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So, basic sampling question: PTHD....I've had Trigger for years and I trigger drum samples all the time but I do it either via...

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Kcatthedog 24th June 2012
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Has anyone (in the US) been able to get something from Palmer recently? I ordered a PDI-09 over two months ago, still waiting. ...

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thechrisl 24th June 2012
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I'm currently looking at a 16 very clean & fast summing mixer for a sidecar with various outboard eq's summed through...

Dave Reid
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jrmprod 23rd June 2012
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Does anyone here had any contact with those guys? Astroman - Home Page if so, how was it? surreal? abductionor straight...

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patrickcrisp 23rd June 2012
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Anyone know of a descent somewhat budget minded analog/digital (AES) sound level meter that also shows RMS... I know there is...

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Old Goat 23rd June 2012
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So im looking to pull the trigger on an upgrade for my home studio in the next few days. I have about $1k to work with. I rap and...

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kidxsicarus 23rd June 2012
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Bassnectar VAVA VOOM? Some good tracks on there but man have a check out how loud that album is, it blows away everything I've...

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theblue1 23rd June 2012
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I love this place, I got so much information here from real pros like Kenny G :P and more. Here is something to give back, it...

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fuzzface777 23rd June 2012
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Unfortunately, I have to sell one of these compressors. Since I'm having a tough time choosing, I thought I would bring it to the...

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mikoo69 23rd June 2012
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Anyone have tried these console? how are they compared to audient and other mid price consoles?

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aaronsounds 23rd June 2012
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Can anybody think of a reason I couldn't use a mono Distressor on a DAW stereo source by bouncing each side independently and...

Deleted 6f6e2d3
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MasterBlasterUK 23rd June 2012
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My Hafler P1500 has quit working so I have to fix it or try a new amp. After reading the 7 page thread on NS10 amplification, I...

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RD57 23rd June 2012
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Anyone doing this? I read this and it seems most buss-eq'ers are using *nice* parametrics. I've got a line on a BSS opal 31-band...

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fastlanestoner 23rd June 2012
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Hello. I would like to know what people think is the correct or optimum music signal to speaker power / amplification ratio when...

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Bassmankr 23rd June 2012
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The shockmounts for this mic are insanely overpriced! And it looks to me like it fits just like a clamp - the only place where...

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RandomPerson 23rd June 2012
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I apologise for the question, that may be odd in someone's opinion, but I am looking for a 4 channels preamp. I am already using...

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pjamin 23rd June 2012
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At work we have just brought a new Neumann kmr 81i and I am having some trouble with the attenuation and high pass switches. We...

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John Willett 23rd June 2012
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I recently came across a masterworks vintage reel to reel for 5 dollars at a garage sale... The Masterworks has some tubes...

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VAALOR 23rd June 2012
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Please be as technically specific as possible about the sonics, mix, production and mastering. I'm so captivated by the dynamics...

Happy Musicfan
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LimpyLoo 23rd June 2012
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So I have a friend that has a Switchcraft patchbay (9625TT). He was complaining that he had to turn his Langevin Dual Vocal combo...

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bexarametric 23rd June 2012
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We shot some video today while we went through some phasing of cabs and amp blends for an upcoming record. Video 1 is phasing of...

James Lugo
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muziekschuur 22nd June 2012
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So I'm currently tasked with mixing a brass group's first CD. The material was multi-tracked with each instrument having their...

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TasteySound 22nd June 2012
Avatar for RCM - Ronan

I am looking for a good tech that can help me fix my D&R Series 4000 console. I am in Culver City. Could any one give me...

RCM - Ronan
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superwack 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Multiplexer

I recently did a session on tape that involved a fair amount of punching in and out on various tracks. When punching in, the...

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Jules 22nd June 2012
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I'm looking at both... mainly from an EQ perspective. Where will I see the most difference in sound, and which in your opinion...

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sonic dogg 22nd June 2012
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Hi there, My absolute apologies for sounding very dumb ... I'll be the first to admit this isn't my area of expertise. My...

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Yoda117 22nd June 2012
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Does anyone know of a simple but quality, firewire or USB/midi standalone hardware arpeggiator (w sync)? I know the Critter and...

