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Hi, I recently moved into a new recording studio. Using exactly the same gear as before but experiencing random noises and...

Bliss Ball
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zvukofor 24th June 2020
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Dear all please ignore the ramblings of an old man. I didn't expect to be back posting here as my recording experiences are...

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deedeeyeah 24th June 2020
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Hi! I just got an Arturia Minibrute in a trade and I really love it more than I expected. However, I notice something a bit...

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Laedrus 24th June 2020
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Back in the day of VU meters, how did engineers judge levels of transient sources such as drums to record "in the red"...

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JLast 24th June 2020
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I've been looking at DI boxes this afternoon. I've also been reading about impedance; it's history, the math, etc. So many of...

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JLast 24th June 2020
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Hello, Does anyone have schematics for Neumann SKS / SKA / SKC / SKH / K3 Modules? These are mostly routing/aux ones. I already...

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tochnia 24th June 2020
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Hi all, Thinking of purchasing a pair of Dynaudio LYD 48’s for my studio. It’s small though, 3.1m x 2.7m and 2.5m high....

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StevePaine 24th June 2020
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Hi all, I just saw this new products from IK Multimedia, company that is doing the Amplitube...

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gorguts6 24th June 2020
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Hi all, Dedicated hobbyist here, though thanks to COVID I've been doing more and more mixes for mates these last couple of...

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deedeeyeah 24th June 2020
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I have a chance to pickup a SB for a good price, just wondering how the EQ works for basic two buss shaping. Currently using...

Unknown soldier
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Whoopysnorp 24th June 2020
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Which genius designed the beautiful-looking expensive 19-inch racks with sliding captive nuts? Honestly, as soon as they tried...

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James Lehmann 24th June 2020
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My go to chain right now is a ref c - vintech X73i - ua 1176. I upgraded the tube in the ref c to a nos telefunken and it sounds...

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cap217 24th June 2020
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Hi Suddenly, during a long voice-recording, the sound of an SM7B lost all its bass and started to sound like it had some phase...

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lutlei 24th June 2020
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Hi All, I picked this mic up off of facebook marketplace with a couple other mics. It looks like an SM57 with a switch. Made...

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vernier 24th June 2020
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Years ago I lived on an old farm property and it had a big old upright piano that the landlord didn't want so I took it apart...

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theglow 24th June 2020
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Hello, I'm building my humble home studio and I want to record analog. I've spotted several Real To Real machines for about two...

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joeq 24th June 2020
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Hey all, after almost a decade of use, my Rokit 8s have finally somewhat gave up. Specifically, an issue occurred a month or so...

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spenny23 24th June 2020
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One of my tube mics has really annoying mix of high and low frequency noise during recording. The most annoying part is a beep...

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nmrecording 24th June 2020

Just wondering how common it is for an op amp to burn up? Its in an old OSA mp1_L with the lundahl 1538Xl transformer. I have 7...

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FOURTHTUNZ 23rd June 2020
Avatar for JayNYC

Hi. Does anyone know of a product that works just like the SPL Volume 8 one knob controls 8 channels of analog volume DB25...

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btu2000 23rd June 2020
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Ok so my great uncles are getting rid of everything in the family studio and they want me to make an offer on anything of...

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iangomes 23rd June 2020
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Hey all, have listened to samples and read what comments are on the usual forums dealing with this mic from Michael. I guess I'd...

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Piedpiper 23rd June 2020
Avatar for Leighty

Ive narrowed down my search to a Mackie mixer as the alt output suits my needs to route channs to my MPC live post eq/FX and the...

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numero6 23rd June 2020
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Hey all, hoping to get your input (no pun intended...har har) on the use of DI boxes for my particular recording setup. I'm aware...

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numero6 23rd June 2020
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I do a lot of mix work, and I have a fairly slutty studio with a 8 ch Neve Genesys Black, and three 16u racks of outboard. I find...

Deleted 2848499
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Deleted 2848499 23rd June 2020
Avatar for Dark Fader

Hey everyone, I need your advice. I currently have Genelec 8030A monitors (have had for 16 years or so) and know them fairly...

Dark Fader
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Dark Fader 23rd June 2020
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Hi guys, I tried the Manley Force recently, and fell in love with it. I found it to be warm but not dull, and especially on...

