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Hi, I need mic which provides an open, clean, clear, large, wide, warm and detailed reproduction for acoustic instruments and...

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ms82 13th June 2012
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Is there a way to turn off the motor without turning off the machine? (to save the tape when not being used.)

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lobit 13th June 2012
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Hey guys thanks very much for helping me out Im just setting up a little home studio and I need some help to see if this...

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kevinkace 12th June 2012
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Not really a music question, but how can I use somebody's comment on one of my threads as a signature? Thanks.

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helloskoodle 12th June 2012
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Any ideas on how to get a 'happy & sunny' sound similar to late 60s psychedelia and early 70s glam? This song by the Zombies...

Deleted 1846071
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bgrotto 12th June 2012
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Hi all, i tried looking around for another place to put this post and couldnt find one. Basically i'm having problems...

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calluma11 12th June 2012
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Hi I'm working on a track that involves really dirty electro basslines. What should I do to make the drums and bass stick out...

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helloskoodle 12th June 2012
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I'd like to sum the signals of 2 different mono synths into one speaker. Do I need a mixer for this or is it ok if I just use a...

Lando Calrissian
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Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 12th June 2012
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This was on sale so I picked it up. Kinda funny buying a CD with this title. It sounds like Walsh quoting himself here and...

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brill bedroom 12th June 2012
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I just got a yamaha 02r96 mixer. I need help connecting to my 003 digi rack and need to understand how to use my 02r96 mixer with...

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Jamesallenpiano 12th June 2012
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I picked up a used Dangerous Music D-Box off a bud of mine on Saturday night and today I went to Home Depot to get the parts for...

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kerouac 12th June 2012
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I'm in a bit of a weird situation: I have an AML EZ1073 (the 1U rack version) that I built from a kit. Everything is fine and...

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KillerV 12th June 2012
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Hello, I have a friend that has a Joe Meek VC5 rack eq where the original pots has been replaced (and I think with no the...

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pqlia 12th June 2012
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This is probably very 101, but I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around it fully. I have read several times that...

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PRobb 12th June 2012
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so im looking at building a new studio, my home studio at the moment is all one room. I am moving into a new house soon which has...

TrueTone Studios
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TrueTone Studios 12th June 2012
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I'm looking for some good tight clear sounding speakers just for listening, not mixing. I want the most bang for my buck so I...

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Sugarlander 12th June 2012
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Hey Forum, I'm looking to invest about $1000 in studio condenser mics for my up and coming home studio. The big question is...

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trevjonez 12th June 2012
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Hey Slutz, I need some advice. I saved some money and want to upgrade my setup. I sold all my crappy gear and bougth better...

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Markoakland 12th June 2012
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Hi all, Have any of you ever had any experiences with this desk? One has come up locally for a very good price. The only things...

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allstar 12th June 2012
Avatar for Michael T

Just left walmart and saw a display that had a lot of "original" classic cd's from the 80s 90s etc for sale for $5...

Michael T
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The Listener 12th June 2012
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please excuse my ignorance..! http://tinyurl.com/c4r5nu9

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WAD 12th June 2012
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Was wondering if anyone Knew what some of the great acoustic guitar players used for there guitar leads/cables? I'm thinking...

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entropy 12th June 2012
Avatar for kidvybes

...I recently purchased a pre-owned BeesNeez Arabella GT and I had a question for any other owner of this particular model...I...

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dwdummer0 12th June 2012
Avatar for CharlieProducer

Hi all, I am a singer/songwriter/producer and am still perfecting my vocal production techniques. I always start with a heavy...

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Hot Vibrato 12th June 2012
Avatar for orbit

I find myself (background is no formal education, mixing amateurly and just read forums/books) using group tracks as...

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nambams 12th June 2012
Avatar for uylink

believe or not...after i treasure 15-20 brands and models of many speakers in the last 3 years...now i return to my first pair...

