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Hi all, mixing: acoustic guitars This mainly refers to the digital realm... Apart from EQ - I was wondering what your...

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imaginaryday 14th December 2012
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Got a question for you guys about tension issues on my JH110c 2 track tape machine (Chris Mara, maybe you'll have some insight on...

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[email protected] 14th December 2012
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hey guys, does the stock (not expanded) dm2000 have 96 analog input channels? (sound on sound suggests it does, but the friend...

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minime123 14th December 2012
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Have cubase 7, motu ultralite and two pair of monitors.* Need a monitor controller.* Should I ask Santa for: 1....

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vasy100 14th December 2012
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Hey slutz, I am having custom made monitor speakers built. They are pretty high-endish. Also I ordered a custom made DAC from...

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BradM 14th December 2012
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who are all the all the austin gearslutz?howdy i went to the Flamingo Cantina last night and upstairs in the smoking...

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DHerdeSouth 14th December 2012
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Hi All. I have a pair of FF X-12s that I use quite a bit on rock/blues/country guitars, overheads, kick/snare etc. Very happy...

Keith Sylvester
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gatturio 14th December 2012
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This is just for fun because we talk a lot about gear and AE is also a hobby for me. Why not making a little...

Deleted 99dc753
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Deleted 99dc753 14th December 2012
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I'm interested in finding a really nice hardware compressor/limiter. Are the universal audio compressors decent? Others......

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drbob1 14th December 2012
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So my old vocal chain used to be a dynamic through a gap 73 pushed a little bit, and I really liked it. Don't have that pre...

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enroper 14th December 2012
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so i have the Digi 003 Rack. im getting a rack of Seventh Circle pre's for drums. my predicament (is that still a word) is... ...

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Jad 14th December 2012
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Which of these two cabling scenarios are better to connect a compressor to a console? Scenario 1 (unbalanced insert, no...

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steveschizoid 14th December 2012
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Hello! Ok, so I need some input on what you think would be a great pair with a Blue Bird Mic and a pre amp to bring out the best...

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amgstaff 14th December 2012
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I've heard that its best to go with an hourly rate in most situations with some exceptions, but I'm not sure what my hourly rate...

Aaron Giese
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Rikharthu 14th December 2012
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One of my favorite artist is "Sleeping at Last" and his work is absolutely stunning. I've always wondered what...

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adam303 14th December 2012
Avatar for unitymusic

...who does it? And why?

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tales41 14th December 2012
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I recently had a pair of matched Oktava MK-012s arrive in the mail, however an issue came up and I was wondering if anyone could...

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emrr 14th December 2012
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Hi all, I've got a pair of Sony mic clips that a pair of MD211's I have, but the thread is bigger than the usual 5/8" - is...

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nosebleedaudio 14th December 2012
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Hi slutz If you produce all kinds of music, from mainstream pop, ambient, loops and techno, to rock, hip-hop and FX. Let's...

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boybianchi 14th December 2012
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Ok I'm aware if you get into programming it it is a very deep synth. Would you think overall however it still holds up as...

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brockorama 14th December 2012
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If i want to record at 88.2 k in cubase do i need to setup my dm4800 ad well?

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rmandelbaum 14th December 2012
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I am cross posting this onto a few forums in hopes of finding someone that can give me a tip or three. I have this mixer and...

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Jedanor 14th December 2012
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Electricity is not one of my strong points, and I've been having what I think is a grounding issue but I'm not sure. It started...

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Bazgti 14th December 2012
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Was listening to this and love the sound and feel. Anyone have info on the equipment used? Desk? Chain?

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CassidyGT 14th December 2012
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A fascinating news item regarding the study of the Electricity mains in the UK and how it helps solve crime. Any given recorded...

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Blast9 14th December 2012
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I have an SP-404sx. In the process of buying a mixer. My question is: would I be able to use the 404's effects on the board's...

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Danny143Egg 14th December 2012
Avatar for J-S-Q

Can anyone recommend a good sample library with some metal guitar samples/loops. I guess I'm thinking along the lines of Limp...

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mymuse77 14th December 2012
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Good morning. Do you know what speakers these are? They are being auctioned off locally and the bidding ends in 1.5 hours....

