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I'm looking for something to send CC messages via MIDI. I only need 3 buttons. I don't want any more than that (board space). I...

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e3p0 22nd October 2012
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carroz 22nd October 2012
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I presonally don't record at this rate because it just eats up too much of my resources, but is there really that much to be...

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buzzjoe 22nd October 2012
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I'm looking at buying a new mixing desk preferably with 8 channels, around the £200-300 mark. Mainly I would like to record only...

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JordanDK 22nd October 2012
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On Musikmesse 2012 they demonstrated a stackable absorber at the Universal Audio/S.E.A booth. It had rounded edges with plastic...

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tobymusic 22nd October 2012
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Hey everyone. Just thought you all might like to hear the new track I posted. It's drum and bass all the way this time....

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stolenlogic 22nd October 2012
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Soo, my current setup is: Oktavamod 319 2x fully modded GAP PRE73 Chandler Germanium I want to step it up a notch but...

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theBackwardsman 22nd October 2012
Avatar for audiogeek

i recently picked up a new pair of HS80M's , and after only a few hours of use one of them is generating a noise that's not good....

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doom64 22nd October 2012
Avatar for psoul

hi folks do u know if exist a small, portable, hopefully with effect, sampler with stream files from disk/sd or just at least...

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psoul 22nd October 2012
Avatar for exileofdreamz

Hello, I'm looking to upgrade from a Blue USB Yeti Microphone I'm looking for a good condenser microphone for just rap vocals...

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cinealta 22nd October 2012
Avatar for Conn.Lucas

Any idea what console that is? Thanks!

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Conn.Lucas 22nd October 2012
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I have a midace Venice 160 in which I run the master outs into a Dangerous Dbox for monitoring. The Dbox has some power supply...

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 22nd October 2012
Avatar for sebs

Hey.. I'm still a bit of a noob at this so any advice/suggestions will help! I've been saving for a while to get a pair of...

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sebs 22nd October 2012
Avatar for pstuart

Hey all, total noob to the forums as well as with organs. I've inherited a Hammond M3 with a Leslie 145 kit installed. ...

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ST. 22nd October 2012
Avatar for MSB21

Hello- I'm new here, but I've been reading the forum for years. It's helped me a ton; thanks to all who make it such a great...

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MSB21 22nd October 2012
Avatar for Tritono9

Hi mates, I need your help. I have problems with a brand new Mbox 3 (the middle model). The problem consist in that I cant dial...

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Tritono9 22nd October 2012
Avatar for iacntspell

I'm getting ready to record an acoustic duo. I presume there will be vocals as well, but I plan on recording them separately...

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iacntspell 22nd October 2012
Avatar for MX5J6

Ok so I play the didgeridoo and the bass. I will work to explain this the best way I can. I will be buying the Shure Beta 98H/C...

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MX5J6 22nd October 2012
Avatar for benxiwf

I know there are a million threads about this but I would like some help for my specific case. I am a music teacher and run live...

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Avatar for Benteau
Benteau 22nd October 2012
Avatar for hauntedclutter

I would love to find a professional spectrum analyzer that works as an iTunes plug-in. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?...

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Avatar for Drass
Drass 22nd October 2012
Avatar for Drayon

Hi guys, I need a pair of custom rack trolleys fabricated out of aluminium or steel. Anyone have any suggestions on who to...

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Drayon 22nd October 2012
Avatar for joey587

I found this site... I know nothing about it and can't find much on google Anybody buy from them? Deals are decent enough but...

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nickbearden 22nd October 2012
Avatar for adirondack

In comparing these preamps, do i have the GENERAL idea correct relative to each other, in terms of what they can contribute to...

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Avatar for adirondack
adirondack 21st October 2012
Avatar for noneedforarmor

Played a show the other nigh and I though my peavey valve king amp head's road case was latched..... It wasn't. So it fell out...

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Avatar for popmann
popmann 21st October 2012
Avatar for perform/record

Been looking for one for my live rig and have only come across the Presonus EQ3B, which might be currently unavailable....

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Avatar for Saddle
Saddle 21st October 2012
Avatar for long way to go

Hi, I have decided to buy an Allen&Heath ZED-10 mixer for small gigs and home recording, for gigs i'll use it with an AER...

long way to go
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Avatar for doncaparker
doncaparker 21st October 2012
Avatar for tronnyjenkins

Hey Folks- We are closer every day to opening our new studio- basically just looking for the right space. We are making final...

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Avatar for oldtimemusic
oldtimemusic 21st October 2012
Avatar for Triky12

Hi! Im semi-new. Not sure if this is the right forum for this post. I think it would be very interesting to hear if...

