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Hi there! It's been years since I recorded a single note but I've just landed a contract to record some relaxation CDs for a...

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Deleted f25ebd2 18th November 2012
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Hi all, its been awhile since I've posted but since I couldn't find my answer with the search button; can I use a lunchbox...

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protodan 18th November 2012
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Hi everyone, This is my first post here, but I've been following Gearslutz for some years. I have a question about using...

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davet 18th November 2012
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Any pedals with a similar modular-synth like ideas? or crazy sound sculpting potential? Really more about the control over the...

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asdfdsa 18th November 2012
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Hi all I want to record acapella tracks which are going to have no instrumentals. Just purely vocal. It will be classical...

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Cathedral Guitar 18th November 2012
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hey, firstly, my english is not so good so be nice please diddlydoo i work on aardvark q10 i want to change to a rme ff800...

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kiddynamite 18th November 2012
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What is the best quality two channel audio interface that is USB and works for PC?

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hopeless_opus 18th November 2012
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Just got a pair of Samson C02's and am looking forward to trying them out, as I've never used OH's before. I have no idea what to...

Ves Paul
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Slikjmuzik 18th November 2012
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I have set aside $1200 for a mic and I have researched about 20 and picked out 7 that I like. I will be recording mid to high...

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Melgueil 18th November 2012
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i was wondering if anyone knows where to get capsules for the rn-17 mics from studio electronics. i was lucky to pick up an...

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gouge 18th November 2012
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Hi I want to connect my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) to my Line 6 M9 multieffect pedal, to one of its inputs (it has two mono...

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clarnibass 18th November 2012
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Was a great party! Thanks Downtown studios for the hospitality! Was really great putting faces to nicknames and talking shop...

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spyderman 18th November 2012
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I recently relocated my studio to a new location. Everything just seems to be breaking. it's all mostly inferior product that I...

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m_gant 18th November 2012
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Hey guys, Anybody have any suggestions? To give you a better idea, here's the situation: I'm a composer who works from...

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Fonk 18th November 2012
Avatar for Topgear

I am after a mod of the Oktava MK-319. I have heard very good things about the Joly mod, but I am in Europe and I'm looking to...

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Rokus666 18th November 2012
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So after assembling a small collection of used and new SM57s, 58s, and 545s (and diligently checking the authenticity of each), I...

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ShaneVasquez 18th November 2012
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I am moving my protools tdm 8.1 system from an old mac g5 to a new purchased g5. The new g5 is seeing my 192 interface but the...

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psycho_monkey 18th November 2012
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Im trying to sync up my Roland JP8000 to Ableton Live in a certain way and im hitting a brick wall, so im hoping someone on here...

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ft13 18th November 2012
Avatar for prologicmusic

Im sure some people have inquired about this, but i want to mount my 6 slot api lunch box to my rack. I found a company in...

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_Ludovico 18th November 2012
Avatar for losttrack

Hope I can get some help and/or experience on this one... I was working in the studio and all of a sudden the Furman power...

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nobtwiddler 18th November 2012
Avatar for Eddie Eagle

Hi guys, I have to record a classical ensemble and I was offered a Yamaha DM 2000 which is in the control room. Since I do not...

Eddie Eagle
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Daniel Comport 18th November 2012
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Ok guys, please help me make a decision before I drive myself nuts: I'm looking to make another purchase/upgrade and I'm not...

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jkervin 18th November 2012
Avatar for pahundley

I just got to this studio and need to get a good chain moving immediately. I have great gear (listed below), but very little...

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jordanvoth 18th November 2012
Avatar for Spudda7

So ive got a radial j48 DI box. Now Ive also got a ashdown evo iii bass head. As some of you may know, this head actually has an...

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Yetti 18th November 2012
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Gear Lust... It hurts my soul The end

Rewd Adams
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Old Goat 18th November 2012
Avatar for midnightsun

I am going to meet up with my son in New Zealand South Island. We are going to be hiking just enjoying ourselves. Looking for...

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midnightsun 17th November 2012
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Hi all, Im about to upgrade my recording chain. New preamp and compressor. Basically this chain is directed at vocals &...

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rockstar_josh 17th November 2012
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I have the JOE MEEK twin Q. I am newbie at a lot of recording. I amtrying to understand how the sample rate buttons work in the...

