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So I've searched and searched and read and read, but I cannot find a simple question and hopefully I get a simple answer. I want...

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spindlebox 4th July 2012
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Hi all, Can anyone recommend what they use for effects treatment for MANDOLIN ? i.e. types of reverb (plates vs rooms for...

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jlsgear 4th July 2012
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So many different power conditioners.. Are most of these high priced ones overkill or the best solution to peace of mind? What is...

Deleted 4205102
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Denny C 4th July 2012
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Does anybody know if you can use the AB out of the A&H mixwizard as an effective recording bus? Similar to the alt 3-4...

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tstu102 4th July 2012
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It's a 1" 8-track in great shape, recently serviced. Also includes a second duplicate machine that's "partially...

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karmapoliceman 4th July 2012
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Hia people, posting this here as not sure where else to post it, as in sub forum wise. Hopefully some of you will be interested,...

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Pezz 4th July 2012
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Hi, I've got a Presonus 16.4.2 and I'm using it mainly for home studio work using protools 10. I like to mix using the firewire...

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jackaltur 4th July 2012
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Hello forum, I'm looking to purchase a subwoofer to go with my pair of Tannoy Reveal 8D's but wanted to get some insight into...

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SteveKanaris 4th July 2012
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Is it hard to do? I'm going somewhere by train, just me and a 3unit rack sampler.

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squatski 4th July 2012
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Bearing in mind the plugins are *post fader* on the Master Fader - How many of you have your 2 bus comp/lim on a aux track rather...

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Blast9 4th July 2012
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Hello to the Forum, This is my first post. I've read a lot of info from this site ant thought I'd join to lend an ear and ask...

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skira 4th July 2012
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I've been studying this m-s block diagram for a few hours now and feel pretty stupid because I don't understand it. Is the signal...

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hauntedclutter 4th July 2012
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I need to pick up (for a moderate price) 4 preamps for drums (mainly used on toms). Someone suggested the RME Quadmic to me. Do...

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Led 4th July 2012
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Hi foks, Can anyone recommend me a good active studio subwoofer for under $1000.. I use PMC TB2's with a 250 Watt amp in a...

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Fezzle 4th July 2012
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Hi, Ive recently been using the waves GTR toolrack quite heavily - ive found its really helped me in getting some great distorted...

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Ali_rt 4th July 2012
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Hi, if i have two neumann km 184 for recording grand piano. Which mic you would put out to record the sound out of the piano...

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Led 4th July 2012
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Guys I've been thinking about this alot lately. If you had the budget to do a record (promo wise), and it was recorded and...

no ssl yet
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Alexia8 4th July 2012
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hello folks. i have got a roland space echo re 201. the unit is in a really good shape. and i love the sound so far... it is...

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swinxx 4th July 2012
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Hello again, I still have my 1st sound card from 4 yrs ago (Nio 2/4) and was wondering if I bought a pro sound card like Motu...

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BasHermus 4th July 2012
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I'm using Yamaha HS-80m's as my main monitors. Can anyone recommend a good pair of regular computer speakers to use as reference...

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rksguit 4th July 2012
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I have bought Protools 10 for my home just to edit my recorded sound effects in 96KHz/24. I have been doing that in my friend's...

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RadioSound88 4th July 2012
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More interested in the tone and colorations this box has to offer. How does it sound? How good is it? Can I get more for the...

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AcoosticZoo 4th July 2012
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I recorded this track with several different Eleven Rack guitars and with superior drums. I added the music to the trailer for...

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StillCrazy 4th July 2012
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Hi Folk's How are you guys combining ribbons with other mics on guitar cab. I tend to use either a Heil PR30 or a Cascade...

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stgaudio 4th July 2012
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How do a speakers becomes "thx certified"? and why is only Mackie HR824 (that i know of) is THX certified, when there...

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Fastermouse 4th July 2012
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Ok it is finally time for me to come to this site to let a few of you know about these fraud designers that are out there taking...

