I've been using the ISA One for my vocal recording for a couple of years and it does...

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dickiefunk 12th June 2020
Avatar for tracert01

Hi GearSlutz, I’m after your thoughts on the sounds/capabilities of the above units. While there’s a bit of discussion about...

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tracert01 12th June 2020
Avatar for hebjam

I just had a Blackfire 531 stolen and was wondering what the diff was between the I and II versions of these? I use it for vocal...

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hebjam 12th June 2020
Avatar for thomasdf

Hello folks Today and yesterday (12 and 13 of April 2016) were the Audio Days in Paris, at Studio de la Grande Armée. It is...

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maiaa 12th June 2020
Avatar for alercottle

Hi Guys! I've made a little shootout (not scientific) between these mics Different types of microphones ion acoustic...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 11th June 2020
Avatar for vallobeats

Ive been interested in purchasing a new control surface. I have a Command 8 and i love it. I want more channels and individual...

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vallobeats 11th June 2020
Avatar for datafeist

Hi, Probably gonna sell my uad firewire satellite and buy a uad twin. Off course i wanna keep the plugins i bought extra. So...

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thismercifulfate 11th June 2020
Avatar for ScumBum

A lot of mixers describe "Bending" an SSL console . What exactly are they doing ?? Overdriving the Master Buss ?

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Avatar for Frankie Mumbles
Frankie Mumbles 11th June 2020
Avatar for pw2005

I need to have 8 more channels and am deciding on which unit. The Focusrite Clarett is the least expensive so I would prefer that...

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Avatar for ToneStrings
ToneStrings 11th June 2020
Avatar for Prockamaniac

I use a summing mixer to run my ITB compositions through, and I want to know if the audio quality is on par with what I'd be...

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Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 11th June 2020
Avatar for PaulMac

I'd greatly appreciate some help with this! Looking at a million headphone amps is driving me crazy. At the moment I'm running...

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Avatar for PaulMac
PaulMac 11th June 2020
Avatar for Vanx

Hello guys I’ve ordered a dual BAE 1073MPF, but now I’m questioning the DI use for passive guitar and bass. (Jazzmaster and...

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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 11th June 2020
Avatar for SoothsayerRec

Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for your help! I've been looking for a vocal mic under 1k (used, that is), and now my...

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Avatar for Overdrive
Overdrive 11th June 2020
Avatar for DougS

We've decided to go for a big upgrade starting with a new mic. This will be our first high-end mic. We've decided on a U47...

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Avatar for Carabinerx
Carabinerx 11th June 2020
Avatar for gravyface

I’m always reaching for a wide shelving boost on overheads, usually around 8-12K. I’d like a mic that can do that,...

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mahler007 11th June 2020