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I am currently on Samplitude , have all the included effects and a couple of the free reverb packs(SIR) , etc.. was wondering if...

Teddy Ray
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phillysoulman 25th July 2012
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Hi, well I'm making some backing tracks of old songs, the problem is that these songs weren't recorded with metronome. So I have...

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juliomonroy 25th July 2012
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Hello , I'm about to put in a order with Paul later this month I wanted to know did you present owners in the USA had to deal...

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REMIXER31 25th July 2012
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Hi, my band and i are curently looking at changing our rehearsal console. I thought about the Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 BUT we...

Vince Latulippe
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Kaoz 25th July 2012
Avatar for winged

hello gear slutters. iam still a newbie and loving it. okay ive been experiencing with these plug inn "compressors"...

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winged 25th July 2012
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Moving to LA and having a hard time finding 24/7 lockout rooms that i can move my studio in to. Very small studio do everything...

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AllAboutTone 25th July 2012
Avatar for T_R_S

I am looking for a portable 2 channel recorder I need *Recording direct to a USB Flash Drive *Both MP3 and Wav uncompressed...

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John Willett 25th July 2012
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John Willett 25th July 2012
Avatar for Ali_rt

hey, im looking for a vocoder that could act as a replacement for fruity's Vocodex to use in other DAWs...anyone know of one that...

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pr0gr4m 25th July 2012
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Just found out something interesting... Frequencies between 5-15 Hz generate alpha waves in the human brain. Alpha waves are...

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fnninns 25th July 2012
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Hi , I have seen a synth on a video and I would like to know which one is it and if its worth it. Thanks ! Here's the link;...

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jerberson12 25th July 2012
Avatar for Nerine

What are your latest go to tracks that you load up in your DAW to reference during a mix? I commonly use some Nickelback...

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fnninns 25th July 2012
Avatar for OzDrum

GUITAR MIC STUDIO DAY @ Pony Music - Sunday 29th July http://www.ponymusic.com.au/images/GUITARMICSHOOTOUT3.jpg We are having...

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Avatar for OzDrum
OzDrum 25th July 2012
Avatar for Sequentialist

Hi Guys, I'm wondering how the A7x would compare with The Rock as far as resonance goes. My room is not great - it's been...

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Avatar for dave gross
dave gross 25th July 2012
Avatar for dr559

Hi I have a Canon EOS 600D/T3i DSLR camera, which comes with a (3.5mm) microphone jack. I was looking to connect my Behringer...

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Avatar for alexevans917
alexevans917 25th July 2012
Avatar for mikecollins2112

Just like the title says, signed band, (huge) looking for an Roland MKS 900, or 2 Roland A-110's. If you have one, you'll be...

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mikecollins2112 25th July 2012
Avatar for gainreduction

Think about this. In them tape-days the tracks had something in common. First, you used the console for tracking. Meaning all...

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Avatar for Filthrill
Filthrill 25th July 2012
Avatar for Nerine

That all of the instruments that sounded nice and upfront in the centre of my stereo image sound much quieter in comparison to...

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Avatar for ksandvik
ksandvik 25th July 2012
Avatar for DubStudio

Help! Bit of a weird one this, I need to find a sample rate converter that will convert to any sample rate you type in, like a...

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Avatar for Pellet_time
Pellet_time 25th July 2012
Avatar for Shonvdv

Dear Gearslutz, I have been asked by the institute my mother works for to sort out the audio in their treatment/observation...

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Avatar for Shonvdv
Shonvdv 25th July 2012
Avatar for dogma

Hi Guys - I have the chance to pick up a Moogerfooger CP-251 real cheap. I use ableton primarily which in the year 2012 doesn't...

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dogma 24th July 2012
Avatar for jaakkol

Hi I have a problem with Logic 8.02. My session just suddenly stopped playing any sounds. Booted the computer and opened...

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Avatar for funkycountry
funkycountry 24th July 2012
Avatar for kanyenorthwest

I possibly will use instruments like guitar, piano in the future but it's mostly gonna be for vocals for now. Is it worth it do...

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Avatar for watermelon
watermelon 24th July 2012
Avatar for kmbmotorshop

Below is an email exchange I had with a craigslist scammer, I was floored that he even responded beyond my second email to him. ...

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Avatar for seventhfactor
seventhfactor 24th July 2012
Avatar for itscredo

hey guys...i am a newbie producer who just purchased my friends microKorg, and have a couple questions that I wasn't able to find...

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Avatar for LimpyLoo
LimpyLoo 24th July 2012
Avatar for beautyfish

All - I teach a production class, and for the last few years I've been showing a fairly interesting full length DVD about the...

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Avatar for Stardumb
Stardumb 24th July 2012
Avatar for SeventhCircle

Just got this link to a newly posted review, it's an edited transcription of a Home Recording Show podcast. Especially good for...

