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I'm experimenting with using an AKG C414 XLII as my vocal mic for now, and I want to store my SM7B, but it's been on a mic stand...

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monkeyxx 30th June 2020
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I was looking to purchase a nice rack mount case that is built to angle the equipment such as this one from JamRacks. I prefer to...

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audio_mc 30th June 2020
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I was curious about any new and/or further experiences, with any of the V69 models. To begin with IMHO, this is an excellent...

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Rob Coates 30th June 2020
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Hi all - first-time poster here, long time lurker. I'm primarily interested in producing music and I'm currently creating drum...

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willem1958 30th June 2020
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Please bear with me, lads. This is my first post and I know I'm in exalted company, so a bit nervous. Anyone seen, read,...

Spike Lancaster
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Spike Lancaster 30th June 2020
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Hi guys! I'm new here because this seems like the best place to ask for help with an issues I have. I recently bought a...

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Bashful_official 30th June 2020
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Hello friends, I'd like your advice. I have a very limited equipment, an Audient i14 and two sE8 microphones (cardoids). Apart...

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Aleph 30th June 2020
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I want something to pair with my md421 for a one two punch. I will be recording vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, drums/percussion,...

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Alsongs 30th June 2020
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Hey All, I was wondering if recording an electric guitar through 1073lb into a DI (Neve RDNI) into a Cl1b a good thing,...

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Musiclab 30th June 2020
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Anybody know of any mics that are in production today or recently discontinued that sound similar to the AKG D19C? Thank you for...

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junkshop 30th June 2020
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Hello, So I currently am using a Metric Halo ULN-8 into a Silver Bullet. I am in Logic and am trying to use the I/O...

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stixstudios 30th June 2020
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I’m looking for some high-end tutorials or articles on reverb and delay from top mixers. Are there many or any? I see a lot of...

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Ken Lewis 30th June 2020
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I don’t know too much about what I am doing and hopefully posting in the right forum. I have researched My mic setup but find...

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SICK73 30th June 2020
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Anyone spent time with these? I am slowly falling in love with Studio One and especially the combination with my Console 1 and...

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JSchlomo 29th June 2020
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Hi Guys! I need your help with identifying a connector plug. It has 30x pins and is 2.3 x 9 cm big. Any idea what kind of...

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Drumsound 29th June 2020
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I have been considering getting these for my HEDD type 07 monitors which are 8.7 x 14.6 x 11.8" (W x H x D) each. Now I...

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Ibra 29th June 2020
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First, i apologize for asking! Im sure many gearslutz are already rolling their eyes (o) but i've realized there isn't a...

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Elian20 29th June 2020
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Hey Guys, I have a treasured Allen & Heath GS-24M console with the Firewire/ADAT card, bought new in 2011. Still love the...

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GCR2020 29th June 2020
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Hi, I just bought TDK MA90 type IV cassette tapes for recordings purpose and I have read on Internet that the best ones are...

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CruztoCruz 29th June 2020
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Hey everyone, new guy here but have been reading a lot over the years. Here is my situation. I'm a hobbyist but serious about...

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carl_is_tall 29th June 2020
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Does anyone know if the Kaotica eyeball will work with an apogee 96k or a Shure MOTIV MV88? Any other suggestions/alternatives?...

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etorfox1 29th June 2020
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I've been using the CMC641 for film sound for years and love it. At one point I had an original Elam with 701 tube and decided I...

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leary 29th June 2020
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Hey guys, Couple of questions around this topic - I seem to have a few outboard units which connect via 1/4 inch connectors...

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Looneytune 29th June 2020
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Hey everyone, I have a DBX 160X compressor that I’m not sure is working right — I have it running through a mixer (Mackie...

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scrdcw 29th June 2020
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Hey all! I just got myself a Trident series 24 console for my studio, but it doesn't have a manual. I'm pretty good with signal...

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CaseyRK 29th June 2020
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Hi, I just need a volume knob for 5.1 surround. I’m surprized to see that the cheapest ones are still almost $1000. Is...

