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Hey everyone, Does anyone know if John surfs this board at all? I have a few questions to ask him about his Jonas Brothers...

Eddie T. Ellis
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Aaron Giese 7th September 2012
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Hi guys. Im currently using a Rode NT1-A into an Edirol UA25-ex pre. I'm saving up for a Gemini 2 and a Avalon 737sp but atm...

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Bluesdog 7th September 2012
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Hi I'm looking for the interface to use in recording and live performance. Several aspects I am concerned with: 1. price - under...

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limdongfi 7th September 2012
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SuperElectric 7th September 2012
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what is a mid price range preamp/mic that would be good for clean vocals with some color....Around 500-800 each???

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will2282 7th September 2012
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I was wondering what synth and pad software you guys would suggest for electronic ambient stuff. I want to do stuff like Animal...

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Aiyn Zahav 7th September 2012
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yep.. the capsule is toast, It got dropped by an unknown at a TV shoot.. ? so.. is the Neumann KM capsule proprietary ? do any...

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jetboatguy 7th September 2012
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Hey guys. I'm looking into purchasing a few new boom mic stands. What is your favorite boom/base combo? Are you a round base guy...

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Aisle 6 7th September 2012
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Hello, I recently travelled with a TL Audio "voice processor" that has a preamp, eq, and compressor. It was in my...

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Aisle 6 7th September 2012
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Ive heard nothing but good about both of these but how are they together? Does anyone have any first hand experience. I know...

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jrghetto602 7th September 2012
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Hey Folks, Looking for a relatively cheap spectrum analyzer similar to the Phonic PAA3 but perhaps a bit cheaper,...

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GMK 7th September 2012
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I'm currently using using AE22 speakers. They have XLR. Do I need a special speaker cable. Or can I use normal XLR?

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FLZapped 7th September 2012
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Whenever I hear "War Pigs" on the radio, it blows me away how good it sounds. I love the drum sound especially. So dry,...

turk sanchez
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energizer bunny 7th September 2012
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Three things I'd be nice to get some answers to. 1: When recording a new vocal track (protools MP9) do I want to record the...

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3windy1city2 7th September 2012
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So a friend was cleaning out his attic and ended up giving me an old tape recorder, A Revox Model A700, my original plan was to...

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Matti 7th September 2012
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Hey there, we need a rackmount mixer (faders for 8 individual channels/tracks) that has 8 outs.....the key is the outputs need to...

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MowingDevil 7th September 2012
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Quick question. If someones using ad and DA multichannel converts, do they need an audio interface? Or is it possible to go...

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Brentley Womac 7th September 2012
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Hey guys, I started sending these charts out with the new retail DVDs and figured some of you might find it useful. I personally...

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ComposerGuy 7th September 2012
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Hi, guys. I started an Audio Production degree last year and found that I had a lot of trouble with it, my college ended up...

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Kaoz 7th September 2012
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Hi all kfhkh This topic I think is pretty unique. I am recording electric guitar using a Les Paul and an Orange Tiny...

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bruvvamoff 7th September 2012
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I'm in the US and usually deal domestically. Looking for some general guidelines in selling and shipping gear overseas. Is it...

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Emwolb 7th September 2012
Avatar for egoboo

My niece aged 7 is taking up piano lessons. The teacher recommends that her parents buy her an upright piano for practise....

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PumasNFatLaces 7th September 2012
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What are the stereo buss eq options out there? I guess a lot of people dont use eq on there 2 buss. what are some choices? whats...

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uncle muscles 7th September 2012
Avatar for johnnybregar

I normally record and mix in the same room. It's a rectangle - 35' x 20'. My monitors are about 3' off the back wall, but I'm...

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johnnybregar 7th September 2012
Avatar for Deena

I'm currently using a digidesign 003 and would like to make use of the extra 8 inputs on my Focusrite Octopre, however these ADAT...

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Go Nigel Go 7th September 2012
Avatar for UnderDogCentral

Me & a friend of mine are looking to build a small not to pricey vocal studio. The type of music we are looking to record are...

