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Have had the Emu 1212m and 0404 pci cards since I first got into DAW recording almost 10 years ago. Absolutely love...

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JLiRD808 4th June 2012
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Hi there, I'm fed up of low quality compressor pedal...but i like to apply a bit of compression before my amp or a bass pod...

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Radiogal 4th June 2012
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Hello. I have been once again critically listening to many recordings in the M/S manner and I have been trying to recreate some...

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Syncamorea 4th June 2012
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Hey Everyone, I would like to know, where can I find the samples of the studio set kit from the MPC60? the ones they used on Man...

Werner Beukes
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Werner Beukes 4th June 2012
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at one time i had the hamptone tube pre's. factory built,i loved them. a buddy got to using them had them patched in and was in...

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boomer81 4th June 2012
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which version of golden age pre 73 from this company is the best?

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manzini 4th June 2012
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I'm purchasing an iMac with Mac os x Lion. I was interested in buying a used M-Audio Firewire 410 audio interface and heard...

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kingtj 4th June 2012
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Something I heard from somebody today,that is supposed to work,or is it a crock?hittt

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rksguit 4th June 2012
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I'm searching for good diaphragm mics. I heard about the AKG C 451 B, And know someone that sell it for 400$. Is it worth it?...

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Syncamorea 4th June 2012
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I realize this is likely a stupid question, but... I just recorded(for a client) drums for one of his songs I'm producing. I...

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Xander 4th June 2012
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Any suggestions for a good vintage mixer that I can use for mixing 8 channels of drums OTB and will give me some nice warm EQ's?...

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theslingerland 4th June 2012
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Piano has always been prominent in Coldplay's music. Parachutes had some great sounds but over their last few releases, ever...

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georgebarnett 4th June 2012
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I don't necessarily wanna debate the usefulness of the RNC, it's inexpensive and I can see it having its place in a studio,...

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Drumsound 4th June 2012
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So I have a 24 channel Seismic Audio snake box I'm installing in the live room. Does it make any sense to spend extra money on...

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travisbrown 4th June 2012
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Hey Slutz, I've got a small collection of hardware synths, and currently I only have a firewire solo. I'd like to be able to...

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James Lehmann 4th June 2012
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Hi…I have an Ampex 440C 2 track. i am using it with Dolby SR (I am happy with that setup). The Dolby has the ability to...

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ziplok35 4th June 2012
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Hello - I am in the process of outfitting my studio with a backline and have started building up my my mic locker a bit. For...

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NickNagurka 4th June 2012
Avatar for FlyingPanda

What are the main differences between the 2???

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nicpope 4th June 2012
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I would like to get a comparison between the sound quality and the ease of use as it pertains to the control surface between the...

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smoovemode 4th June 2012
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How can I make my vocals more powerful and thick?! What plugin chain do you guys use? I use compression(heavy)>EQ(cutting...

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imaginaryday 4th June 2012
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lets share your idea if it is possible, running a mono eq hardware on a stereo track. the idea is to apply one channel of a 1084...

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skylabfilmpop 4th June 2012
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Hey Matt, loving The Swords drum sound. Can you give some notes on the recording/mixing of the drums especially what snare was...

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AustinATX 4th June 2012
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Hi fellow slutz! As a slut myself i am looking for a new purchase. Due to circumstances and lack of space i temporarily...

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popmann 4th June 2012
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Hi, I'm in the market for a new vocal mic that can also be used to record a bit of acoustic guitar. Up to now I've been using...

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wheeldo 4th June 2012
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My DAW is FL Studio, I have a toshiba satellite L455 laptop... So I just got my keyboard and I'm recording some leads using...

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popmann 4th June 2012
Avatar for howstrange

Instead of bouncing out and exporting their DAW sessions, some skilled producers I know instead play the session in real time and...

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Zep Dude 4th June 2012
Avatar for Consig

Watching a lot of Pensados lately and since I am a Logic User I always have to pause and see if the plugin in the show actually...