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Avatar for hasbeen
hasbeen 24th July 2012
Avatar for flipbizkit

hi there guys! I have acquired a used ART DPS II. Before i state my problem, i would like for you guys to know that I opened it...

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Avatar for flipbizkit
flipbizkit 24th July 2012
Avatar for foamboy

Hello again. I have a situation and I am not sure what the best way for it to be handled. I am using a Saffire Pro 40 with...

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Avatar for foamboy
foamboy 24th July 2012
Avatar for crying1986

Is one able to bypass the preamps in the 4710d in order to use the compressors while mixing?

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Avatar for camerondye
camerondye 24th July 2012
Avatar for glenn Taylor

Hey Gents I am continuing my cheap compressor buying binge. I bought a ART pro VLA II used today. No manual. Will download one....

glenn Taylor
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Avatar for glenn Taylor
glenn Taylor 24th July 2012
Avatar for South Brokelyn

I saw a post around here where someone said the current production of SM57s are made in Mexico and don't sound as good as their...

South Brokelyn
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Avatar for Rokus666
Rokus666 24th July 2012
Avatar for BlakeMcKibben

I just recently had an internal drive fail on me due to overheating! Luckily it was just a drive that held my samples and...

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Avatar for Woodsroad
Woodsroad 24th July 2012
Avatar for daanrack

Hi, I have been using an Oxygen 49 since more than a year and I thought its time for me to upgrade to a...

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Avatar for daanrack
daanrack 24th July 2012
Avatar for picur85

Hi! I was thinking about whether it would be a good idea to use guitar effect boxes with a keyboard for additional variety in...

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Avatar for badmark
badmark 24th July 2012
Avatar for jamesisfrank

I have just recently purchased the symphony io with analog 16x16 cards. Im trying to figure out how to hook up the Dsub cables...

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Avatar for quadrafunk
quadrafunk 24th July 2012
Avatar for radiumtunez

im not sure where to ask this and ive looked a bit around to see if i can answer my question. Im trying to get a dynamic...

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Avatar for Retinal
Retinal 24th July 2012
Avatar for flsh333

Surely this is the exact same as the Mackie 802 VLZ3? (but a bit cheaper) - How can they get away with this if its the...

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Avatar for Lotus 7
Lotus 7 24th July 2012
Avatar for invalidusername

hi i have a dual hard drive in my macbook. one drive is faster than the other one (70 MB/S vs 40 MB/S) shall i use the...

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Avatar for rcb4t2
rcb4t2 24th July 2012
Avatar for josephconrad

Example: Ray Price ~ Drinkin' Champagne - YouTube I have found great information pertaining to the creation of the 70s/early...

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Avatar for Bob Ross
Bob Ross 24th July 2012
Avatar for Reginiano

Hello slutz, This issue really does bother my work: Pre-fader compressor with -10.00db threshold Fader's level at...

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Avatar for Reginiano
Reginiano 24th July 2012
Avatar for Wazatron

For the next 9 months I'm going to be in a very small space, and I have no idea where I'll be after that. I have a mid-grade home...

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Avatar for Wazatron
Wazatron 24th July 2012
Avatar for josha

does Logic have an equivalent of pro Tools window configuration, where you can recall window views; Pro Tools® 7.3 - New...

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Avatar for logickal
logickal 24th July 2012
Avatar for Electrolegs

I have a Bass Synth (Tempest) and a Bass (active) All I want is to find a box with the smallest footprint that can sum both...

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Avatar for Electrolegs
Electrolegs 24th July 2012
Avatar for OK GO

I am looking at buying a 1176 Urei Clone off of someone - and have no idea as to what to look for. Any tips? He himself bought...

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Avatar for fnninns
fnninns 24th July 2012
Avatar for Whitehouse_Prod

Having been involved in music for so long it seems like a silly question, but where do you go to find new music the day it is...

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Avatar for Whitehouse_Prod
Whitehouse_Prod 24th July 2012
Avatar for anguswoodhead

Hope I'm allowed to post this here.... BBC Auction

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Avatar for Louis Bernstone
Louis Bernstone 24th July 2012
Avatar for Sahil Bhatia

Hello all. Our Sound Team records VO's. We generally use 219's, but used a Gefell 950 stereo pair due to moisture issues on...

Sahil Bhatia
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Avatar for Sahil Bhatia
Sahil Bhatia 24th July 2012
Avatar for Joe Haze

I like her... http://youtu.be/RExGy6jx6kU

Joe Haze
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Avatar for Joe Haze
Joe Haze 24th July 2012
Avatar for Burger

Dear fellow slutz, got a problem with an old Sony PCM-7040 Dat recorder. Trying desperatly to find the menu point where i can...

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Avatar for Burger
Burger 24th July 2012