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Avatar for jdsowa
jdsowa 21st October 2012
Avatar for deathletter

New to bass. Thinking of pairing an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro (rated 4 ohms I think) with an Avatar B410 Neo Bass Cab (8 ohm, 1200w,...

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deathletter 21st October 2012
Avatar for rmx16

This should be a great nightkfhkhkfhkhkfhkh Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust, Ken Scott | Facebook

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rmx16 21st October 2012
Avatar for antony

Anybody used these. Any good or a waste of time there pretty cheap. I'm not looking to isolate just knock it down a...

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Avatar for edva
edva 21st October 2012
Avatar for Rednose

Hello, I acitdently pushed in the paper cone on my NS10 woofer and now its dented inwards. It sounds fine, just getting a little...

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Avatar for infiner
infiner 21st October 2012
Avatar for padillac

Hi, I've got a question about configuring the sample rates on the various devices I own. My soundcard is configured to input...

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Avatar for brockorama
brockorama 21st October 2012
Avatar for the blast

Do you guys know the difference between these 2 mics other than the 4050 having multiple polar patters? I'm looking for a mic...

the blast
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Avatar for Topgear
Topgear 21st October 2012
Avatar for Grovestand

I'm posting this for my dad who is a gigging jazz/blues/soul piano player. He would like to move from his 3 piece PA + 2...

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Avatar for Diegel
Diegel 21st October 2012
Avatar for RG1slayer

I know usually don't post here actually I mostly post on the Ibanez forums but forum chats been dead slow. I recently lost a...

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Avatar for RG1slayer
RG1slayer 21st October 2012
Avatar for Shaolin

I was set to pick up an RME ADI-2 from Thomann when I came across the ESI. A lot cheaper. Downside is RCA connectors but no...

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Avatar for Shaolin
Shaolin 21st October 2012
Avatar for david winter

Hi, I collect early German tape machines and acquired the very first Telefunken T9U machine serial 10001 (Picture here, please...

david winter
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Avatar for Mono-Peter
Mono-Peter 21st October 2012
Avatar for Lorenzop

So I made a lucky find on the street last week, a old active subwoofer in good working condition. However I am at a loss as to...

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Avatar for Lorenzop
Lorenzop 21st October 2012
Avatar for toddreloaded

I'm just looking for one mic cable so it doesn't really make sense to buy a spool + soldering kit

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Avatar for toddreloaded
toddreloaded 21st October 2012
Avatar for The Known

I currently have a set of KRK monitors in my home studio and I love them. Now I need some good headphones. I know there are a...

The Known
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Avatar for SmoothVibe
SmoothVibe 21st October 2012
Avatar for ChuckFinley

The piano starts at the 10 second mark and continues for the rest of the song. To my "untrained" ear it sounds...

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Avatar for Steffmo
Steffmo 21st October 2012
Avatar for toddreloaded

I'm looking to get a semi-weighted, no frills 88 key midi keyboard to complement my MPK88 which is hammer action. The M-Audio...

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Avatar for dickiefunk
dickiefunk 21st October 2012
Avatar for take5

Greetings. Recently I did a live show where I used my MOTU MTP AV for busing different MIDI channels, but found myself in a panic...

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Avatar for take5
take5 21st October 2012
Avatar for Sorrrell

Hi there. so i got this beat recorded and i want to quantize it in Protools using beat detective..im very familiar how to do...

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Avatar for Sorrrell
Sorrrell 21st October 2012
Avatar for brassmoose

Seeking some guidance...I'm looking for an audio interface with the following requirements. I have searched extensively & my...

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Avatar for brassmoose
brassmoose 21st October 2012
Avatar for Funny Cat

Bob Marley's - "Africa Unite" This has long been one of my favorite Marley tunes. The melody is infectious...

Funny Cat
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Avatar for Funny Cat
Funny Cat 21st October 2012
Avatar for binman_uk

Anyone know where I could get a sample set of the emu carnaval at all? Would like the sounds but I've no room for any more gear,...

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Avatar for binman_uk
binman_uk 21st October 2012
Avatar for Alexmc1988

I am putting together a mobile recording rig and I am going to have my computer in a rack case. Would a shock mount rack case...

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Avatar for Alexmc1988
Alexmc1988 21st October 2012
Avatar for Tejan

I'm running a lynx aurora 16 and a 16 channel summing mixer right now. I've got the ability to insert hardware pre and/or post...

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Avatar for drew
drew 21st October 2012