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dempsey1200 14th December 2012
Avatar for sage691

Like the title says, recommend me a pair of the most beautiful, lush sounding headphones for listening to great finished mixes. I...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 14th December 2012
Avatar for aracu

Just for fun, which would be the best possible capsules to consider, to replace the stock one in an AT 3060? I ask, because it's...

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pasarski 14th December 2012
Avatar for willferox

Just bought a pair of dynaudio bm5a mk2 speakers after faffing around with hifi speakers nearfield. Computer Spotify Premium...

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willferox 14th December 2012
Avatar for leadguitar6

Hey guys, I'm considering getting the Redeye 3D Phantom or the Radial J48 and X Amp ReAmping Kit (with case) for re-amping...

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Avatar for JimmyTurbo
JimmyTurbo 14th December 2012
Avatar for thewaiverproject

Hi, i know the interface has be discussed, but i would like input on my particular situation. I began doing home recording a...

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thewaiverproject 14th December 2012
Avatar for Prophet Of Noise

I currently have a Brauner Phantom C, an AKG C414 XL-II, and a soon-to-build DIY U47 clone, however the mic that gets used most...

Prophet Of Noise
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jensenmann 14th December 2012
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Hey guys I'm just finishing up a record and the final thing that is being added is a trumpet to a couple of tracks. I've never...

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nnajar 14th December 2012
Avatar for americansun

Stumbled across some nice hi-res pics: Chris Lord-Alge at Mix L.A. - a set on Flickr 2010 JJP Jack Joseph Puig for Waves at...

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brianapetersen 14th December 2012
Avatar for mobilemozart

Any ideas for really good headphones for mixing? I've been working with...

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bewareofdogs 14th December 2012
Avatar for egoboo

Folks, I've narrowed my research down to two reverb units... 2C Audio Aether ($280) Nebula 3 Pro Bundle (€120) Now...

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Avatar for Rev. Eslam
Rev. Eslam 14th December 2012
Avatar for SlowCheetah

Put some old Christmas tapes on to CD for my mom, and would like to remove some of the hiss. Opened up this plug in, and couldn't...

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scorpix74 14th December 2012
Avatar for tkaitkai

I have a recording to finish up and release in the next week so, so I'm looking at making a mic upgrade ASAP. My general price...

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tkaitkai 14th December 2012
Avatar for TobyToby

I have a pair of vintage M 160 with close serial numbers One of the mics makes a sharp pop sound about every 5 minutes It...

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Avatar for TobyToby
TobyToby 14th December 2012
Avatar for start

just no gold and diamonds in the at2035. perfect lifelike sound and gets the job done. studios around the world use at2035's for...

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Avatar for rocksure
rocksure 14th December 2012
Avatar for Rob Coates

Toured a studio today that had the most amazing collection of gear I've ever seen. Two original U47s w the original VF14 tubes,...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for Rob Coates
Rob Coates 14th December 2012
Avatar for rcd

I have an Omni HD on the way and need to connect it with a Digi 192 (actually an FM192). How would I connect the two, then route...

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Avatar for rcd
rcd 14th December 2012
Avatar for Tops Cut oFF

just got a new orange cr50 bass amp sounds great but has a nasty buzz. However when ever I touch the metal jack cover of my input...

Tops Cut oFF
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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 14th December 2012
Avatar for jgmusic

Hi guys, Please listen to the clip I've provided below. I have a few songs like this (although this is the most extreme case I...

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jgmusic 14th December 2012
Avatar for Devon8822

Hey I just got an MXR M87, and I am confused about the attack knob. Reading the manual it says that it goes from 20 microseconds...

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Avatar for Wayne
Wayne 14th December 2012
Avatar for Mikeeyb

Hey guys. Just curious about what microphone is being used in this clip. I really like the sound of it. Thanks! Go to...

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Avatar for stevelalonde
stevelalonde 14th December 2012
Avatar for EvilSoup

First of all, I love the SM7B and Bock 195 for utility mics. The SM7B is a definitely usable vocal mic, but I feel it's not the...

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jmikeperkins 14th December 2012
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just read there is something coming out???? has anyone used it? what type of comp is it? cheers

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skinnypete 14th December 2012