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nedorama 22nd June 2012
Avatar for smoovemode

I have heard the D-Box has exceptional DA converters. How does the Tascam DM 4800 compare with the D-Box DA converters? I know...

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smoovemode 22nd June 2012
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Hi all, I have tried searching the internet and the archives to no avail. I'm getting the Presonus TubePre V2 (i know not the...

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calluma11 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Teo Macero

I have an opportunity to get one to go with my Rhodes. Though I already have an EHX Smallstone....is it worth purchasing it? I...

Teo Macero
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PRobb 22nd June 2012
Avatar for arkisai

I've been looking into buying both a portable recorder and a condenser mic, however I'm hesitant to purchase either thinking that...

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arkisai 22nd June 2012
Avatar for JLiRD808

Just wondering...Ive always used just used the low-end On-Stage.....any reason to upgrade? How are the metal ones better? They...

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JLiRD808 22nd June 2012
Avatar for jude

Hi there, Im in the market for some new gear, but i have been burnt by one of my local retailers. Also, i have a habit of getting...

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jeep 22nd June 2012
Avatar for TjTminds

Hey all, I've been thinking about opening a studio for quite some time now and I think the time has come to start planning. I'm...

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The Byre 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Laurent R

Hi everybody, I'm not sure if this is the right position to post this thread, my apologies if i'm wrong. I wanted to ask...

Laurent R
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rich d 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Myriad_Rocker

So, I think I want to use a lav mic as a talkback mic. It's an omni lav but it's plugged in using a 3.5mm (1/8") jack. Can...

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Myriad_Rocker 22nd June 2012
Avatar for GotGear?

What are some of you using for control room monitor amplifiers if you are using passive monitors? Something in the 100-200 watt...

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Avatar for manzini
manzini 22nd June 2012
Avatar for dasoundjunkie

I have a BB and I recently spoke to someone from BLA who told me that MicroClock would out perform the BB. I'm actually very...

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supafuzz 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Cliffy

Hey guys, Any idea of what's worth buying between those 2 toys? Thanks

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Bullseye 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Jazzo

Hello, I just have my mixer (Soundcraft 200B) completely recapped and repaired and I now have a perfect and equal signal on...

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fegger 22nd June 2012
Avatar for MrBoxxed

Hay all, I'm a MPC2500 user and might be looking for something smaller to take away with me... Could anyone offer some advice...

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Avatar for MrBoxxed
MrBoxxed 22nd June 2012
Avatar for TonyD

Hi all, I'm looking for a program for Mac which will allow me to design the layout of my racks. It doesn't need to be...

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TonyD 22nd June 2012
Avatar for tdfriday

Hey gang, I was asked by a vocal group (5-piece) to record their acapella performance for a demo. I do not have enough personal...

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NeoHippy 22nd June 2012
Avatar for andy3

Hello guys I have to understand one thing : when you have an outboard reverb, do you have to send the wave to OTB into the...

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RiF 22nd June 2012
Avatar for mhbmusic

OK, That's the best term I can come up with. I really have never heard this sound before out of a tube amp. I'm guessing it's a...

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mhbmusic 22nd June 2012
Avatar for manveru

Hello. My band consists of a drummer, a guitarist, and a vocalist. When playing live we need to backtrack pre-recorded keyboard...

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manveru 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Andy Warren

Sorry, this photo gave me a smile. Maybe Shadow Hills has developed a time-traveling transformer? Spotted on Boing Boing in a...

Andy Warren
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ionian 22nd June 2012
Avatar for AposL

Hi all, In one way or another, deessing has always eluded me. I can never find the right balance between attenuating the...

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Avatar for Hyder boy
Hyder boy 22nd June 2012
Avatar for Night Stalker

Where can i find products such as or the equivalent to owens corning 703 / 705 in australia? trying to make some acoustic panels...

Night Stalker
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tomeford 22nd June 2012
Avatar for hasbeen

It's only until midnight but you can get a free MiniMoog from Arturia. It is for World Music Day...who knew!! ARTURIA |...

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azwhofan 22nd June 2012