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So.. I have the kt2a and kt76 and love them but wondering if I should sell and upgrade to the wa2a and wa76. Advice? If I knew I...

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JAT 14th July 2020
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Hello, I'm new into producing,and I m thinking of buying some monitors because I can't hear the mix and all properly on my...

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asmoque 14th July 2020
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Hi! Just wondering if anyone here has CAD files for the side panels of the DM1000 (SP1000). If you have made your own...

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bivouacrecording 14th July 2020
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Been researching a lot of 500 series stuff recently, mostly for recording purposes, with the current main goal of building a...

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DeadPoet 14th July 2020
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Hello folks. I'm looking to get an 1176-style compressor & leaning towards the WA-76. I've been seeing some people...

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bgood 14th July 2020
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Suppose that your primary monitors happen to be DSP, and you can choose between analogue input and digital input. You also have a...

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Xnr 14th July 2020
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I just got my first preamp, a black lion audio b12a, and it didn't come with a power supply so I ordered this: Amazon.com:...

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MurkyMerk 14th July 2020
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I've got a few Sweetwater gift cards (amounting to $150), but prefer buying used gear when I can for sustainability (and the...

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terrible.dee 13th July 2020
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I'm needing some mic work done and wanting to contact him. thanks peachh

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Higgs 13th July 2020
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I tracked a kick drum and it sounded great. Now I'm tracing the same kick drum, with all the same equipment, tunings and...

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GYMusic 13th July 2020
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I have an x32 and thinking of buying an xr18 for a different project. Just curious, can I send out 18 USB feeds from the x32...

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bench_777 13th July 2020
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Hey gang! So I'm opening up my own studio and it'l mainly be used for podcasting (up to 4 people) with potential for online...

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gravyface 13th July 2020
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hi I have TC M300 effects unit and since yesterday on the analog outs I get a constant white noise, even if the digital out and...

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Oldone 13th July 2020
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So I recently got a Neumann TLM 103 and was wondering what might be the best options for a clean setup for the mic. I only plan...

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Leo Lucchesi 13th July 2020
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I'm sorry if this has been asked before but here is my problem. So I'm currently using KRK Rokit 7' G4 with Focusrite Scarlett...

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Borche 13th July 2020
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I'm closing in on buying the new Trident 68, but in the process I've received many recommendations for API The Box. The...

Peter Craft
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andersmv 13th July 2020
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I *swear* I've seen a thread or posts about someone who does mic pre mods on the Symetrix 528e channel strip. I've searched...

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Jim Williams 13th July 2020
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Which midi do y'all think is better? I wanted to buy Akai MPK Mini MK2 because it s small,compact,has a nice design,good...

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asmoque 13th July 2020
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hi, I am looking for firewire card and psu. Alternativelly i can consider to purchase whole setup ( desk + the rest ) at...

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Galileon 13th July 2020
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About to pull the plug on one of these 2 units, as I need a stereo mic preamp with some capable EQ. I don't have the opportunity...

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Chevron 13th July 2020
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Seems midas are to release some 500 series modules and klark teknik gave got vintage eq and comp racks too, Haven't seen any...

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Ox Han 13th July 2020
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Does anyone have any experience with these modules?? There is virtually no talk about them. I’m kinda interested, especially in...

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chinesewhiteman 13th July 2020
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gravyface 13th July 2020
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For a partial update, scroll down to see new information and photos regarding the fact that my remote might be for an A80, not an...

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BarryLimestone 13th July 2020
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Hi! First of all I'm very sorry for my english. I wanna ask if it can make any sense, and if it's a good option, to record using...

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Ziko123 12th July 2020
Avatar for Rappy

Hi there. I am a Pro Tools user and I kind of missed the whole ADAT era. I have a client who has about 9 songs on ADATs that she...

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junkshop 12th July 2020
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I've had my Mackie HR824s forever, but when it comes down to it I don't use them a whole ton. I'm mostly on headphones due to...

