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Hey everyone, Just finished building a new PC. It's not screaming, just an i5 cpu, but I threw in a sata3 ssd and I'm running...

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Sameself 6th May 2012
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What’s your most frustrating mix translation problem/s and what steps have you taken to solve them that have proven to be...

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pqlia 6th May 2012
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Hey guys I've been saving up since January for my new vocal chain... And now I finally have the money saved so I am ready to take...

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herecomesyourman 6th May 2012
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Golden Age Mic I saw their ads in Tape Op... I wonder if anyone has experience with them..? built quality, sound?

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matt22sound 6th May 2012
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Currently running U-87 into API (mic pre) then out to Motu 8pre interface. Would it make any difference running mic directly into...

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Shannon Adkins 6th May 2012
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We just shot a continuous-take live performance video that I'd like to share (I'm performing in it and recorded and mixed the...

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M4-10 6th May 2012
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Reading these pages I get the impression that most of the outboard gear from Universal Audio isn't worth the money. Everyone...

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jeremyglover 6th May 2012
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I've been tested many plug ins by UAD and they are really good! I've been compare them with other native options like Waves,...

jonas tatit
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RiF 6th May 2012
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After recently completing my taxes and running through last years budget, I was horrified to learn that 25.63% of my total income...

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krheatman 6th May 2012
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After four months of headaches and frustration regarding noise that was entering my audio signal, showing up in my studio...

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phi 6th May 2012
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I am starting a new business here in San Diego called Analog Source Rentals. We are specializing in high-end boutique mic pres,...

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fastlanestoner 6th May 2012
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Can you please recommend some studios in specific cities with GREAT mic collections? I am a hack basement hobbyist musician who...

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doncaparker 6th May 2012
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Did you guys see it.Now i love Brian alot and he is a great artist,a part of my childhood ect; but i almost had to turn the...

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MikeC1980 6th May 2012
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I start a mix this weekend and will be using a PCM 42 for the first time. Any tips on cool settings or things to look for? It'll...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 6th May 2012
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I finally found some time to record my Tremonti PRS and the freshly upgraded guitar...

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Marcellino 6th May 2012
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Content of this thread has been moved to...

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Marcellino 6th May 2012
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I'll soon be upgrading from my Bx5a monitors to some Focal CMS-50's, I'm using an apogee duet with 1/4" outs for my...

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NBarnes21 6th May 2012
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smoovemode 6th May 2012
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So last night, I lied awake in bed like I usually do thinking of gear and what I can do to my studio and I began to ponder the...

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fastlanestoner 6th May 2012
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proud owner of new steinberg Although.... 1 problem I dont have a firewire port ahahaha Belkin F4U009 4 Port PCI Internal...

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Whitecat 6th May 2012
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AWA BAR 2 BROADCAST AMPLIFIER/MIXER I bought this recently & had the idea of setting it up with 4 seperate balanced outs to...

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roginator 6th May 2012
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Can you run HD native card, and rme aes at the same time in pro tools 10? Can you run them at the same time in Logic? Also is...

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ajbianco 6th May 2012
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I've been listening to this a lot recently, and I just love it, all the songs are stand out tracks but...

Deleted 651cf92
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Deleted 651cf92 6th May 2012
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Comment Like Subscribe!!!

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ZendMusic 6th May 2012
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Anyone have experience with this store? Are these well made/well soldered? How do the compare to Mogami? 24 Pack - TT Bantam...

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ResonantMind 6th May 2012
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Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a baby grand. They vary so much in price and I don't know where to start. I see lots on eBay...

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peeej1978 6th May 2012
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joeq 6th May 2012
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Hello. I'm not very experienced with this side of gear. So I have a question. The Lynx Aurora 16 says that it has 16 analog...

Gringo Starr
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Hyder boy 6th May 2012
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Hey guys i'm searching for an Eq plugin similar to eq8 of ableton live for automating an eq band for filter like effects without...

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teaa 6th May 2012
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Their "approx" gonna go for the same price i think, so just wondering which one would u get? i doubt i will be using...

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Shannon Adkins 6th May 2012
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I've got a small basement studio with a very low ceiling (6' 8" or so). I've got a lot of absorption on the walls, bass...

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.:On The Rock:. 6th May 2012
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I enjoy smoking during a session, but I enjoy good, proper working gear even more. When I have a mic on a stand hooked up -...

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dasnub 6th May 2012
Avatar for Beneficial

I love Soundtoys and bought their stuff partially because I wanted to use their Filter Freak 2 to independently control filtering...

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Bob Belcher 6th May 2012
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I need to get a basic playback system for my home studio live room. The construction is in progress so now is the time t think...

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whinylittlerunt 6th May 2012
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Ive spent time in the past with impulse responses and analog "cab sims", but they always seem to fall short and...

bryan k
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.walktothewater. 6th May 2012
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I'm selling my Marshall amp head and B-52 cabinet and I'd like some opinions on what I should ask for them. Both are in near mint...

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nst7 6th May 2012
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and found this : Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain Pro8 Digital High seems very cheap - anyone ever bought from them before and know...

Deleted 10089a2
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Deleted 10089a2 6th May 2012
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Im thinking about buy the mbox 3 pro with PT 9 upgrade but i have the question if work perfect with Boot Camp Windows 7 64 bit -...

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maskedman72 5th May 2012
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Just Purchased a pair of Proac Studio 1 mk ll's from eBay, thinking they were 100's I realised this after I won the bid, I'm...

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beautyfish 5th May 2012
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Hey everyone, I'd like to get either a 2U or 4U stand that sits on top of my desk. That would give me enough space for the...

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Sheekamoo 5th May 2012
Avatar for limestone

For the first time I started noticing a very faint, high pitched ring in my ears when I had a little knap on the sofa in my...

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Ninjazz 5th May 2012
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hello everyone, to begin.. i have never used an analog drum machine..ever. but im to in love with the dave smith instruments...

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jtabbott8 5th May 2012
Avatar for Sirocco

anybody got any dirty little tips or secrets to get a bassdrum extremely loud without distorting. I know I usually make the...

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mattg082 5th May 2012
Avatar for jsegbers

Hi all, I have a Shure 550L that I am trying to convert to a 3 pin end, it currently has a 4 pin switchcraft connector on it. We...

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doomnote 5th May 2012
Avatar for Chris Harrington

Hey guys, Im about to pick up a Art HeadAmp6Pro & a Presonus Monitor Station. I have a quick question about doing talkback...

Chris Harrington
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Avatar for Dmytro_ua
Dmytro_ua 5th May 2012
Avatar for thetalkinghead

I own a small studio and my main pair of monitors are Event Opals. However, I love working on tracks on my laptop and...

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Avatar for Aural Endeavors
Aural Endeavors 5th May 2012
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Plz sm7b and dmp3 users help me ! When I plug my sm7b in the dmp3, i should let the hi gain at 9' o clock, But I got no...

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trevorjoe 5th May 2012
Avatar for RSMITH123

Anyone used a D&R Console? I would appreciate any feedback as I am looking @ getting a Cinemix.

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el cochino 5th May 2012
Avatar for John N

Anyone have experience with both of these interfaces? I am wondering about how they compare on 2 different fronts: conversion as...

John N
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John N 5th May 2012
Avatar for Goose360

Hi everyone, A few months ago I managed a small team who dismantled, relocated and rebuilt a D&R Octagon console. We...

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Avatar for KlangDialog
KlangDialog 5th May 2012