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I'm in the market for buying a new 4 channel mic pre / DI for about €1500,- new. I'm thinking of the Focusrite ISA 428 MKII....

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Niconic 13th November 2012
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Is There a Virtual Instruments Mixer or DAW where one can have one Controller spilt two or four ways that allows you to insert a...

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XXXEsq 13th November 2012
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Does anyone use Apex stuff? I bought the 440 USB mic. Its suppose to be 96kHz/24bit but OS X 10.8.2 detects it as 44.8kHz/16bit....

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vxt 13th November 2012
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hi guys, wondering if somebody feels like helping me out with this. got the rme babyface connected to my computer(windows),...

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voidar 13th November 2012
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I always loved this mic, and one day I arrived at band practice and gasped in horror as I saw some guy I didn't know screaming...

old ghost
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zebra50 13th November 2012
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I just ordered some Kelsey UN1-ES cable to custom make a Balanced XLR to Jack/XLR splitter cable. I will be using this to...

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nosebleedaudio 13th November 2012
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I got a jellied capstan control card for the Otari MTR 90 and would love to get a new one. None on ebay. Any ideas or links or...

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Backlash 13th November 2012
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These cables are impossible to find and the pinout is only available on the net for otari´s, studers etc. But not for the...

Outlaw Hans
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Backlash 13th November 2012
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Hey, currently in Dominican Republic doing a gig and we need to find a place to print dvd's and cd's. I've looked around on the...

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domus 13th November 2012
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hey fellow slutz, hope you're well howdy probably going to buy one of these 2 tube mics over the next week. can get the both for...

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[email protected] 13th November 2012
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Looking for something that will outclass the typical ''sm58'' shabang and that has versatility in a studio...

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eastsidetone 13th November 2012
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Hi, Is the Tascam M2524 a good mixer? Is it clean/neutral or warm/noisy? Any user expierences? Greets, Milo

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doublefeed 13th November 2012
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for a long period of time, i thought i had a neat picture of the tracking process with drums. But in the last 3 months i...

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ScumBum 13th November 2012
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I'm about to pull the trigger on the C-214 matched stereo pair. I was wondering if anyone could recommend another matched stereo...

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kidvybes 13th November 2012
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Over the years I've used several different DAWs and hard drives / new computers. Each DAW had its own structure method for file...

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skyshaver 13th November 2012
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Long time (very long time) lurker here. Let me just say thank you for all the help I've gotten from you gearslutz vets over the...

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thelookingglass5 13th November 2012
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I have up to $2k to spend on an 8 channel preamp. I have read a few posts on the topic so far, and love the idea of the SCA,...

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johnnybregar 13th November 2012
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I have really been admiring their fantastic self-titled album but I have not been able to find engineering, mixing, mastering,...

gremlin moon
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gremlin moon 13th November 2012
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I am looking for modern rock band that have elements of wind section and a bit funk or soul influenced in their music ....I am...

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godotzilla 13th November 2012
Avatar for Black Diamond

I'm looking for a pair of speakers, and not necessarily studio monitors! Just wondering what people enjoy using more for...

Black Diamond
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godotzilla 13th November 2012
Avatar for Rubstubs

Hello yall! In a months time, I will be doing some preproduction recording with a progressive heavy metal band. I'd like to have...

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Rubstubs 13th November 2012
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Recording 12 - 14 songs which were chosen from around 19 demos I did during pre production. I'm on the home stretch now and could...

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Mighty_Zoltan 13th November 2012
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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone know if there's any techniques or books on audio...

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fruitfly 13th November 2012
Avatar for Rob Coates

Has anybody used both a Tascam M-1600 board and one of the older Tascam boards like the M35 or M-308? I've been using a M-1600...

Rob Coates
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dlmorley 13th November 2012
Avatar for mickrich

I will be getting a focusrite isa828 with the digital board next week. I have a Yamaha 01v96 console (3xadat I/O) and an rme...

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Gope 13th November 2012
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Hi guys.I'm looking for a good MIDI controller that can control my vintage synths and software synths if need be.I know there...

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dArK_md 13th November 2012
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Looking for something to control the lows and highs in my monitoring. A piece of hardware, not a plugin. Mainly just a low cut...