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adrianww 4th July 2012
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I tried many, Dangerous, Nicerizer 16, Equinox.......SPL Mixdream, Neve 8816.. I liked the Dangerous, Nicerizer 16,...

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RFZ DUDE 4th July 2012
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I'm hoping someone might have some experience with this company, as I'm looking at purchasing a Virus TI2 for a great price, but...

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frans 4th July 2012
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Could anyone recommend a better monitor isolators than the Auralex MoPads?

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adamboon 4th July 2012
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I just had to wipe my mac due to my osx being corrupt which was a total nightmare. I finally have all my plug ins working again,...

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nodie33 4th July 2012
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I need to record a phone call (one from UK and one from china). quality is not really an issue since it's for a biz pitch, but I...

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stafs 4th July 2012
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ok, so i hate to do this to everyone, not really, but anyway.. im looking for a smooth 500 series EQ, and other than everyones...

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pan60 4th July 2012
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Hi All I'm refurbishing two of my CK1 capsules with brand new tranducers, only trouble is I need to buy a minimum of 5 tranducers...

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Recalcitrant 4th July 2012
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Anyone have details on this record? Studio it was done at or any other gossip? I love the flat yet warm tone of this record. Have...

Keith Moore
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patheticus 4th July 2012
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Work Hard - Work Smart. Have a passion for people and art. Attention to detail. Confidence. A good set of tools. Best tools...

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Deleted 1846071 4th July 2012
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I'm having troubles finding the speaker center on a vintage Hiwatt cab, which has a very thick grill cloth... sorry if it sounds...

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davey boy 4th July 2012
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Hey everyone, just thought I'd share a link to a stream of my friend's band's new album. I recorded most of the guitars and bass...

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HugoRibeiro.Com 4th July 2012
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Who will be the first Gearslut to open a studio here? CNET News: Floating city of entrepreneurs aims to drop anchor - YouTube

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thenoodle 4th July 2012
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I'm wondering if modular synths have a certain sound that makes them stand out from most analog synths + keyboards? I'm...

hemmick reef
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chrisso 4th July 2012
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Hey guys, I am looking for a guitar tech in Hollywood. Things I need: *2 baritone guitars set up. *5 string bass...

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fastlanestoner 4th July 2012
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Used condition but everything works. is 340$ a fair price? I'm replacing my keystation pro 88 because the hardware is...

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131242313424 3rd July 2012
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Hey guys, Can anyone give me a rundown on the KRK vxt6 monitors? I just auditioned some KRK VXT 4's & vxt8's. I was...

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sleepingtiger 3rd July 2012
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Up until now I've been using a Motu microbook for recording and monitoring (no mixing desk) and it's been great. Problem is I'm...

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JLiRD808 3rd July 2012
Avatar for Jorg

I have a problem with a synth (VST, no external hardware used) that creates an offset waveform. It sounds fine but creates all...

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Jorg 3rd July 2012
Avatar for Sotsirc

Looking for a high end mic that's sort of like U87 in terms of being a "desert island mic". I was looking at a...

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cheu78 3rd July 2012
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I recently used one of these units (old one that's all green and two channels in a single space rack) and loved the crap out of...

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Kas 3rd July 2012
Avatar for Dunnzilla123

I know nothing can compete to the real thing but since I don't own a bass guitar and my bassist has been bailing out on me...

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Sinner 3rd July 2012
Avatar for invalidusername

hello i've read everywhere the way the SSL 4000 is clipping (when the input is driven) is an important part of its...

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RiF 3rd July 2012
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Ok I am trying to figure this out, Has anyone ever successfully replaced the grills on an Sennheiser 421 U-5?. I see a ton of...

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AURORA4DTH 3rd July 2012
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The BBC aired a new doc the other night about the making of Quadrophenia. (BBC Four - Quadrophenia: Can You See the Real...

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Larry Mal 3rd July 2012