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bonzerboy 17th November 2012
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yep, it's now called Sunshine Recorder freshflowe

Lee Cardan
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beesting 17th November 2012
Avatar for Tube World

A friend in North Carolina was looking at buying a SSL Matrix for his studio to use with Nuendo. However after looking at the...

Tube World
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hilab 17th November 2012
Avatar for Pfeifer

I have a Tascam M3700 and my automation computer has started shutting off after 5 min. I took it out, all of the connection are...

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Pfeifer 17th November 2012
Avatar for bigdeertz

I've been reading through many of the DIY desk options and have basically figured out what I need to do. I'm 16 so my gear is...

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harvestdesks 17th November 2012
Avatar for glennberger

Here's my latest chapter from my memoir of working at one of the world's greatest recording studios in the 1970's, A and R...

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thebennyd 17th November 2012
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edit: sorry I posted this, bad decision making on my part...... Moderators, feel free to remove this post.

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yaknski 17th November 2012
Avatar for well2thebone

Hey I need some help from some other Dynaudio BM15A users. I just received a pair of bm15a's in the mail. Because of...

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jwh1192 17th November 2012
Avatar for billwarner

I've been enjoying modding a pair of Nady RSM-2 ribbons. Following some widely available info I've replaced the stock...

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billwarner 17th November 2012
Avatar for gannonsamuel

I was given an Accessit Compressor, but no power supply. Has anyone come across these before and would it be worth buying a...

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Avatar for gannonsamuel
gannonsamuel 17th November 2012
Avatar for MajorNation

I'm happy with my set up. Getting decent recordings. Making clients happy. Wondering what to upgrade next. Here is my current set...

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Vintageidiot 17th November 2012
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For a summing mixer to integrate with my Symphony System I/O (only have one module 8 A I/O, 8 Optical I/O) I've been having the...

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drbob1 17th November 2012
Avatar for butterfan214

there is a mic preamp on craigslist and he say its perfect shape but than he add this Daking Mic pre One in excellent...

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drbob1 17th November 2012
Avatar for cjmnash

Hey Everyone! Registration for the 4th Annual Welcome To 1979 Producer/Engineer Summit in Nashville, TN is now open! Redco is...

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cjmnash 17th November 2012
Avatar for king_mob

Just seen the lynx aurora 16 available with a USB 2.0 option, which apparently goes all the way up to 96khz with 16...

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Avatar for SabreChris
SabreChris 17th November 2012
Avatar for Jimmy kiddo

I have arc 1 . I'm not using it too much 'cause I did some room work , but arc 2 looks like really could improve any treated room...

Jimmy kiddo
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Avatar for CassidyGT
CassidyGT 17th November 2012
Avatar for SKD

Hi, I'm redoing my studio and would like to be able to get 16 channels into an iMac. I was considering getting 2 Audient...

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Avatar for NYCruiser
NYCruiser 17th November 2012
Avatar for Lorenzini

Just curious how big pop tours manage Auto-Tune. Antares Auto-Tune rack? Computer with an uber low latency...

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theturtlemafia 17th November 2012
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The PCM 80 is $475.00. The PCM 91 is $850.00. I mean either one would be great I hated the M3000. The PCM 91 would be really nice...

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Avatar for TheLastByte
TheLastByte 17th November 2012
Avatar for Hot Vibrato

I just purchased a used M260. I've read that phantom power can damage a ribbon mic. Some of the units I use have a master...

Hot Vibrato
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Avatar for scorpix74
scorpix74 17th November 2012
Avatar for Sunshy

I'm wiring up a new patch bay and have come up with this signal flow. Never done this before so if you see any pitfalls, please...

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Avatar for Sunshy
Sunshy 17th November 2012
Avatar for Ian Breeg

Hey Gearslutz! I have a question for you. Right now I'm looking for a personal mic in order to do my vocal recordings at home. I...

Ian Breeg
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s.d.finley 17th November 2012
Avatar for MattLyonsMusic

Looking for a tech in Melbourne who might be able to do the mods on my Yamaha HS80m's. I'm taking care of the limiter cut myself...

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Avatar for MattLyonsMusic
MattLyonsMusic 17th November 2012