Rufuss Sewell
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psycho_monkey 29th June 2020
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Hi!! First time starting a new thread. I bought a Stam audio Sa-2a off of reverb a few months ago in mint Condition. My first...

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Minkymarly 29th June 2020
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Thinking of getting one but want to make sure it’d work for what I need in a band application. Would like to use the backing...

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bedsidemanner 28th June 2020
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hello this is my first post on here and im not sure if this is the right place to post this, or if anyone here will know but iv...

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james gardener 28th June 2020
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So sorry that it seems like a SW vs HW question. But has anyone gone from Hybrid to totally ITB for ease and speed ? Or if u...

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mkdvb 28th June 2020
Avatar for barf

Hello folks, I’m in need of a new pair of studio monitors and I think I want the Yamaha HS8’s. (My last set was a borrowed...

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barf 28th June 2020
Avatar for partyofone

Anyone ever heard of or tried to rehouse an SM7B into a smaller form factor? I'd love to have one in a more traditional handheld...

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bangbang 28th June 2020
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I was pretty set on picking up a Focusrite Clarrett 8pre but have stumbled upon the Arturia Audiofuse 8pre today. I have...

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MINDRXN 28th June 2020
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I am preparing to record guitars (clean, OD, distorted) for an upcoming rock/prog album and had a question on mic selection. One...

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formula428 28th June 2020
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Hey hey, i Hope someone here can help me! I got a Amek big 44 with the original PC for recall and VR Dynamics. So here is the...

Steffen T
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Steffen T 28th June 2020
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So, after reading all the good stuff about ADAMs in about every review i've found, i finally decided to get myself the A3Xs. Even...

Deleted c387cfa
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Kja 28th June 2020
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Hey Gearslutz, so this is my situation: I have the KH120 and I'm quite happy with them. I only wish they had a deeper bass and...

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JblKid95 28th June 2020
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Hi gear sluts, this is my first post here on the forum. I was going to spend some time searching and hopefully join an existing...

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joeq 28th June 2020
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My studio is above my garage. When recording drums the low end rumble really comes through the floor, the stands, and into my...

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arsonculture 28th June 2020
Avatar for Antaren123

I inherited a Sennheiser MKH 104 omni mic. It neets a T-power supply. I do not have a console that supplies this kind of power....

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Matti 28th June 2020
Avatar for play.exe

Been reading a bunch of threads here, and reading Q&A and watching interviews from Andrew Scheps....as a MIX Engineer mixing...

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play.exe 28th June 2020
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I'm thinking of adding a ribbon mic to my mic locker for recording acoustic instruments. The only ribbon mic I've ever owned is...

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axisdreamer 28th June 2020
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I am trying to figure out what microphone Chino from Deftones is using in this pic?? I am pretty knowledgeable about mics but...

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Chino17 27th June 2020
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Anyone replacing tweeters on the regular? How often do you do it? What do you notice?

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jonpaulr123 27th June 2020
Avatar for 11bit

I want to express my personal experience with Genelec’s 8040B and 1030A and possibly prevent other people from having the same...

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AdamIEcho 27th June 2020
Avatar for augustin187

A client is going to be recording his own vocals. He has a super shrill forced whisper sounding voice. Words to describe his...

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edva 27th June 2020
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

Does anyone know where I can buy spare screws for QuikLok music desks (Z-555 and Z-250)? Preferrably in Europe (or anywhere if...

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Usgggg 27th June 2020
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Would this combo be overkill? Is it even possible? I work with predominantly rappers and singers.

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jamesb09 27th June 2020
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I am using an internal audio card on my win system, wrapped with ASIO4ALL to play a sempled piano, Garritan CFX. I don't get...

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JonnBoy 27th June 2020
Avatar for fromthepuggle

I'm deciding between three different routes for outboard. All three routes COST THE SAME AMOUNT. Looking to maximize vintage tone...

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adam_f 27th June 2020