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I need a digital amp as well, maybe some of you out there would be kind to give your opinion on those alternatives, price is no...

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Andy Warren 7th July 2012
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johnnygri 7th July 2012
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Hi everyone. I have been wanting to experiment with some re-amping lately and I am mildly confused on the process. I know that it...

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RiF 7th July 2012
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Hello, I kinda need some suggestions on a problem that I'm facing. Probably need some recommendations on gear too. Anyway, I'm...

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fanir 7th July 2012
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Symetrix 501 for $350? Delta Lab Effectron for $355? MXR 136 for over $500? Aphex 661 for over $600? What are these...

Deleted 1846071
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Deleted 1846071 7th July 2012
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Hello all, I am tracking down an AKG spring reverb. Having trouble finding the model # on one I have found. Seller is...

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amrz 7th July 2012
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This is intersting i think.

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VerdaMcEwen 7th July 2012
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Sup guys, I have a Yamaha 02r, was possibly thinking of selling it as I have no use for it any more. It is in excellent...

Rob Weaver
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TheLastByte 7th July 2012
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My wife's first single (on this side of the world) is being released in NZ, and is now available on iTunes, and as a happy side...

matt thomas
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TheLastByte 7th July 2012
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I just bought an RNC for cheap and have no way to test it for 3 weeks because I'm in the road. I have other great compressors...

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Providence 7th July 2012
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Any thoughts? What fully analog effects are there in the history of recording that provide a bank of programmable settings?...

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Dean Roddey 7th July 2012
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This may sound awkward but I am really lost in these things because I received today a Burl B1 but I do not know how can I...

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thegatsby 7th July 2012
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Hi All, I am looking for a long term studio rental in North Hollywood/Burbank/Studio City. Control Room + Vocal booth ASAP. ...

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jumpnyc 7th July 2012
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I asked this question in another post but I think the post dragged on far enough that its not receiving anymore replies. So...

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konsole 7th July 2012
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Hey guys, So i was at an auction of sound gear today and i bought a lot of live PA stuff one of the items included in it is a...

Chris Harrington
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Chris Harrington 6th July 2012
Avatar for WadhamSound

just a question i had concerning tracking without using an eq...what setups for micpres/compressors have people been using where...

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CJ Mastering 6th July 2012
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Have the opportunity to buy some used with or without the sub does anybody have any idea how much they usually go for with or...

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Sim 6th July 2012
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my wife is buying me some mic pres for our anniversary I can get the averills used or the vintechs new for about the same price....

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catfishmusic 6th July 2012
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Hi, Im thinking about selling my DA10, this thing sounds absolutley amazing and is in brand new condition. Anyone know what its...

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albundy 6th July 2012
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My favorite drum sound ever is the 'Dehumanizer' album from Black Sabbath (drums played by Vinny Appice). I wrote to the man who...

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Deleted 1846071 6th July 2012
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I'm looking for an audio interface to add to my mobile gear. I have a home studio for recording and mixing but I carry around...

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Drtro 6th July 2012
Avatar for wire dude

I'm getting a fuzzy distortion from the bass guitar when playing back on my Studer a827. The fuzz only happens during playback on...

wire dude
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wire dude 6th July 2012
Avatar for wmhart

Ok, I have become obsessed with the soundtracs cm4400. I recently looked at one pre-auction in Los Angeles and it seemed to be a...

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Avatar for StillCrazy
StillCrazy 6th July 2012
Avatar for PoorGlory

I mix OTB on a console, and use outboard compression on just about everything except heavy guitars. I usually use the Massey CT4...

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jasonwagner 6th July 2012
Avatar for Cruiserscreek

Hello, I play guitar in a two-piece band (Guitar and Drums). My set up (and question) is as follows, The guitar I use is a...

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Cruiserscreek 6th July 2012
Avatar for ken12345678

Hi, Does anybody know of a great digital fader control surface, which has just one fader? Like the Avid Artist Mix, but with...

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Avatar for Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish 6th July 2012
Avatar for EricWatkins

Hello everyone, I am in a bit of a mental bind right now because I don't know what to do. I have been running my own studio for...

