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I just completed a two channel version of Gyraf's pultec design- Sounds awful good! I don't currently have an original pultec to...

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guitarwolle 12th December 2012
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Hi guys I recently picked up a mixing console that has unbalanced main outs (soundtracs topaz) and my monitors are balanced. I...

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mlopresti 12th December 2012
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Hey Guys, It's hard to believe it's the end of the year again and that means it's time for our 3rd annual Avid Audio Survey. ...

Tom Graham
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Stiff 12th December 2012
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The more of these words you see in the description of the mic the better it is Workhorse Mic Locker Pre EQ'd Warm large...

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PRobb 12th December 2012
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Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, I am Roderick from the Netherlands and 19 years old. for one of my classes i have to...

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Rodicil 12th December 2012
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Hi there I just bought a Motu 24 i/o, i already have a 2408 mk2, it's cloked to an Universal 2192. My question is how to sync...

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ram75 12th December 2012
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Okay so I have a session and I lay down a guitar track most likely a clean channel add drums, bass, etc., then I want to add a...

Mystic Muse
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kennybro 12th December 2012
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Seems like this happens to everyone at some point. Even with all precautions possible, alarm, insurance, double locked doors....

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king2070lplaya 12th December 2012
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Lately I've been doing a lot of mastering. One of my absolute favorite plug-ins I use is iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced. It has great...

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Liam Judah 12th December 2012
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Hey there, I'm thinking about either getting a single or a pair of ribbon mics for capturing the room while recording...

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DrAlienSmith 12th December 2012
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Hi, I have an '84 vintage Rhodes 54. There aren't many things it likes being plugged in to without sounding thin and prone to...

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tenderboy 12th December 2012
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Through my company I just received a stunningly good quote and want to pull the trigger this week. I can get a pair of new Event...

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taiko 12th December 2012
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Are there any? I don't have much money at the moment but am recording acoustic guitar pretty regularly and have been using my...

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jayson_p 12th December 2012
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I need one that I can have at all times monitoring audio output, whether it be FL Studio, iTunes, or Google Chrome. Any good...

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stinkyfingers 12th December 2012
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Hey guys. I have a pair of A7X, they are okay but I wanna go to the next (final?) level. bumpkin My budget is that, 3000-3500...

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ECM 12th December 2012
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HI Everyone,IVE POSTED this before in a different forum but i had no luck. Ive been offered an SSL aysis digital console at a...

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danitrastras 12th December 2012
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Heya guys, in need of a bit of wise old advice from those more experienced - things for me have reached a point where I want to...

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The Byre 12th December 2012
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Hi Everyone, I would like to know which liquid preamp you use on the saffire 56 for which instruments, voice... Thanks

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Blunt 12th December 2012
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Let's say you've got a mix going and you've got the main tracks rocking and sitting together well. Then you track something in...

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HSLand 12th December 2012
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I have an onboard tt patchbay for my soundcraft 6000, its fantastic. but i ran out of space. I need to add another patch bay to...

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boneshowell 12th December 2012
Avatar for lobit

has anyone had a chance to compare the x32 to a dm1000? Im using a dm1k now and wondering if the pre's and converters compare...

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RightOnRome 12th December 2012
Avatar for Johnkenn

I've got a friend that has built a little studio with two rooms, one with computer, the other a tracking room. So - he needs to...

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Johnkenn 12th December 2012
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i have 3 audio interfaces now... but i only use two of them... and bypass the preamps on it using the line inputs... that being...

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JoonJukx 12th December 2012
Avatar for Mystic Muse

Unfortunately I'm afraid the selections of control surfaces for use with PT HD 10 are limited and not too great. I'm looking at a...

Mystic Muse
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Mystic Muse 12th December 2012
Avatar for passmore

$2200 for a remote control for a reverb? Bricasti Design Model 10 | Sweetwater.com OUCH! :amaze:

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fifthcircle 12th December 2012
Avatar for Wontu

I want to buy the equator d5's really badly. I know I need an interface to bride the gap between the d5's and my computer but I...

