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I am new here and looking for any info on Harrison Pro-7s - sound, eqs, summing etc... I can't seem to find anything on these...

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BFrederick 16th September 2012
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Hi there, I'm quite new here, thanks for sharing all the useful information on this forum! I'm searching a lot on good mic...

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Aural Endeavors 16th September 2012
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Sean Sullivan 16th September 2012
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the difference seems to be internal shockmounting...and it's all i can seem to find at a relatively decent price...is this still...

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hugovanmeijeren 16th September 2012
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I've found a lot of threads comparing the S2A to the A7s (most highly in favor of the S2As... which makes sense, they were much...

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MatrixClaw 16th September 2012
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Hi, I'm having a band recorded on Tuesday, very, very low budget one. They persist as fu*k to use their own mics, and they only...

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gangrena 16th September 2012
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The other day I was playing around with plugin reverbs on long fx chains in Steinberg Cubase. I stacked up the Steinberg Cubase...

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Faderjockey 16th September 2012
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Hi GS howdy I'm thinking of testing my setup on loud levels at my local studio and I want to record the results for...

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bruvvamoff 16th September 2012
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Hi all, A friend of mine and I have a fairly unique setup that we're very proud of. Many hardware synths, samplers, and drum...

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gavinrh49 16th September 2012
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I just got a new Ludwig BB primarily as a recording snare. I was thinking about trying some of the PureSound snares on it. Has...

Ben B
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SRS 16th September 2012
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I planing on getting a hybrid setup for my little home/project studio. I´m thinking of a 12-16 channel mixing desk and a few...

T.V. Eye
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Karloff70 16th September 2012
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I recorded a friends band the other night. No artificial anything on the recording. They wanted a really raw, heavy sounding...

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manthyore 16th September 2012
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OK. So I just got an idea of a mixing technique to test in the studio later today. It's a bit tricky though, because first I need...

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WunderBro Flo 16th September 2012
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Hi, I've ordered some 25A's for hifi use and wondered what stands you guys would recommend? I'm looking for something about...

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mattskiD 16th September 2012
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I am about to get a TC 2290 delay and as it has different expansion options, I got a bit confused and wanted to ask what should I...

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onrozr 16th September 2012
Avatar for Indellable

My room is treated and I would be using these monitors to mix numerous genres of music. Been looking to upgrade from my HS80ms. ...

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Indellable 16th September 2012
Avatar for Kongoji

Hello Gearslutz ! Today I will need some advice and info about an audio interface. My Fast Track Ultra 8r just let me down (3...

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ch32 16th September 2012
Avatar for theBackwardsman

So I know this discussions been up before, but i hoped you could help me with my specific goal, I love this chris lord alge vocal...

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Avatar for Chiconcuac
Chiconcuac 16th September 2012
Avatar for Slikjmuzik

Hello all, I'm looking to get into a stereo tracking compressor that can also play double duty on mixdown. It would mostly...

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Karloff70 16th September 2012
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I would love to see more gear on Wikipedia. There's so much knowledge around here but I find it tedious sometimes reading through...

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Sotsirc 16th September 2012
Avatar for Parker Paeon

I really need some advice here.. I own an 02R96 but I do not really use it other than volume control and sometimes the pres. i do...

Parker Paeon
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Parker Paeon 16th September 2012
Avatar for Eisklinge

Hello everyone, Today, I bought an old Shure SM57 Unidyne III. Under the grill, there is a small fragment of loose foam which...

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Kiwi 16th September 2012
Avatar for jawmag

Hi Everyone. I'm new to the site, but I just wanted to thank you all for pointing me to a great purchase. I wanted to tell you...

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Avatar for gfender
gfender 16th September 2012
Avatar for Bonsaimaster

Ok this is my first post to the forum. I have been reading everything I can but am stuck on this one. I am my new album....

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Bonsaimaster 16th September 2012
Avatar for Kyleseglin

Hi all I have an apogee duet and I have an fmr rnc and rnla and I'm wondering if there is a way to send out to either of those...

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Kyleseglin 16th September 2012
Avatar for MoonTower

Hey all! I've been lurking around here for years and have enjoyed reading and learning from everyone. I'm torn right now...

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Avatar for MoonTower
MoonTower 16th September 2012
Avatar for sslneve

thanks in advance. some engineer guy wants exchange his 8816 with my d2b, but i have no experience with neve. my focus is the...

