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Hi all, I've been planning on buying a Seventh Circle pre for a while now, but now, on the verge of making the purchase, I'd...

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alexevans917 18th July 2012
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Vibe, high end gear, great instruments, console, plugs, rare mics, amazing room, clean work environment, easy patching,...

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bitmob 18th July 2012
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I just bought an Eventide DSP 4000 used, and when using the data wheel to scroll through the presets, I have to turn the wheel...

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kwow 18th July 2012
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I am looking to buy a PR-99 Mk2. The one with the digital counter and it's all silver. While doing research I found that the Mk2...

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sikkis 18th July 2012
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Just got some hd650s and need a amp under $500 to go from my apogee one any recomendations? Thanks Sent from my HTC Desire HD...

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Bill Way 18th July 2012
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I have to travel a lot with work and frequently have trips away of a week or so which is frustrating as it takes me away from my...

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doulos30 18th July 2012
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A client is asking me to bid on a long job of narration for phone support. They are asking for the audio to be delivered as a CSV...

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ObiK 18th July 2012
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If so, I wanted to know if they got dinged by UPS's ridiculous brokerage fees.

Elvis Gotta Gun
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Elvis Gotta Gun 18th July 2012
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Hey Slutz. I am borrowing a Korg MS20 from someone and it has an EU 220 power cord on it. What can/should I do to use it in the...

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aramism 18th July 2012
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Is it possible to completely isolate a drum on a track without any bleed through? I didn't know if it was through mic technique...

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MattyMead 18th July 2012
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Just like the subject is asking. I think of Melodyne and the izotope Rx that are two that get mentioned a lot. I've used them...

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uglijimus 18th July 2012
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Hi all, In a couple weeks, I'm doing my first two paid audio engineering gigs for some friends. The first is tracking...

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alexevans917 18th July 2012
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Hey all! So I have the chance to get a stack of these one speaker cabs for $350. Is it worth it, though? I believe they...

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Fishkrakkah 18th July 2012
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hi, I've just opened up a bantam cable to connect to a phono... I've got the sheild and the 4 little coloured cables inside...

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89326 18th July 2012
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Does a USB soundcard that can power more than two mic pre's at the same time, without having to be plugged into wall power...

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takman 18th July 2012
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I was interested in getting a really nice guitar head for recording. U2 sounding, jimmy page sounding. Some body mentioned the...

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Mad John 18th July 2012
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Hi, I just bought a Scarlett 8i6 and im having problems to make it work. When I plug the Scarlett to the electric output the...

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Chris Focusrite 18th July 2012
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Hi Guys, Another Shipley/Lange Thread!! Although it's going to instantaneously involve every slutz favourite band Nickelback...

Deleted User
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Adura 18th July 2012
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I’m looking to upgrade my current monitors which are KRK Rokit 5’s. I’ve had them for about 4 years and the more I’ve...

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lbrantsen 18th July 2012
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I'm trying to identify the following vocal effect: Jeff Beck and Joss Stone - People Get Ready - YouTube This is...

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daveg123 18th July 2012
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I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have a DM-24 with the IF/FW -DM card. I am running Windows 7 and Cubase 6 I...

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rmandelbaum 18th July 2012
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Need help setting the timecode and transport on the ghost too line up with protools. Anyone ever had too deal with this?

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Voxman 18th July 2012
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Mine seems to start sounding a bit darker and more furry after it has been on for a few hrs. Would new tubes fix this or is this...

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foamboy 18th July 2012
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I habe 8 Channels ISA828, 2 Channels SPL GoldMike MKII, 1 Channel UA6176 and the 4 Mic Inputs from the RME Fireface...

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Mertmo 18th July 2012
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Anyone know anything about this guy's equipment? Absolutely awesome vintage sound brought to 21st century life. Northside...

Mark Kaufman
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Mark Kaufman 18th July 2012
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Hello all, I have to make 32 RCA to XLR cables and the each need to be about 20 metres long. On ebay the connectoras are £1 each...

Deleted 10089a2
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John Willett 18th July 2012
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Peteboypete 18th July 2012
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TheBrightSide 18th July 2012
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It looks like the only option in PT8HD with a PPC MAC is to go to PTHD 8.0.3? Is there any limitations or bugs with this cap?...

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Sixstringer7 18th July 2012
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Hey all, I just bought a boss rc-20xl loop pedal and having some trouble setting it up, I tap the pedal to start recording, when...

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Luke104 18th July 2012
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Hi. Just wondering what people's maximum track counts are in music or post sessions (can include midi and/ or audio)? J

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josha 18th July 2012
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Hey, I've been taking tentative steps into electronic music making lately, having previously been a guitar guy. I've been...

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andrew00 18th July 2012
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I was listening to a record on Spotify on my headphones last night, it didn't sound the way I remembered it. There was now low...

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John Willett 18th July 2012
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So I need some advice, opinions, info! I want to pick up a splitter so I can split my bass guitar signal and feed one half to my...

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121840 18th July 2012
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Hi! I'd like to get a footswitch for changing sounds without stopping playing. I'd like to get the Korg PS-1 but it is...

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picur85 18th July 2012
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Here I was looking at some of my mics and then wondering why/when/how we end up using descriptive words of the actual mics, their...

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frans 18th July 2012
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Logic - Just Another Day - YouTube what kind of mic is Logic using?

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TheLoud1Please 18th July 2012
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Hey Guys, apologize for my English. Any recommendations on "dual pots"--I assure I am naming this components...

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Thee_Adleen 18th July 2012
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Can any of you Atlanta folks recommend an electronic repair shop in Atlanta? I have an Alesis HD24 that keeps locking up on me. ...

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afterjohn 18th July 2012
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howdy http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/s720x720/422124_10150530172131149_711180105_n.jpg Not sure the exactly location...

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Thee_Adleen 18th July 2012
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I've had this mic for a long time (it's the Special Anniversary version) and now, all of a sudden, it emits no signal. I am not a...

doug hazelrigg
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Tom Higgins 18th July 2012
Avatar for uncle muscles

Good for you man. Aside from all the opinions that it doesn't bode well for the company, I'm glad to see you move on. At one...

uncle muscles
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JFernandez 18th July 2012
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Hello all, my first post on here - so go easy on me :) My discussion I'm hoping to start is about the Audix drum mics. I...

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MickeyMassacre 18th July 2012
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Hey guys, please excuse if I posted in the wrong section, but I don't consider myself any famous guys or so (Video vault,...

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AaronBrownSound 18th July 2012
Avatar for zoolake

Hi everyone, I'm looking to understand more about syncing the tempo of a number of different elements of my band's live...

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zoolake 18th July 2012
Avatar for NinMan

Hi! Tips for recording a band in a room (studio) playing live... à lá Daniel Lanois style! I'm ware of the the old...

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NinMan 18th July 2012
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(Let's have some fun) What do you think is the most successful bad recording of all time?

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TimS 18th July 2012
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Does anyone own one of these? I just bought one and the effects are awesome but supposedly you can loop sounds from your keyboard...

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halisray 18th July 2012
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I'm selling my Adam A5x monitors and Adam Sub7 to get some new monitors. I'm looking into the $1200-$1500 range. I want some...

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rlsanchez 18th July 2012
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Hi, i recently purchased a new dell laptop and im looking to run abelton off it with a 2.0 monitor system (M Audio AV 40s) Do i...

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fastlanestoner 18th July 2012