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mynaemisjonas 13th November 2012
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Hi. I wonder what TOP RATED SONGS was mixed ITB only? Could someone name it, please? for example, song 'x' was mixed by 'y'...

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claud 13th November 2012
Avatar for neurosport

for just basic home DESKTOP use like Skype / voice recognition / dictation i am thinking either Shure MX 412 / 418 or Sennheiser...

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neurosport 13th November 2012
Avatar for larold

Having a few teething problems with my 1082 in Logic on a Macbook. Was pretty damn chuffed when I managed to get it working at...

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larold 13th November 2012
Avatar for DeernHeadlights

:I'm starting to understand what i'm looking for, I have 003r and I want to prosess the sound better through AD/DA conversion....

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DeernHeadlights 13th November 2012
Avatar for Play

I'm looking for a swicthing device which will take an audio input and switch outputs between several effect boxes and...

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Play 13th November 2012
Avatar for Amber

So my screen seems to be creating some strange noises in my speakers. First I thought it was an infra red mouse but it seems to...

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Abe 13th November 2012
Avatar for ktmay2

Hey slutz, I'm planning on getting a new audio interface to upgrade my Steinberg CI2 - us too just don't get along all too well....

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machoboy 13th November 2012
Avatar for lucianop

Hi friends, I'm plannig to purchase a 61 keys keyboard usb controller for my studio. The choice is not easy for me. I need a...

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cinealta 13th November 2012
Avatar for Rockinrob

So what types of plugins, if any, do you use on your 2 buss??

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Avatar for Andy Warren
Andy Warren 13th November 2012
Avatar for boneshowell

I am having difficulties finding a tech in nyc to help me repair a few problems in my Soundcraft 6000 mixing board. as well as...

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nickvivid 13th November 2012
Avatar for Eau1983

Howdy, I was considering the Empirical Labs Fatso Jr., as well as the UBK modified version, for my home project studio. My...

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Avatar for Endarker
Endarker 13th November 2012
Avatar for KennyS

Hey all, I have a small drum room that I'm looking to get the most of. I'm not new to over head placement but I'm curious if...

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Avatar for GreenNeedle
GreenNeedle 13th November 2012
Avatar for Ving

There's a great interview over at Music Players with some info on recording the guitar sounds from the new album (excerpt...

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tfbattag 13th November 2012
Avatar for antony

Best way to use my adat cards with my converters. As of now my live room goes to my motu and octopre, but I'm looking for the...

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antony 13th November 2012
Avatar for highlander

Hey guys. I just bought all the slate stuff and its just dope! kfhkh It really brings life to this flat digital sound, but ive...

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highlander 13th November 2012
Avatar for Noise Commander

Hello! First of all, my vocal chain atm: Brauner VM1 -> D.W. Fearn VT-1 -> LilFreq (highpass 80 Hz, cutting some 300-500...

Noise Commander
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amishsixstringe 13th November 2012
Avatar for Dopamine

I'm still running version Pro Tools HD version 8.1. I know when they announced the upgrade last year it was $1500 for the...

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Dopamine 13th November 2012
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Better late than later No videos! All words! (and a few photos) Shortcut to the PDF Lots of other interesting stuff...

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ddageek 13th November 2012
Avatar for ctoth666

I'm considering making a purchase from the Thomann Cyberstore in Germany from a US location. I'm worried about import fees, but...

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audiohack 13th November 2012
Avatar for taiko

I want to enhance the UFX with some black lion magic. I am wondering whether I should get a micro clock or sparrow, or go for the...

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Avatar for taiko
taiko 13th November 2012
Avatar for Sky

In a Recording Mag article on vocal mics, Bruce Kaplan wrote "Even in the context of all-acoustic instrumentation, we chose...

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Sky 13th November 2012
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Hello everyone, I recently started buying equipment to build up a small but powerful home studio to record my music. I dont know...

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Kcatthedog 13th November 2012
Avatar for MattLyonsMusic

Just thinking aloud here... I useful shootout to me is not necessarily a scientifically perfect one, but a realistic one. Most...

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jinksdingo 12th November 2012