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tribedescribe 12th December 2012
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I'm having trouble hearing any sounds from my roland TD11K when its connected to my duet 2. At the moment, its set up from the...

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Kcatthedog 12th December 2012
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i recently purchased the focusrite isa one... got it for a good price and im pleased with its performance... i definitely say it...

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JoonJukx 12th December 2012
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I think this post might get a bad reaction, but I can't help shake the idea that there are two different types of...

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popmann 12th December 2012
Avatar for David R.

Let me start off by saying "I did not record it!!" Ok, got that off my chest. I am mixing a project featuring a...

David R.
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Felix_Tod 12th December 2012
Avatar for willj

Hi, Is anyone here a specialist for understanding how footswitches work on guitar/bass amps? There seem to be several different...

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londonengineer 12th December 2012
Avatar for Vas

Hallo all, I want to make my own Subkick and I was wondering if there were any recommendation on which Speaker should I try...

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Funny Cat 11th December 2012
Avatar for masterblaster

I am looking for a SIMPLE program to use to compose on my Mac. I'll mainly be chopping up loops making trip hop style...

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masterblaster 11th December 2012
Avatar for jon_nes

Shameless self promotion here... my company just released a polyphonic strobe tuner for iPhone and iPad. I'd be interested in...

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jon_nes 11th December 2012
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Hi everyone! I have a situation that I need some guidance and feedback on. Way back in the early days of my...

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Mertmo 11th December 2012
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skythemusic 11th December 2012
Avatar for Jimmy kiddo

Hey brothers. Thinking in purchasing 3 Michel joly mics to set up a mic kit for drums "a la blue mic drum kit". Is...

Jimmy kiddo
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Jimmy kiddo 11th December 2012
Avatar for TeeJayEe

Ok, my awesome girl is asking what I want for Christmas and there's no question that it'll be something music related. Thing is,...

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NYCruiser 11th December 2012
Avatar for j2dafo

Hey slutz, At a charity shop, I came across this hoard of used Scotch and such used reel to reel tapes. I bought the lot, kept...

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donnylang 11th December 2012
Avatar for start

You see people getting good quality audio from a dslr camera or headset mic? I do.

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start 11th December 2012
Avatar for The Audioman

I tried this today using a lake people v5 noisegate. Because I love the sound of the unit. The compressors (v4) are Fet based...

The Audioman
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Avatar for smoke
smoke 11th December 2012
Avatar for RedBaaron

Ok, totally new to the tape discussion, so please forgive my ignorance, whatever your politics on the subject may be. Put...

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funkycam 11th December 2012
Avatar for nomoreflakes

Is it possible to (permanently) apply eq to a track in itunes and export it ? peachh

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rcb4t2 11th December 2012
Avatar for LieS

Hi, I have the apogee duet 1 with unbalanced -10 outputs, and just got myself decent monitors for the first time. I don't...

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Avatar for Jens Eklund
Jens Eklund 11th December 2012
Avatar for big country

I was wondering where they sell the screen that they put on mic head baskets. any help would be greatly apreciated thanks...

big country
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rpagala 11th December 2012
Avatar for rem

Hello, Did anyone already try the service of this website : www.analogsumming.com You can send your tracks and they sum them...

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sbechristos 11th December 2012
Avatar for pepperjack

Is MIDI faster through Firewire opposed to USB...or is it negligible. wondering if it is optimal (for latency) to get a 2...

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Avatar for gmx750
gmx750 11th December 2012
Avatar for rochesterDude

Besides the obvious advantages of having individual drum tracks, in your opinion is purchasing multi-track Drums on Demand worth...

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Avatar for rochesterDude
rochesterDude 11th December 2012
Avatar for MarkF48

Assuming that you may not be able to try a mic out before purchase..... If you're looking for a new mic, are you the type of...

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Avatar for audiotech
audiotech 11th December 2012
Avatar for Deleted 2ecf148

does a aural exciter type b sound any different to a type c beside the big bottom?

Deleted 2ecf148
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Avatar for adamboon
adamboon 11th December 2012