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So I'm a film & TV editor trying to get my audio and video in sync. Both come from the same source, an Avid Mojo DX -- audio...

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funckdren 1st September 2012
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I got a Tascam FE-8 to go with my FW-1884 but I found that the the Tascam Soft LCD doesn't display any of the FE-8 controls. Is...

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tomwatson 1st September 2012
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I always see tests where people try to pick the digital recording from the analog recording and they fail miserably every time. I...

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NEWTON IN ORBIT 1st September 2012
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Hi! I'm looking for a manual/schematics on the monitor controller Omniphonics PRE 1 and 2. The company isn't around anymore and...

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burningd 1st September 2012
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I'm currently looking at getting the MANLEY HP-101 STUDIO HEADPHONE SYSTEM. But I wanted to come here for a second opinion; I'm...

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kefka 1st September 2012
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hip hop song recorded using the instrumental from waka flocka's song "lurkin". all copyrights belong to their...

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jseo90 1st September 2012
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I have a roland quadcapture audio interface. i use a re320 microphone. I do video game commentaries with this setup. The mic is a...

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luciolis 31st August 2012
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Hey there, I hate to put the word "urgent" in a subject since that's a nitpick of mine, but we just received the...

Matt R
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The Famous Yard 31st August 2012
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know of a new site I found run by Aussies : http://www.rockcraze.com It's still in its...

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Mario-C. 31st August 2012
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I just got one of those board for cheap and I'd like to Know if there's any kind of mod that I can make on It to turn It into 12...

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Rascal Audio 31st August 2012
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I could not get the audio out of my PT session yesturday at one point. The audio would play and the icon on my mac showed that I...

Deleted 4d73b7c
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Deleted 4d73b7c 31st August 2012
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Are there many? Serious question and just curious. One of the big goals when mixing music is to achieve an emotional impact. ...

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Jules 31st August 2012
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i've bought some Funky/Disco/House construction kits sampling CDs from Zero-G and Big Fish Audio to produce some funky disco...

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frankyl 31st August 2012
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Ok, Today I was mixing a track and to cut a long dull story short I decided to slowly crank my monitors to nearly full volume...

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Bmxlee 31st August 2012
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Just wondering if anybody had any opinions between these two books. Both look pretty comprehensive on the amazon.com preview....

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PhilDW 31st August 2012
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I'm off to SG next week. Anyone know where I can pick up a vintage synth ?

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bishbo2000 31st August 2012
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I'm tracking some overdubs for a band I work with sometimes and the singer was whistling the instrumental guitar breaks while we...

max cooper
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hasbeen 31st August 2012
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Hi guys - I am an ok piano player but I have a song I would love a decent player to have a go on - intro/outro quite abit of...

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karljohnson 31st August 2012
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I've been trying to order a CoolSprings reverb through Ralph Muha's website . I got no response to an email and it looks like...

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Sugar 31st August 2012
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Anyone know the origin of this "Brown Note Kick Drum"? Who built this monster?? Wall Photos | Facebook

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John R Truman 31st August 2012
Avatar for The Listener

I searched, but there is not enough specific information. I am using a pair of Yamaha MSP5's which I like very much and my...

The Listener
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mister p 31st August 2012
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I'm curious... Everyone hates them. Live sound applications?

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Sean Sullivan 31st August 2012
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Hi I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to remove the armrest on the soundcraft Ghost desk. It seems as though it Kind of...

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BradD 31st August 2012
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And is it economical or more economical than buying one? I think I want one for tracking and summing but I'm not looking to pay...

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Magnum29465 31st August 2012
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Hi all, ...does anybody have experience with a (almost vintage) Roland gp 8 ? I would like to get one and use it with my DAW...

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Lorenzop 31st August 2012
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I'm looking to spend anywhere from $500-$1000... Suggestions? I am aware that treating the room is paramount but that's not my...

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jtienhaara 31st August 2012
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Looking for a Balalaika and Accordian online session players for a job going on very soon, anyone know of anyone please?

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bigbongo 31st August 2012
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I know this mod is very popular and almost a necessity to protect the input on the Tascam FW-1884. A few of my pres blew and I...

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tomwatson 31st August 2012
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Hello everybody. Heard that d112 are now made in china. Are there any new made in Austria and is there a shop where it can be...

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The_Kid 31st August 2012
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Is there a plug-in that does this: For e.g. you have a 100% wet reverb track, this plugin opens the stereo width wider when the...

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Saudade 31st August 2012
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Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me out with recording the analog/aes inputs of my Aurora 8 simultaneously. I have just...

mini logo
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mini logo 31st August 2012
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Hello, long time reader first time poster (I think), I'm about to purchase a toft atb24 and I was considering getting an ssl...

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ddageek 31st August 2012
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Is is possible to connect one m box mini to another? Or to another similar interface? Pre sonus,focursrite etc?? If so is it...

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Kiskipuich 31st August 2012
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Is there a product that will allow quick mounting and unmounting of a mic clip/shockmount to a mic stand. I tend to swap mics...

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radiovoiceone 31st August 2012
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Hey everyone, Not sure if this is where I should post this, but I just want to give you all a heads up that there is a scammer...

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Jez4prez 31st August 2012
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aren't you just looking for the left and right signal to represent what you are doing in your mix. I keep my nicerizer panned...

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string6theory 31st August 2012
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What’s up everyone? I need a couple suggestions. I have an MPC 5000 along with a Yamaha Motif XF and the old school Roland...

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awhitebeats 31st August 2012
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Do you guys think it would be worth it to get this mod done on my profire? I'm mainly concerned about the A/D D/A conversion and...

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SpencerWalters 31st August 2012
Avatar for adirondack

I am curious about the top-end on the Hardy M1 preamp. I have used the Forssell SMP2 preamp and really liked the treatment of...

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adirondack 31st August 2012
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Dear Slutz, Has anyone ever worked in a studio recording bands (ie one 8 hour session to record 2 or 3 songs of drums, bass,...

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AdamB420 31st August 2012
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Hi everyone, I am trying to set up my triggered drum kit together with a laptop and need to trigger lots of samples. At the...

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defekkto 31st August 2012
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I wanna switch over to Pro Tools HD but dont want to get crazy and pay like 10,000 for like a brand new current Avid Pro Tools HD...

Adonis Martine
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TXDigi 31st August 2012
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Hi everyone Just wondering if someone could tell me an approximate Value of a 96ch Euphonix C3000 console (assuming good...

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P.R 31st August 2012
Avatar for flusterguts

I've got one I'm thinking about selling on ebay. I know it's early '70s but I can't pin down the year. Serial number is: A...

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jimmiibass 30th August 2012
Avatar for ddeez

Is there any alternative to the Manley mic stand? Cuz that's pretty expensive. I'm super sick of buying Mic stands that keep...

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sameal 30th August 2012
Avatar for skybluerental

Anybody know who recorded/mixed it and where it was all done? That track just sounds magical to me.

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Jeff16years 30th August 2012
Avatar for dialectic

In addition to micing the instrument itself, do you ever find use within your mixes for the DI from an electro acoustic guitar?...

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dialectic 30th August 2012
Avatar for guardian_4ce

Hello! first post after months of just being a reader! I'm trying to build my own small home studio and i need a really good...

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sameal 30th August 2012
Avatar for Devon8822

I am wondering why you would want to use a mics low end roll off, when you can just do it with an eq in the mix? Is it meant to...

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Unclenny 30th August 2012
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Hi all, I'm wondering what the common name is for the plexi panels that are fitted on some mixers which roll on small wheels...

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Sandersonic 30th August 2012