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rakkaus 12th June 2012
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Okay, so I was just recently given a leslie model 16? I dont really know much about it, on the back it says leslie model 16 60...

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chuck anderson 12th June 2012
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I guess I already could know the answer to this one, but I need your opinion :) Which one of these compressors should I...

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Ctal615 12th June 2012
Avatar for egoboo

Folks - I'm finding it very hard to get a nice smooth distorted guitar sound. I dont have a guitar amp so I am DIing through a...

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Manfrensengensen 12th June 2012
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I just acquired some secondhand gear, including a Tascam PB32-b patch bay. From everything I can find on this bay it is half...

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djmukilteo 12th June 2012
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Ok this is going to be a opening a can of worms but I'm thinking of starting production of some ideas I have for some dance tunes...

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F.M. 12th June 2012
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im looking for the mic that i can use when i dont use the sm7. so preferably for male and female that is just a good solid vocal...

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unfiltered420 11th June 2012
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Most of the time they weren't playing anything. Is this really bad? I'm worried I may have done something to them!

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Go Nigel Go 11th June 2012
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Hi there! This is my first thread in this beautiful community. I have a simple question Next week I'm going to do some...

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disinfor 11th June 2012
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You may or may not have seen my post from last week....

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calluma11 11th June 2012
Avatar for Studdy

I have always been interested in drum overhead mic techniques and why people use the methods they do. I think i've read...

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Avatar for Nathan Redmond
Nathan Redmond 11th June 2012
Avatar for Joey703

Hey guys just looking for someone to melodyne my home demos for me. Here's my work Purevolume.com/joeydiclaire If...

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201252 11th June 2012
Avatar for James Lugo

I worked on a studio yesterday that had them and really seemed to like them. They felt real punchy and I seemed like thy could...

James Lugo
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Diegel 11th June 2012
Avatar for barro

Does someone have to decide between being an artist or an recording engineer ? ...to make it good, no hobby, but professional for...

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kennybro 11th June 2012
Avatar for Tube World

It will be interesting to see what is new at the Apple store today, any ideas?

Tube World
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Avening 11th June 2012
Avatar for colonel_claypoo

hey all, Whenever I hear people talk about phase cancellations and standing waves they usually mention the frequencies being...

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colonel_claypoo 11th June 2012
Avatar for Djgus

Ill be using it for the stereo buss, any thoughts ? Am all plugins now. Would i notice difference, any experienses ?

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Djgus 11th June 2012
Avatar for tallchris

Hey Slutz, I love synths and other fancy-looking gear, so I decided to pursue making a website. MusicToysfor.me I...

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tallchris 11th June 2012
Avatar for Plyrpno

I actually dig these machines but the main hassle with them is the burn time and the fact that you can't use the harddrive like a...

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Plyrpno 11th June 2012
Avatar for Drewseph

Hello everyone! I have lurked GS for quite some time now and I figured now is as good a time as any to join the community :)....

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dualflip 11th June 2012
Avatar for andykara2003

Hi, I'm looking to buy a Klark Teknik Dn9340 equalizer, and am using analogue XLR connections. Does anyone know if the D/A...

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andykara2003 11th June 2012
Avatar for martin7475

boing So, heres the crack. I have a palmer re amp box. m audio fast track ultra interface. a laptop. Ive compared the...

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Avatar for nosebleedaudio
nosebleedaudio 11th June 2012
Avatar for warhead

I watched the live auction for a little while over the past weekend, I had some interest in that Steinway B mainly (which...

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BudgetMC 11th June 2012
Avatar for ssl_ambition

I've recently read that James Morrison recorded some of his stuff from 'The Awakening album' in his basement. In another...

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ssl_ambition 11th June 2012
Avatar for Retinal

Hey guys, i just want to hear some opinion about this. I have the chance to get a 24ch SSL G custom console, g comp and...

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Avatar for clip6
clip6 11th June 2012