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AudioJunky 12th July 2020
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The delays on my PCM70 stopped working. It’s been stuck on Tiled Room and Rich Plate forever so I don’t even know when....

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Psinglet 12th July 2020
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I often recorded scratch vocals in the studio with dynamic mics, and noticed many times that I somehow preferred the sound of...

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dranzangos 12th July 2020
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Hi all! I just purchased my first API 512c the other day, and I recorded through it for the first time today. I was very excited...

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mungu 12th July 2020
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Should I just use my second best LDC? Is there a good rule of thumb? Or are there specific mics folks like for backup...

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chessparov2.0 12th July 2020
Avatar for 1979

Hey slutz, I just recently heard a Lxp1, and am considering snaging the old LXP1 & LXP5 combo-I personally though they...

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Keyboard Player 12th July 2020
Avatar for Absalone

Hi there, Has anyone tried the Royer R-101 to record stringed instruments individually, such as cello, viola, classical...

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Absalone 12th July 2020
Avatar for electric

anyone ever use both a tube tech pe1c eq and me1b in series in their signal chain? (or any pultec/pultec clones for that...

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griploc_1981 12th July 2020
Avatar for RedTone

Hey, just posted a video showing the differences between the Lewitt LCT 240 and the AKG C414 XLII mics. Let me know what you...

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Drumsound 12th July 2020
Avatar for candyflip

Hi fellow slutz, I'm looking to connect 2 different units into the xlr line inputs of my Lynx Hilo: 1) Turntable via an MX-VNYL...

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candyflip 12th July 2020
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Headed out for a jam, but gotta feed the horses! Theres no way im making two trips..

Farmboy presents
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Farmboy presents 12th July 2020
Avatar for din

Bit of a newb question here: I've always mixed in the box but want to get more into using outboard gear, specifically EQ's. I'm...

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bowzin 12th July 2020
Avatar for Itsjessewaltman

I was thinking about selling the Slate and the software to help fund my first "high end" vocal chain (Manley ref c...

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Deleted 6833614 12th July 2020
Avatar for OneGuy

Hello, has anyone had a chance of testing these two against each other? What were your thoughts? Any other experiences highly...

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DJURBAN 11th July 2020
Avatar for fromthepuggle

Anyone compared modern chandler germanium pres to the vintage RCA BA-71, 73, 33, 31 type stuff? I'm looking for vibe, but not...

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Avatar for Retrovertigo
Retrovertigo 11th July 2020
Avatar for James Guitar

hi: does anybody know anything about the old I.D. Sound studio in L.A.? i'm just curious as to the location, equipment used,...

James Guitar
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SCVDavid 11th July 2020
Avatar for Aktuba

Anyone know what mic Lake used in the studio sessions for the Crimson and ELP stuff? Did a search and couldn't find any easy...

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Avatar for Aktuba
Aktuba 11th July 2020
Avatar for Jean Luc Cougar

This has been covered a bunch on the past but most of the posts are 10+ years old. Is anyone still racking up SSL channels...

Jean Luc Cougar
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Sslfetish 11th July 2020
Avatar for nattewolf

Hey, I'd like to buy a pair of Auratone 5C as a grotbox (I have Adam A77X as main monitors and a Central Station to switch)....

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Avatar for Jean Luc Cougar
Jean Luc Cougar 11th July 2020
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maxiedaniels 11th July 2020
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Hi, Some of you may recall that I posted a thread about my Beyer M88 distorting when used as an inside kick mic - I have since...

mini logo
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roho 11th July 2020
Avatar for gsilbers

im interested in the ztar cause it seems all other midi guitars are plain crap to sequence with. but paying $2000+ for one...

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gsilbers 11th July 2020
Avatar for TerraGrata

Hey guys! Super interested in the Peluso P280. Anyone have any experience with it regarding its sound character and possibly some...

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TerraGrata 11th July 2020
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kfhkh By far delay is the most used effect of the most used effects, chorus, delay, reverb. By far delay has the widest range...

italo de angelis
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Avatar for italo de angelis
italo de angelis 11th July 2020