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Go Nigel Go 7th September 2012
Avatar for Providence

What would you guys suggest? I have two of these and used to use one with my Digi003. I looked at the Presonus Lightpipe unit...

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disinfor 7th September 2012
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Careline 7th September 2012
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Hi all, I'm slowly expanding into more of a hardware setup after using software for quite a long time and I'm after a unit...

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pan60 7th September 2012
Avatar for Deena

I've just acquired a Wem Copicat and would like to know how to use it as an outboard effect with a digidesign 003 into Logic....

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CJ Mastering 7th September 2012
Avatar for Rob Coates

What are opinions about what technology will actually emerge or be further developed that will do the sound of analog tape so...

Rob Coates
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optionalanalogue 7th September 2012
Avatar for karmapol1ce

hey y'all. i run an independent label and i am looking for recs for a mixing engineer/producer to do records for two different...

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x_25 7th September 2012
Avatar for youtube_addict

Just came across this new series on YouTube that talks all about recreating artist's gear set-ups at home. Pretty cool. The...

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youtube_addict 6th September 2012
Avatar for aldaraia

Thinking about reoganizing, shifting around my equipment and one of the moves I'm thinking of making is getting a converter and...

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psycho_monkey 6th September 2012
Avatar for Herman Heil

Hi to all I own a RME UC, which is amazing, but I am very interested in the stand alone & direct usb recording that the new...

Herman Heil
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Herman Heil 6th September 2012
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Hello all, I've decided to get a new mic for my home studio. I already have a Rode NT1-a and a cheap Audio Technica Pro 37...

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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 6th September 2012
Avatar for Flamiel

Been using the Metrophones which are great for tracking drums, 25db isloation. But want to step up the sonic quality to track...

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kludge 6th September 2012
Avatar for tomeford

Project studio that will see the usual kinds of music plus a bit of a capella and the occasional strange world music kinda...

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LinearScott 6th September 2012
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Hi All This is my first post, I’m very grateful for this forum and all the interesting articles and wisdom about home and...

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Avatar for Granny Gremlin
Granny Gremlin 6th September 2012
Avatar for Eternal_One

Hey all, I've been doing some research on acquiring an amp for Yamaha NS10s. I recently found this (old) Sony STR-DE305 in my...

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Avatar for Darenzo
Darenzo 6th September 2012
Avatar for zinzin

so, now that the hype is settled, what's your opinion on those micscreens like the SE reflexion filter or the t.bone micscreen or...

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zinzin 6th September 2012
Avatar for Call_me_Switters

Hello folks... I am a really sic geraslutz and i find my self more than enough times to browse ebay, gearslutz classifieds,...

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Call_me_Switters 6th September 2012
Avatar for GahndiX

Hi! I am looking for a handheld audio-recorder like for example the "zoom H2". I however have some wishes. x...

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GahndiX 6th September 2012
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Hey guys, I apologize if this is old news but I can't seem to find any clear information on the subject. Everything I've found so...

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daubie 6th September 2012
Avatar for meirionwyllt

I want to do good quality vocal recordings at home so I can then take them to the studio and have everything mixed there (I'm one...

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meirionwyllt 6th September 2012
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brill bedroom
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beingmf 6th September 2012
Avatar for chetbaker

I bought this reamp box, it is a brand from Argentina widely used in my...

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chetbaker 6th September 2012
Avatar for iim7V7IM7

Hi, I have been try to select a set of headphones suitable for home: - Recording - Mixing - Tracking (playing a acoustic...

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devildave85 6th September 2012
Avatar for Lucin Niega

Anyone use one of these things? I like the 100 mm faders, don't care about the FX, don't need the mic pres. 4 buss is fine. How...

Lucin Niega
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Avatar for AMPEX
AMPEX 6th September 2012
Avatar for jseo90

anybody here have experience with the great river me-1nv and the warm audio wa12? i'm pretty much dead set on these two pres but...

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Avatar for PhilDW
PhilDW 6th September 2012