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Avatar for audiokid
audiokid 16th September 2012
Avatar for raga2000

hi ,is there anyone who compare dangerous 2 bus and neve analog summing tools? which one has beter sound?(wider,taller and...

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Avatar for audiokid
audiokid 16th September 2012
Avatar for leitrim_lad

Hey there, im wondering if you could help me. I have a small studio setup in my garage and i need help setting it up.. Ill...

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Avatar for leitrim_lad
leitrim_lad 16th September 2012
Avatar for Wolf LeProducer

What are your favorite software Parametric eq's? Vst 2.4.. X64 only. That you know function and run on Windows, and are from...

Wolf LeProducer
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Avatar for Wolf LeProducer
Wolf LeProducer 16th September 2012
Avatar for SarahKim

Hi I love Daft punk but I am new to the world of sampling and such and was wondering how they took out the vocals of some...

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Avatar for sergioelectro
sergioelectro 16th September 2012
Avatar for leitrim_lad

Would anyone have a contact for Andreas Herbig the music producer/mixer. I think he is based out of hamburg germany. Searched on...

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leitrim_lad 15th September 2012
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Avatar for Electric Ed
Electric Ed 15th September 2012
Avatar for GeauxSe

Hey guys, new to the forum but been reading it for years. I'm mixing an album for a NY acoustic artist (I'm in Nashville, so...

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Avatar for John N
John N 15th September 2012
Avatar for Jolly_Rogers

Can anybody comment as to the difference between the mk1 and mk2 black sparrows? I asked BLA and they told me they are...

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Avatar for DMichaelJohnson
DMichaelJohnson 15th September 2012
Avatar for unitymusic

Is there a plugin that allows a full 360 degree control of phase?

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Avatar for jono_3
jono_3 15th September 2012
Avatar for greenfields

The Sony C-37a Has two polarity options. I read that One is "N" for non directional (Omni) and the other is...

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Avatar for mattallen
mattallen 15th September 2012
Avatar for Kola

Hey guys, I suppose my end question evolves around can the MDUV sequence my hardware midi synths? My MPC 2500 is currently like...

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Avatar for Deleted c89e442
Deleted c89e442 15th September 2012
Avatar for Dave Reid

Is anyone manufacturing a 1U Neve 1073 / 1081 rack with external psu for one module ? I would like one for carrying around in...

Dave Reid
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Avatar for Dave Reid
Dave Reid 15th September 2012
Avatar for o0Slickman0o

I am looking to upgrade my music listening experience. I currently use onboard audio with some relatively decent cans (sennheiser...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 15th September 2012
Avatar for jerberson12

Ive seen EQing using medium to narrow Q with a little gain reduction depending what track/instrument. I am trying to make my...

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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 15th September 2012
Avatar for Kirk_Johansen

Hi guys, my team and I have been working on quite a revolutionary monitor speaker design and very helpful concepts and ideas...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 15th September 2012
Avatar for hugovanmeijeren

Hi guys, I've got some old Beyerdynamic M88's, they're great, but with a few of them I've got a little issue: These are the...

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Avatar for hugovanmeijeren
hugovanmeijeren 15th September 2012
Avatar for BBlack

A while ago I was searching for delay units with random delay time settings, but there didn't seem to be any in existence....

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Avatar for BBlack
BBlack 15th September 2012
Avatar for James Lugo

I don't know if I'm crazy or what but it seems like every stroke of the brush (ie every sound I tweak or thing I do) when mixing...

James Lugo
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Avatar for jrod9900
jrod9900 15th September 2012
Avatar for idmmer417

Hey, I was thinking about getting Hairball audio FET kit but since the price is similar with Overstayer FET (plus it's stereo)...

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Avatar for idmmer417
idmmer417 15th September 2012
Avatar for newpollution

Hi everyone, I'd like to try some stereo-miking techniques for the first time, and I'm looking at the mid-side setup right...

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Avatar for Cathedral Guitar
Cathedral Guitar 15th September 2012
Avatar for sexmagikguitar

does anybody have or know where to get the manual for the tascam 488???

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Avatar for audioexmachina
audioexmachina 15th September 2012
Avatar for kraku

I've noticed that all the audio interfaces I've tried produce a nice and clean saturation/distortion effect when I drive the...

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Avatar for Fred_Abstract
Fred_Abstract 15th September 2012
Avatar for Szorn

Just bought a Quik Lok Z-250. Placed all my stuff on it (monitor, small console, small keyboard.) Began typing... noticed the...

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Avatar for Szorn
Szorn 15th September 2012