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Been looking around at the Marketplace and free stuff threads but haven't found a way through yet...I have some......things that...

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Sanchez 11th January 2013
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Plugins work best at this level, right? It seems like most people push the mix buss up to as close to zero as possible. Wouldn't...

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euphoria89 11th January 2013
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Hi friends, My only LDC stereo pair is a cheap MXL 9090 that I purchased because it came with some free auralex panels, then I...

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mordente 11th January 2013
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I just started recording some material from my motif xf. Liked the sound through my RME Fireface UCX in standalone mode. But...

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kuznetsov101 11th January 2013
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Planning on buying some 880's that i'll be using with my Dangerous Music D-Box. What version should i choose to get the most...

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datapeddler 11th January 2013
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1O8jsxj9Dqo Damn, I love that track. Just heard it again today for the first time in years, and the drums knock me off my feet...

Ain't Nobody
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CrankyChris 11th January 2013
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Electro Harmonix tube EQ: 1. How bad is the noise considering it's tube? 2. Compared to the MXR 10 band; which has better...

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NekroSoundsAudio 11th January 2013
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i may be overthinking this but here goes. From what i understand the goal of gainstaging is to get the arrangements volumes to...

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NSO 11th January 2013
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Update: So my current situation is that I've decided on Yamaha HS series, just not sure whether to get the 5" for $199 or...

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AudioRadar 11th January 2013
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Does present sound, but is weedy. Was dropped onto one high tom, whence it bounced to the floor tom, and onto the hard wood...

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 11th January 2013
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Hi, I'm not a musician but I do like high quality clear sound. I was using audio engine A5's that I loved until the amp died....

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klapaucius 11th January 2013
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I was wondering if anyone in here is familiar with the Eaton Bray "Recoring Studio Design" 12into2 mixer. I have one of...

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Chromakey_green 11th January 2013
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Some thoughts on Compression and Loudness by Richard Kaplan This article reproduced from my website STUDIORATHQ.COM ...

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Jimmy kiddo 11th January 2013
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Hi All, I have a Korg Radias plugged into a behringer tube composer and I noticed that the right channel seemed to peak or...

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alexrai 11th January 2013
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hi there, sorry for my questions but i'm a rookie on mixing ... i got a question about compression , specially on drums i...

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edva 11th January 2013
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I have been getting this buzzing sound coming out the right speaker as of lately. It happens when I launch application or surf...

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Ambience 11th January 2013
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Go... https://gearspace.com/board/attachments/so-much-gear-so-little-time/324750d1357829003-modern-recording-542053_10151384377...

Bruce Wayne
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Zyzygis 11th January 2013
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Baraka 11th January 2013
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I’ve been lurking here for months, recording and experimenting non-stop, and I’m ready to ask for some personal advice. Most...

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x_25 11th January 2013
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mlange 11th January 2013
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Is the HMF x 3 EQ button on later models like SSL 9000 J / K or just the G model ? Does anyone use this button much on the eq...

Dave Reid
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gear is cool 11th January 2013
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slinkyfran 11th January 2013
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'Ello. Long time lurker, first time poster :o My mind is pickled. I'd like to get some monitors for production, the kinda...

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3lite 11th January 2013
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Providing your mixing, what is the procedure or tips to keeping a consistent sound/level for an LP ?

Audio Child
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Xander 11th January 2013
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Hi everyone, I'am about to order the ADAM A77X's because i liked how they sounded, and they sound way better to my ears than...

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Sxod 11th January 2013
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Which units are you guys using and can you tell the difference?? I am considering purchasing a Monster Power Pro 3500.. is this...

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azwhofan 11th January 2013
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I'm about to try out this combination. Has anyone out there heard this pairing?

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earthsoundrec 11th January 2013
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How is this mic as a standalone mic ? Does it impart to much flavor to be used as a single mic ? this is for personal recording. ...

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JoonJukx 11th January 2013
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Hi, i have a 500 series compressor that is showing more gain on one side than the other. It's possible that it could be my Lunch...

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Pale Pyramid 10th January 2013
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So I finally persuaded someone to let me mix their stuff, he is in the states in in UK he has a basic set-up a mic and a cheap...

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filipv 10th January 2013
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if you've read any of my previous threads you will know that i am a firm believer of the 4047's sound. i used to own one until...

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JoonJukx 10th January 2013
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Not sure if this should be in Low end or High end.

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string6theory 10th January 2013
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Hi all, I am looking for an iPod dock with a digital audio output that I can connect with a Dangerous Music D-Box. Can anyone...

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Kcatthedog 10th January 2013
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Just saw this trailer: BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO Trailer | TIFF Festival 2012 - YouTube . I'm not a big fan of movies in general,...

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baphomet1313 10th January 2013
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Yep, took these shots out of classic reggae movie "Rockers". This scene was shot in Harry J's studio, I believe with...

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PRobb 10th January 2013
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I've had a number of FW/USB interfaces- Apogee Duet, Apogee Ensemble, M-Audio FW 814, M-Audio Profire 2626. I now have the...

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PRobb 10th January 2013
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Whats the best vinyl turntable i can buy for around £200 or less. Im going to be using it with an MPC 1000 and my macbook....

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PRobb 10th January 2013
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I record acoustic guitar and vocals only. I'm looking to reproduce the reverb such as John Mayer's on this video John Mayer -...

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home_musician 10th January 2013
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So I have a small homestudio where I record and mix some guitar based stuff, mainly rock/metal, occasionally some acoustic...

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ztevie 10th January 2013
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trying to decide if this stuff is worth putting in my rack and patchbay... first off the lexicon mpx - 1 i have lots of...

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swicker 10th January 2013
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Hey just saw these phones are selling at most locations for under $150. What happened? Are these good for vocalist?

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Armando 10th January 2013
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so my studio flooded just before thanksgiving, and all of our elicenser dongles were destroyed.. we are trying to figure out how...

Sean TM
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Sean TM 10th January 2013
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What is the best way to use the apogee symphony when you are working with a virus ti polar? And what cables do you need when you...

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rcb4t2 10th January 2013
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So here's the deal... I recently purchased a Novation Ultranova Synthesizer. I would like to use it within Logic Pro 9. I already...

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BenW Focusrite 10th January 2013
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I've been planning on putting my NS-10m Studio's vertical (they're designed to be horizontal)... simply because given my setup,...

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Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 10th January 2013
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Hello. I decided to buy my first speakers. I'm not a producer or something like this but I like to use Ableton and Reason to make...

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m0fo 10th January 2013
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Hi guys, As the title suggests I have more gear than electric sockets. What I was wondering is it safe/good practice to daisy...

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x_25 10th January 2013
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Hi, I'm interested in buying an Auratone-style speaker, but I'm not sure if I should get a single one or a pair. I guess with a...

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thecity 10th January 2013
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I just picked up one of these guys on eBay and it works great, however it came with no ears. Does anyone know of place on the net...

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RickH 10th January 2013
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Sorry for the dramatic title... I've made a couple threads about this now and had few replies, probably because I was over...

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Kcatthedog 10th January 2013