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Hello all- I currently have what I consider to be a fairly decent semi-professional set up: Big Room+ Rx Great...

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motone 22nd January 2013
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Something baffles me about this classic EQ: You can choose the frequency for the low-end shelf EQs. However it sounds like the...

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isawsasquatch 22nd January 2013
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Hi, Whilst not overly high end but not necessarily low end either so i will post this here. Currently considering beween...

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empirix 22nd January 2013
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Hey everyone, So I'm currently in the process of upgrading my studio set up a little but as well as changing the room that I...

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CE9958 22nd January 2013
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So here's the deal. I am working with an artist and need to draft a contract with her for my services. I know entertainment...

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thenoodle 22nd January 2013
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Hi my name is Funk and I'm a gear slut.. I need a white chip. I stared at the screen for an hour or when I came across the...

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Bcsteene 22nd January 2013
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I have a set of Fostex PM0.5s that I'm using in a small home studio. They are clear and "revealing" in mids and highs...

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EL_HERALDO 22nd January 2013
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Looking to get studio monitors stuck between these two :facepalm: What are your opinions? If it helps I produce House, Tech...

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Deleted 6ccb844 22nd January 2013
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If you do any listening or tracking with headphones, you must check these out! I've tried a lot of phones over the years...

Sounds Great
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lobsterinn 22nd January 2013
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Please excuse me if this is an absurd question. I have a Rode NT4 stereo microphone, and have been considering trying some DRC...

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Sheya526 22nd January 2013
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celticrogues 22nd January 2013
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Johnny Paez 22nd January 2013
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Wouldn't you? With lots of nobs, more or less the same effects, and a VECTOR control... It could even be white. Like the size...

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mallarme 22nd January 2013
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hi guys, i'm in the market for a new set of speakers. been using mackie 824's for almost 10 years now and its time to...

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muziekschuur 22nd January 2013
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Modern Music Making Survey Take part in this survey and one lucky winner will win.... The prize is: • iPad 4th Gen...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 22nd January 2013
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Hi, has anyone got experience with the Bricasti M7 in building ambiences and rooms in mixes where the source sounds where not...

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jeremycox 22nd January 2013
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So I was sitting down in front of my rig and I couldn't think of anything I needed to upgrade. Or even wanted to. Sure, every...

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Deleted 6ccb844 22nd January 2013
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Good day, all. I have a budget of $2000 and I am currently looking at getting a new microphone. My current set up is as...

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word_play 22nd January 2013
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Hi everyone, sorry if this is not the right section of the forum, or the right forum at all, but I did some searches on Google...

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krushing 22nd January 2013
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I am producing a project with a singer who has chronic phlegm issues. He has to constantly clear his throat and cough etc....

Philip Parker
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neirbod 22nd January 2013
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My focal cms sub that i bought 6 months stopped working suddenly! i am freaking out. the cms 65 monitors are working and being...

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RickGobe 22nd January 2013
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I'm replacing my old Roland VS Studio and want better gear in hopes of better recordings. I've done pretty good with what i...

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JulianFernandez 22nd January 2013
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Hi Gearslutz! Need a little help, For some reason when I use ableton live suite, and open any VST, plug-in synth and then...

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energizer bunny 22nd January 2013
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from the day I moved on my DAC-1 my studio sounds like some pro studios I visited earlier. Isn't it true that if I want the same...

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Eq_1084 22nd January 2013
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i keep looking at reviews on these, and i'm close to buying one, anybody using one for recording and have advice? i usually am a...

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patshep 22nd January 2013
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Hello, like many of you I'm a guitar player. I have had this keyboard (midi controller) sitting in front of my computer for a...

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marcus01 22nd January 2013
Avatar for Travis Gray

I have a akg c414 at the moment that I use for vocals. I find that it is harsh, even with barely any eq boost. not sure that this...

Travis Gray
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Travis Gray 22nd January 2013
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I'm pondering picking up a Yamaha MG124c, but I need to verify behavior on two things... I understand that I can assign each...

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kelstertx 22nd January 2013
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Hi guys I have a question I'm actually mixing ITB, I have a new laptop connected with a babyface via USB I use samplitude for...

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chicomac 22nd January 2013
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Hey guys, It's been a long time since I last read up on MCPS and PRS policies. The PRS website also has a lot of dead ends...

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Sean Sullivan 22nd January 2013
Avatar for Wickedness

Hey guys! I'm just wondering what the main differences between a USB Audio Interface and a FireWire Audio Interface? Quality...

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Wickedness 22nd January 2013
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Love to go to this year. Anybody know how I can get a Namm pass to get in? Any special 10 Year Gearslutz member passes?...

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T_R_S 22nd January 2013
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Hello, I'm a 21 year old music student from Amsterdam, Netherlands. This year I will graduate pop Drums at the Conservatory of...

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Legacy Audio 22nd January 2013
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Good day. This is my first post here at gearslutz. I'm actually a professional cellist (teach at the University level) but I...

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shosty 22nd January 2013
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Hey GearSlutz.com! My LA-based band is looking for a place to record drums. We'd like a big of a rock sound as possible (big...

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epacbass 22nd January 2013
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Hows it going GS? I have heard some mixed feedback regarding the necessity of calibrating your preamp after replacing/swapping...

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Sugar Daddy 22nd January 2013
Avatar for thevisi0nary

Cannot figure this out, i made a short video completely describing what im trying to do, all help appreciated! trying to get...

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thevisi0nary 22nd January 2013
Avatar for brill bedroom

Just looking for speculation form those more experienced than myself, I suppose. I'm talking for the actual inaugural address in...

brill bedroom
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Boschen 22nd January 2013
Avatar for GatodasGotas

Hi! As most of Otari gear users may have noticed, Otari is no longer on Europe, therefore is pretty dificult to obtain some...

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GatodasGotas 22nd January 2013
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Dr. Love 21st January 2013
Avatar for balsound

Hello fellow gearslutz, I am keen on buying a tlm102 and doing my last research. As the title says does anybody know what...

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balsound 21st January 2013
Avatar for KoMa

Hey guys I recently discovered this live recording of david bowie. I was blown away by the mix. it sounds so big and...

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joeq 21st January 2013
Avatar for James Lugo

I somehow have been getting this magazine for a while, I think it's a GC Pro rag. Never opened one of them up till today and...

James Lugo
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cjmnash 21st January 2013
Avatar for MarkF48

Not sure if this can be done, so I'm looking for some input before I purchase a power adapter. As the subject title suggests...

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MarkF48 21st January 2013
Avatar for brassmoose

Least boxy sounding. Smooth sounding. Not bright. For recording instruments, not voice or drums.

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Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 21st January 2013
Avatar for kelstertx

Here's a question for you gurus of compression: I'm recording what is basically an interview (deposition). I have to carry my...

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kelstertx 21st January 2013
Avatar for javd007

Today i swapped my Ns10 placement from horizontal to vertical. With the tweeters are on the outside. I must say they sound better...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 21st January 2013
Avatar for Feet1stmusic

Hello, I own the Mackie onyx 1640i and I am looking to set up a 2nd pair of speakers to it. Unfortunately they do not include...

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Feet1stmusic 21st January 2013
Avatar for Guitarfinch

I have the zedr16 & trying to use the Drawmer 1968 as a de-esser on a sibilant vox track but im confused .. What cable do...

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Guitarfinch 21st January 2013
Avatar for Analog Skywalker

Hye everyone if you could do a wee survey for me about your preference of analogue or digital technologies it would help my...

Analog Skywalker
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glitchfactor 21st January 2013