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acupunk 23rd June 2020
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Hello everyone, i would like to get this drum sound (the kick mostly) if anyone had an idea about the model of drum machine or...

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alicante 23rd June 2020
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Does the M88 have this little piece of foam inside the basket like most sdc mics or does it look as plain inside like...

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useme2305 23rd June 2020
Avatar for Signalpath

Ha, I picked up a used intact? Mackie Onyz 1620 analog/digital via firewire interface desk with Perkins style eq. It's basically...

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Signalpath 23rd June 2020
Avatar for a.m. son

This is in regards to aml but could apply to any 1073 type pre. Basically, is there any functional difference in having the pre...

a.m. son
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Deleted 17cd006c1350317 23rd June 2020
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Hello wonderful Gearslutters, I am an amateur singer songwriter who wants to record pro vocals at home, then hire someone for...

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PhoenixJoaquin 23rd June 2020
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

Has anyone had a chance to use this Lindell Audio channel strip? https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/lindell-audio-wl-3-r

Glenn Bucci
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tysonviolin 23rd June 2020
Avatar for JSoCal

I have a carpeted 10 unit rack I purchased 8 years ago. Suddenly, for the last month it has been off-gassing a very strong sweet,...

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thismercifulfate 23rd June 2020
Avatar for fromthepuggle

Anyone compare these in person? Not too much audio online for Cream, curious how it compares to Chandler's Curve bender hardware,...

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RJHollins 23rd June 2020
Avatar for Jamie Atkinson

Hey all. I’m new here so apologies if I make any mistakes with this post. I’m a podcaster and I recently purchased an...

Jamie Atkinson
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Jamie Atkinson 23rd June 2020
Avatar for alexvigore

Hello, friends. Well, results that i hear that song and it is exactly the colour i like in my mixes (i will mix my own songs...

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SquareHounds 23rd June 2020
Avatar for FormulaReed

Has any one worked on a Soundcraft Sapphyre? Any good? I am looking for a console with at least 24 channels. I have been looking...

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White Falcon 23rd June 2020
Avatar for Elian20

Hello all! Hope everyones having a wonderful day. I'm very excited as im about to purchase my first ever preamp. I'm ashamed it...

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Elian20 22nd June 2020
Avatar for ifudontlikebees

Hello everyone! This is my first thread that I’m posting so I don’t know if it’s in the right place or not. I’m looking...

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gwlee7 22nd June 2020
Avatar for rfs

Hi, Do you have any experience with old Allen Heath GS1 mixer? Sound and build quality?...

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dxavier 22nd June 2020
Avatar for fromthepuggle

what do people recommend? Would be great if this was about 1.2-1.3k usd, will go as high as 1.5k usd if needed. After doing a...

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cabbo 22nd June 2020
Avatar for zz66

Hey all! Would kindly like to ask for a bit of help and clarification on connection of my Mic to my DAW, as far as I see I...

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zz66 22nd June 2020
Avatar for Digiplex

A while back someone posted a link to a video where Rihanna or Ariana show her hotel setup using a mattress. Anyone have a link?

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Digiplex 22nd June 2020
Avatar for dranzangos

This is a repost from the studio building forum. I think this question might get better traction here. I’ve done it. I’ve...

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James Lehmann 22nd June 2020
Avatar for dialectic

Included in the mics that I often use for drum recording I have a pair of the old Radio Shack/Realistic PZM's that I often find...

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wyardley 22nd June 2020
Avatar for gravyface

After a brief flirtation with spaced pairs, the Man, the Legend, Recorder... he's back, Jack.

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Drumsound 22nd June 2020
Avatar for IAmFree

Hello guys, I recently bought a Rode NT1-A and I think it is fantastic regarding sound quality but I feel it bringing up...

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Mordae 22nd June 2020
Avatar for soupking

Okay, so this is a "how'd they get this sound" thread which seems like it should probably almost have it's own column....

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MilkPossumSound 22nd June 2020
Avatar for endiendi

Hello everyone I have recently moved to Hong Kong and i'm looking for a place (other than Tom Lee) that i can buy a condenser...

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victlamchl 22nd June 2020