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Consig 4th June 2012
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Hey guys, I have been searching threw the old drum recording tips and tricks threads and came across something that i want to...

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PRobb 3rd June 2012
Avatar for Lrmusic

Just a quick check-up. (My particular model: ATH-M50; although I'm looking for answers regarding mid-end and high-end headphones...

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Audiop 3rd June 2012
Avatar for ND_Sound

Hi I know that this is primarily a recording sight but I was wondering is anybody has had any experience with the Electro Voice...

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ND_Sound 3rd June 2012
Avatar for jufros

First off, I know that there have been a lot of threads about headphones and I've read through pretty much all of them over the...

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starstern 3rd June 2012
Avatar for soupking

Has anybody put these 2 mics up against each other in a guitar cab comparison? Any experiences? Anybody?

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Philip S Bova 3rd June 2012
Avatar for marnisellers

I am doing some acoustic guitar/layered vocals for a project that is very important to me (aren't they all?). Important...

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Caramel 3rd June 2012
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cheu78 3rd June 2012
Avatar for DJ JI

Hey folks, Wondering if anyone has the FireStudio Project drivers for OS X Tiger. I'm running on a Mac OS X 10.4.11. The...

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DJ JI 3rd June 2012
Avatar for IVIaverick52

GS is a place that brings together established studio owners and bedroom warriors alike to share advice, stories, insight and...

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IVIaverick52 3rd June 2012
Avatar for jpmmusic

Hi there, I'm about to start planning a build of a large 19" rack unit, and I was wondering how you achieve the concave...

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halcyo 3rd June 2012
Avatar for hauntedclutter

I have a 002 interfacing with a lynx aurora 8 via adat...and I monitor and sum with a dangerous d-box... Does anyone know of a...

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burchpiano 3rd June 2012
Avatar for Bloodz

Hey, I was wondering if anyone here new how to get a similar lead guitar tone to this? Phaser pedal of some sort...

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motone 3rd June 2012
Avatar for tomwatson

Just a fun thread to pass the time. Write your answer for your opinion of "Every recording studio should...

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sswenk 3rd June 2012
Avatar for thefanbelow

Hey all, I am going on a plane in a few hours and just have some last minute questions before I go on... 1) Should I bring my...

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thefanbelow 3rd June 2012
Avatar for LaveAuto

Hey everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to wire in a sustain port (so I can hook up a sustain pedal) to an analog organ...

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Avatar for LaveAuto
LaveAuto 3rd June 2012
Avatar for blk

How difficult is it to convert an EQ section taken from a console to a rack-mountable unit with the usual line-in and line-out...

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Jim Williams 3rd June 2012
Avatar for Aloha

Anyone here using one or have any info on it?

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Avatar for MatthewleBlom
MatthewleBlom 3rd June 2012
Avatar for Devon8822

Just planning out my rack placement before I actually have a lot of the gear I will be using. What units tend to overheat? Just...

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IMJ 3rd June 2012
Avatar for Jetblack

never got into triggers, but had a question before buying some gear. i was thinking of setting up a triggered sounds for a...

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N88 3rd June 2012
Avatar for tedpenn

Got an email from Slate on May 25th advertising a 50% off FG-X sale through May 20th (a date prior to when the email was even...

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Snoggin 3rd June 2012
Avatar for Okr

Ok so basically i'm kind of new to all of this, And i'm alittle bit confused. I got the sense that to record a mic you need an...

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Avatar for adrianww
adrianww 3rd June 2012
Avatar for VibeFactory

I'm currently working on a Pro Tools HD2 system on a Powermac G5. I would like to get the newest version of Pro Tools, so i'm...

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Avatar for Bassmankr
Bassmankr 3rd June 2012
Avatar for YuriK

Hi I'm currently looking to upgrade our main monitors and the search has come down to K&H o500 or ADAM S5A. Unfortunately...

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Avatar for Jomox
Jomox 3rd June 2012