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TRANQUILO 6th July 2012
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Hi All, Can I crank the gain on a firewire mixer/interface combo (analog distortion) such as 1640i or Zed R16, but still feed...

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enzodrum 6th July 2012
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Hey Guys, I hope some of you could help me out here with my questions. I do have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 hooked with...

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popmann 6th July 2012
Avatar for eb7

I recently purchased an old Soundelux PTM. When I received it I found that the seller sent a 5-pin DMX cable instead of the...

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eb7 6th July 2012
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Very interesting coming from Forbes. Tells us what we allready knew, but still an interesting read. 8.2% Unemployment AGAIN:...

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Avatar for barryjohns
barryjohns 6th July 2012
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Hi, I have a 192 Digital I/O with 2x Digital cards installed and 192 I/O which has 2x DA and 1x AD (and a Digital Card...

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psycho_monkey 6th July 2012
Avatar for Amber

So I have a track that has cellos, vilions, sampled acoustic guitar from Logic, block and celesta. All the instruments are...

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Amber 6th July 2012
Avatar for Revmen

I kind of got there with a non linear reverb and an upward expander. But I don't know how to get that moving swoosh to the side....

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Avatar for dlmorley
dlmorley 6th July 2012
Avatar for iz_thewiz

Any recommendations for a rack-mountable analogue level meter? It's application will be more or less a 'master' level meter...

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Avatar for tsvisser
tsvisser 6th July 2012
Avatar for jimmyrayhancock

Ok so here is the background. I live in a very small town, with very few studios, most of which only do gospel or country music....

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Avatar for Cjoe707
Cjoe707 6th July 2012
Avatar for TheLoud1Please

I noticed every time I buy a mic they come with one of those moisture-whicking gel packs in the bag with the mic, but I figured...

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Avatar for TRJanuary
TRJanuary 6th July 2012
Avatar for tenkas

I was testing some mikes for guitar and vocals (1 mic captures guitar and vocals, about a foot and a half from the performer) and...

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Avatar for tenkas
tenkas 6th July 2012
Avatar for johnwayne

Who here Time aligns their drums? I've tried time aligning them and sometimes it sounds good and other times it doesn't work. I...

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Avatar for 09jlardinois
09jlardinois 6th July 2012
Avatar for Tashez

I have the Chance to purchase a original Rode classic and wondering if it would suit a voice in the range of Eddie Vedder . It...

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Avatar for chessparov
chessparov 6th July 2012
Avatar for XodiaK

Chandler Germ VS. Little Devil mic pres... what are the sonic differences? would you prefer one over the other? what sources...

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Avatar for estudiomonteverd
estudiomonteverd 6th July 2012
Avatar for piano

Only in New England (started one of the first big stores in Portsmouth NH '80's on Market Street where Friendly Toast is now)...

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Avatar for skira
skira 6th July 2012
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Avatar for Aiyn Zahav
Aiyn Zahav 6th July 2012
Avatar for kafka

I have a pretty decent monitoring setup now, with A7's and a Tannoy sub. I've found it to be very revealing, and my mixes...

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SRS 6th July 2012
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Avatar for Kumbari
Kumbari 6th July 2012
Avatar for drastic

For those of you using camera setups for monitoring different rooms in the studio, what type of system is the most reliable? I'm...

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Avatar for ST.
ST. 6th July 2012
Avatar for SoundWeavers

I'm looking for experience/opinion on these two 500 series preamps, the Grace Design m501 and the Millenia HV-35. I am on the...

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Avatar for SoundWeavers
SoundWeavers 6th July 2012
Avatar for PaulKG94

Hello there, I recently purchased a pair of KRK rokit 5's and already possess a few microphones (2xRode NT5's, Rode NT1a,...

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alexevans917 6th July 2012
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Hey slutz, Long time lurker, first time poster here howdy I realise there are already many threads talking about headphones but...

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Nixus 6th July 2012
Avatar for DeyBwah

Just picked these up today. For the size, these monitors sure sound full on the bottom-end. The volume is great too—the clip...

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Avatar for madgansound
madgansound 6th July 2012